Andrew Hussie has used Adobe Flash throughout the course of Homestuck to create animations, pages with sound, and mini-games in a variety of forms. This page lists each Flash, HTML5 and YouTube page.

Homestuck Beta started on April 10, 2009 with 8 pages fully in Flash. However, this turned out to be too difficult and time-consuming, so Hussie re-started the story on April 13, 2009 using mostly .gifs instead.

When became the new host for MS Paint Adventures, all Flash animations were converted to mobile-friendly mirrors, though all can still be viewed in their original state, with the exception of [S] Cascade.

Problem Sleuth[edit | edit source]

Problem Sleuth title screenMspa icon.png

  • The song in this flash is "Problem Sleuth Title Theme" by Mark J. Hadley.

Homestuck Beta[edit | edit source]

Homestuck BETAMspa icon.png

  • John Egbert is introduced and named. With some help from the reader, he retrieves his arms from his Magic Chest. Then the beta ends. (8 pages total)

Homestuck: Act 1[edit | edit source]

Act 1 contains 13 flash pages.

John: Examine games on CD rack.HS.svg Page 31

[S] John: Play haunting piano refrain.HS.svg Page 77

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 82

  • John gazes out into his neighborhood: quiet and windy. This page has all the foreshadowing. All of it.
  • Storyboard
  • Mysterious arm
  • This page had the first appearance of the word "Homestuck" inside the comic.
  • Foley by Clark Powell

[S] John: Enter.HS.svg Page 88

[S] STRIFE!HS.svg Page 90

  • John engages in Strife with his Dad - quite unsuccessfully.
  • Storyboard
  • The song in this Flash is Showtime by Malcolm Brown.
  • When Homestuck was ported over to the new domain and this flash was converted to a new format, an error was introduced that causes the backgrounds to flash rapidly during the attack animations, and for John's green background to appear during Dad's attack instead of his blue one. As of March 2019 this has not yet been fixed.

[S] John: Check Pesterchum.HS.svg Page 110

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 137

==>HS.svg Page 138

TT: Zoom out.HS.svg Page 140

==>HS.svg Page 177

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 186

[S] Rose: Play a haunting refrain on the violin.HS.svg Page 222

[S] John: Take bite of apple.HS.svg Page 246

  • In MSPA's first epic video Flash (though a rather short one compared to later animations), a giant meteor bears down on John's house right as he bites into his Cruxite Apple. John's entire neighborhood is obliterated.
  • Storyboard
  • A mysterious... something can be seen fading away at the last second on the left side of the screen.
  • The song in this Flash is Sburban Countdown written by Michael Guy Bowman and arranged by Mark Hadley.

Homestuck: Act 2[edit | edit source]

Act 2 contains 22 flash pages.

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 250

  • John, his house, and everything in it (and a few things around it) are transported into The Medium.
  • Storyboard

==>HS.svg Page 251

  • John's kernelsprite splits, sending prototyping information to Derse and Prospit (unseen) and leaving behind his sprite.
  • Storyboard

[S] YOU THERE. BOY.HS.svg Page 253

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 307

  • Rose assesses her present situation as rain and meteors pour down around her house.
  • Storyboard

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 338

  • Dave gets sicknasty on his turntable. Or, rather, you do, because you're at the controls.
  • Storyboard
  • There is a transcript of text on the display in this segment on
  • Harlequin can be accessed by pressing the four corner buttons. 3 other tracks were previously available, but have been removed.
  • The music in this flash is by Andrew Hussie, Gabe Nezovic, Robert J! Lake, xerxes333, and Robert Blaker

[S] Rose: Youth roll right out the front door.HS.svg Page 388

  • Rose doesn't manage any front door youth roll-outing, as she is intercepted by her Mom and forced into Strife.
  • Storyboard
  • The song in this Flash is Aggrieve by Mark Hadley.

