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The Land of Sand and Zephyr, abbreviated as LOSAZ, is Tavros Nitram's planet in the Medium. It appears to be a large reddish-green desert, with a golden windswept sky. Its relation to Tavros' title, the Page of Breath, comes from "zephyr", meaning a light wind.

There is a frog-shaped puzzle inside one of the temples, and a number of puzzle pieces buried underneath the sand. The underlings of this planet are a golden orange color, though it is unknown what element this color represents. According to Vriska, the consorts of this land are some sort of lizards, probably resembling the ones depicted on some ruins found by Tavros. Since Jade's planet has the same statues these lizards are most likely Iguanas.

Vriska's map

Tavros explored this planet with the help of his server player, Vriska. However she became bored of this, and directed him to his second gate, which led to her own planet.

LOSAZ was destroyed with the other eleven planets when Jack Noir rampaged through the troll session.

Dead Vriska was walking in a likely LOSAZ memory where she saw ponies Magnificent Hoofbeasts and finally met Andrew Hussie who proposed to her.

Following Tavrisprite's "tavrispl♉sion", the dead Tavros and Vriska were seen in a dream bubble memory of this planet.

After a brief battle with Bec Noir in a memory of the Battlefield, John Egbert was seen entering an amalgamated memory of both LOSAZ and LOMAT, meeting up with Vriska, Tavros, and Meenah. This memory of LOSAZ is also where Lord English is fought in [S] Collide.

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