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The Land of Wind and Shade (LOWASHS), is John Egbert's planet in the Medium. It is a windy, rocky world, covered in oil and heavy clouds.

Concept and creation[]

The planet's windy nature relates to John's connection to the Breath aspect and the element of air; of the four items in the first iteration of Can Town, the Land of Wind and Shade's oil oceans connect to the bottle of motor oil, just as the other three items connect to Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider and Jade Harley's planets.

Cleared of oilHS, the Land of Wind and Shade is visibly based on photography of the Moon, withTycho crater visible in the lower left. Afterward, different photographHS is used to represent the planet, with the dark side's Tsiolkovskiy crater visible.


LOWAS introduction

The reader's first view of LOWAS.

The surface of the Land of Wind and Shade is made up mostly of dark blue rock, speckled with seams of glowing cyan; mushrooms and leafless trees also grow from the planet's blue soil in this same luminescent turquoise. The planet is also covered with oil, forming streams, lakes and oceans in the valleys between the land's rocky mountains. Some mountains of Earthlike grey-brown rock also jut out from the planet's crust. John's house is located at the top of a large pillar of rock presumably taken to the planet from Earth.

Underneath the Land of Wind and Shade is a network of pipes known as the Parcel Pyxis, used by the land's inhabitants to transport items. Many pipes can be seen sticking out of the ground. The consorts also cherish certain idols of frogs, making them targets for vandalism from underlings. [citation needed]


Typheus' palace

Typheus's palace.

The Land of Wind and Shade is inhabited by the salamander consorts, who farm the local mushrooms for food, and its denizen is Typheus, responsible for trapping the planet's fireflies under the clouds.

After John's entry to the medium, harlequin-prototyped underlings such as Shale Imps and Crude Ogres came to the Land. Later, as more players entered, additional variations of imps emerged, prototyped with other objects, alongside stronger enemies such as Tar Basilisks and Copper Giclopes.


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WV's LOWAS icon

WV's depiction of LOWAS.

The Land of Wind and Shade corresponds to the first planet in Can Town as drawn by the Wayward Vagabond. Once, the amphibians lived peacefully in the Land, but as John started his adventure his denizen Typheus polluted the Land of Wind and Shade with black oil and trapped the fireflies under the clouds. Since then, Dersite underlings have continued to cause chaos throughout the Land.

John's house was transported there once he entered the Medium, and John got to the surface through his first gate. After his arrival, a village in the Land was attacked by three imps, two Tar Basilisks and a Copper Giclops. John and Jade's Grandpa defended the village.

When John's Dad's car was dropped to the Land it was heavily damaged by the fall. An agent known as the Authority Regulator declared it parked illegally and confiscated the package and CDs inside. The Salamanders have also found and utilized many of the other items that had been dropped to the planet by John.

During his battle with Dave's Bro and Davesprite on LOWAS, Jack Noir set fire to the oil rivers, which quickly spread across the entire planet. John eventually managed to put them out by creating a planet-wide tornado.

Jade shrinks the planet, along with the others, with her god tier powers and takes them beyond the reach of the scratch. After arriving in the new session, LOWAS and the other planets of the Beta kids are placed into orbit around Skaia.

LOWAS is one of just two planets left unscathed after Aranea's battle with the Condesce (the other being LOPAN). After the battle, John returned to the planet to seek the help of his denizen. Upon finding Typheus at LOWAS's core he was offered a set of conditions to which he agreed, upon which Typheus opened the pipes to the core causing the oil to flood into it. In response to this John was forced to master his power and use it to remove the oil, causing it to scatter across existence,HS leaving LOWAS cleansed.

John proceeded to play Pipeorgankind ♫, engulfing the planet with massive gusts of wind, blowing away the clouds and freeing the fireflies. The wind was so strong that is blew beyond LOWAS itself, expelling the special stardust from the Medium and from the game cartridge itself. During this process, the entire planet was zapped into a void the same color as the MSPA page foreground.

In the process, the planet was fully cleared off the dark clouds that trapped the fireflies that inhabited it, finally setting them free to float around the forground of the page itself. John then roamed through some familiar locations before finding Roxy, and the two talked about their experiences with their Denizens, John's trip through canonspace, and how John beat the shit out of Caliborn before he goes off to do some retcon shenanigans while Roxy hones her Void powers.

Roxy buries Pre-retcon Rose's corpse in LOWAS and marked her grave with Dave's Bro's katana and her Rogue mask as multiple salamanders watched, she then lovingly embraced Jaspersprite. John then came back from his retcon escapades with Ring of Life, and the two happily held hands as John teleported the entire planet back into canon. Post-retcon LOWAS exploded sometime during the Battlefield's 3 year trip as it was to be replaced by Pre-retcon LOWAS, which is last seen orbiting with the other planets of the Incipisphere as they all spewed thousands of multicolored Grist units to Skaia through their grist rigs.

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