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The Land of Maps and Treasure (abbreviated as LOMAT) is Vriska Serket's planet in the Medium. It is a pirate themed land, with vast oceans, and jungle islands like the one upon which Vriska's house came to rest. The sky itself seems to be a giant antiquated map, while giant glowing compass roses hover over the ocean. The underlings of this planet are blue in color.

After Vriska got bored of helping Tavros Nitram complete sidequests on his world, she tricked him into entering his second gate which led to her planet. She began a sort of Pupa Pan based cosplay flirtation, but when Tavros did not react positively, the two reconciled, and explored the planet together. This ended when Aradia Megido came to LOMAT seeking revenge on Vriska for her death. Vriska was left barely alive, and so her dream self mind controlled Tavros to take her to her Quest Cocoon. She ascended to god tier when she died.

LOMAT was destroyed with the other eleven planets when Jack Noir rampaged through the troll session.

After a brief battle with Bec Noir in his dream bubble, John Egbert left his memory of the Battlefield for what appears to be an amalgamated memory of LOMAT and LOSAZ, then encountered Tavros, Vriska, and as well as Meenah there.


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