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The Land of Mounds and Xenon, abbreviated as LOMAX, is Jake English's planet. The planet shares themes with the rest of the sessions' planets of burial places and noble gases, representative of the dead end/inert nature of their session, as well as the fact that the Heroes are called Nobles in such a session. It is very green, of a shade resembling Lord English, and apart from the purple canyons and clouds closely resembles Alternia's green moon.

There are hordes of undead on the planet, which are the session's Underlings, including a Basilisk-like skeletal creature crawling over a barrow and some smaller skeletons resembling Imps.

The planet is cut into quarters by some oddly angular canyons filled with clouds of purple gas (likely electrically excited xenon itself).

There are many shelves/steps dug into the ground, reminiscent of the remains of terraced agriculture. The archaeological explanation is in line with Jake's love of adventure.

LOMAX and the undead imp-like creatures, also showing the dark red standing stone circles.

There are also red post and lintel structures that resemble the Stonehenge standing stones (or other stone circles) peppering the planet. The planet is also covered in green burial barrows, which are presumably the tombs of the Iguanas. Barrows and stone circles were both made in northern Europe in a similar time period in the real Earth.


A structure typical on LOMAX.

LOMAX is first seen during [S] Act 6 Act 4, as Jake is exploring his planet.

It is the planet which the Prospitian battleship lands on after its arrival in the new session. Karkat Rose, WV, Kanaya, Dave, and Terezi are teleported to this planet from their speeding meteor to meet with John, either by Jade or Gcat (both under the Condesce's control). The planet suffers serious damage in its collision with LOTAK in the battle between the Condesce and Aranea Serket. What remains is currently in Derse's previous orbit.

In the new timeline it's where Gcatavrosprite and Davepeta are created, and also where Jake fights against the Felt.


  • Viewed from space, the canyon resembles a large, purple "X" spanning the planet, potentially a reference to xenon via the first letter. This could also reference to Plato's Timaeus , in which the world soul is cut by two crossing circles forming the letter chi, or "X."
    • It resembles a spot of a treasure map as well, and it was where the prospitian battleship landed on the new session.
  • The acronym LOMAX is a reference to the character Bernie Lomax from Weekend at Bernie's, which is one of Jake's favorite films.
  • One of the slabs is named Slab Of The Jaded Fool's EnnuiHS.svg, a reference to the Hamper Of The Jaded Fool's EnnuiMspa icon.png the Clown Pontificate wields in Problem Sleuth.
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