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For the pre-scratch version of this character, see Latula Pyrope.

The Neophyte Redglare was the ancestor of Terezi Pyrope.


Redglare was a neophyte among the legislaceratorsHS.svg, sent by the Highbloods to investigate Mindfang after her kismesis Dualscar reported her criminal activities to the Grand Highblood.

She used her lusus, the dragon Pyralspite, as a flying mount, and was able to overcome Mindfang's entire fleet using its incendiary powersHS.svg, burning the gamblignant's sensitive eightfold eye and eating her own lusus in the process; Mindfang considered a lusus this powerful to be unfitting for a troll from such a lowly civil servantHS.svg caste.

Having apprehended Mindfang, Redglare took her before His Honorable Tyranny in a courtblock filled by the Highbloods with peasants ravenous for the comeuppance of a 8lue 8loodHS.svg; Mindfang was able to escape, however, by psychically manipulating the spectators into putting the Neophyte herself on the gallowsHS.svg.

Connections to Terezi[]

Redglare woreHS.svg the sym69ls of the Signless in life, likely alluding to the close (and complicated) personal relationship between her descendant and the Signless' descendant Karkat Vantas. Her work for the Highbloods, too, mirrors Terezi's friendship and later relationship with Gamzee Makara, who manipulated her into working for him around the meteor in a similar manner to the Grand Highblood's control over Redglare.

Importantly, Redglare's rivalry with Mindfang evokes Terezi's rivalry with Vriska Serket, both of whom were aware of their ancestors and evoked them during their extreme roleplay. Redglare used her lusus to blind Mindfang in much the same way Vriska used Terezi's lusus to blind its charge. Mindfang also refers to Redglare as having the foresight of a true seerHS.svg - likely as opposed to a false seer who uses objects like the magic cue ball, like herself - referencing Terezi's class.

While most trolls in the same bloodline seem to have the same or similar lusii, Redglare's lusus is the only one of the ancestors' custodians to be depicted; Terezi used a plush lookalike of PyralspiteHS.svg as her partner while roleplaying as Redglare, and in the commentary for Homestuck: Book 4: Act 5 Act 1, Andrew Hussie suggests that the egg of Terezi's similar dragon lusus was in fact laid by Pyralspite herself[1].


  1. Andrew Hussie. "Here's some more mixed worldbuilding signals I'm sending. Do trolls sleep in the slime with their clothes on or not?? It's very possible Terezi is just weird and doesn't really care about sliming up her clothes. And here's something worth considering about this dragon egg: given that it's been sitting here for millennia...maybe it's her ancestor's dragon's egg? It's not the craziest point of speculation." Homestuck: Book 4: Act 5 Act 1, p.132.