The Land of Little Cubes and Tea, abbreviated as LOLCAT, is Nepeta Leijon's planet in the Medium. It has mainly clear weather and yellow-orange tea reminiscent skies, along with a snowy sugary ground. Powder pink teapots with black cats are visible atop the peaks. If one looks closely one can see a large feline popping its head out of the middle teapot, similar to the way in which Mutie was introducedHS.svg. On either side of the screen there is a close-up pile of neatly arranged sugar-cubes. This land is made up of these little cubes, and some are piled into the shapes of hills, while others create large mountains. There are rivers of green tea on this planet with waterfalls of green running down thousands of little cubes.

This planet is the only to break the otherwise universal "Land of [word] and [word]" formula, but that was probably just so that AH could have Nepeta's planet be abbreviated "LOLCAT", as a reference to the internet meme. As well, an additional small adjective to describe the cubes is hardly a huge break from tradition. It's almost as if a hyphen could go in between the words.

Nepeta explored this planet with her moirail Equius Zahhak after he left Aradia's planet. LOLCAT was destroyed with the other eleven planets when Jack Noir rampaged through the troll session.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The hearts deck is represented by the cups in tarot, and Nepeta's aspect is Heart.
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