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The Land of Pulse and Haze, abbreviated as LOPAH, is Karkat Vantas's planet in the Medium. It is a land with oceans of blood, and skies shrouded with a lavender fog. The terrain is broken up into an archipelago of close-lying islands covered in jaggy rocks, though there is also castle-like architecture. Ruins have been shown on this world with hearts embedded in them, presumably pumping blood.

Unlike the many varieties of troll blood, this land's blood is exclusively red—same as Karkat's and the rest of the Incipisphere's population. Karkat originally believed that he was being placed on a world covered in his own mutant blood to taunt (or rather, HAZE) him. The land is related to Karkat's title: the "Knight of Blood". The underlings of this planet are varying shades of forest green.

Karkat began exploring this planet on his own. He soon encountered Jack Noir, with whom he created an alliance (after some stabbing). They later left the planet to explore other planets. At some point they returned to LOPAH with Terezi Pyrope.

LOPAH was destroyed with the other eleven planets when Bec Noir rampaged through the troll session.

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