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The Land of Rays and Frogs, abbreviated as LORAF, is Kanaya's planet in the Medium. Its terrain consists of a large, blue expanse with some sort of rays shining down. The Cruxite Artifact that brought Kanaya and her hive to LORAF also brought pieces of the land beneath her hive with her, resembling another player's domicile. It is also home to the session's forge, a large volcano that entered the medium alongside Kanaya's hive.

The second part of the name was spoilered out at the time of its reveal, as the planet is similar to Jade's island (and has a Forge just like Jade's planet). The unscrambling of the Land of Frost and Frogs strongly suggested that the name of Kanaya's planet is the Land of Rays and Frogs and it has since been confirmed by Andrew. This makes "Frogs" the only descriptive word to appear in more than one of the known planets' names.

Kanaya implies that she had to stoke the ForgeHS.svg in order to lower the water levels on the planet. She completed her quest with the help of Karkat Vantas, but said that she was rushed. The Genesis Frog she created here eventually became Earth's Universe.

LORAF was destroyed with the other eleven planets when Jack Noir rampaged through the troll session.

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