[S] ==>==>==>!!!!!!!!!HS.svg Page 393


  • John continues in Strife with the Imp with the handle of his broken Sledgehammer. Again, though, the Imp bests him. (Don't forget to try out Trickster Mode!)
  • The song in this Flash is Showtime (Imp Strife Mix) written by Malcolm Brown and arranged by George Buzinkai.



[S] GO ON. ==>HS.svg Page 422

==>HS.svg Page 423

  • Nanna describes the Chess match in an eternal stalemate on the Battlefield.
  • Storyboard

ME?? ==>HS.svg Page 424

  • Nanna then informs John of the effects his prototyping has imparted on the Battlefield and the citizens of Prospit and Derse.
  • Storyboard

[S] Dave: Retrieve dead bird.HS.svg Page 444

  • Dave ponders trying to fetch the dead bird from a nearby rooftop but decides it isn't happening. He takes a look out at the major heat wave (and meteor storm) bearing down on his city. Also, massive foreshadowing.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 476

now sir boy, flee from this boorish rabble post haste.HS.svg Page 501

[S] John: Sleep.HS.svg Page 644

[S] John: Wake up.HS.svg Page 651

[S] Dave: Ascend to the highest point of the building.HS.svg Page 665

[S] WV: Lead your men to victory!HS.svg Page 721

  • WV wastes more than four hours playing Chess with two sets of cans.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • He plays out a significant portion of Letelier vs Fischer, a game in the 1960 14th Olympiad in Leipzig, which Fischer won by creating a situation where the capture of the Black Queen would cause checkmate for black, foreshadowing Snowman's situation.
  • The song in this Flash is Vagabounce by David Ko.

[S] WV: Hasten to the exit post-haste!HS.svg Page 755

  • WV frantically gathers up all of his things as the counter ticks down to zero. He escapes the Skyship Base! ...almost.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The TaB can WV tosses aside lands on and holds down the button of the Appearifier control panel that sets the coordinates to the center of the base. This may have resulted in the control display changing with the movement of the base in the next Flash file.
  • The song in this Flash is Sburban Reversal (partial) by Mark Hadley.

[S] WV: Ascend.HS.svg Page 757

  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • Wayward Vagabond's Skyship Base takes off from the location of Rose's house, as seen from the sliced-off hand of the Zazzerpan statue lying on the sand. The location is now a crater filled with sand. We learn the coordinates of Rose's house are +44.5,-74.8.
  • 413 years in the past, a meteor strikes John's neighborhood. A giant white tree grows in the crater, then sprouts an apple which drops to the ground. Peregrine Mendicant observes the apple as well as WV flying overhead.
  • 413 million years in the past, a meteor from a Sburb portal crashes next to a volcano on rocky ground. The crater fills partway with lava which solidifies. The Frog Temple mysteriously grows up from the crater. The ocean fills up around the location, forming an island lagoon with the Frog Temple sticking out of the pool.
  • Rose is at Jasper's mausoleum with the forest burning down around her. Her Mom, in the house, enters the combination 4-1-3 on a 9-key keypad with a cat icon on it, opening an underground passage in the mausoleum for Rose to escape through.
  • Dad is on Derse, being held prisoner by two imps, one of which has John's trick sword. Dad is wearing John's trick handcuffs which went missingHS.svg from the tree branch outside John's house. Dad slips free of the trick handcuffs and intimidates the imps by brandishing cake and shaving cream.
  • Dave prepares to face his Bro and Lil Cal on the roof.
  • WV's base arrives at the Frog Temple ruins on post-apocalyptic earth, surrounded by barren desert. We learn their coordinates are -0.9,+174.7, a location in the pacific ocean on contemporary Earth.
  • The flash deals with four cliffhangers, those of of WV, Rose, Dad and Dave, but not the fifth ongoing one, that of John who is currently accosted by Ogres. This could make sense of the previous pageHS.svg, which states: "You attempt the rare and highly dangerous 5X CLIFFHANGER COMBO, and fail."
  • The song in this Flash is Explore written by George Buzinkai and arranged by Michael Guy Bowman.

Homestuck: Act 3[edit | edit source]

Act 3 contains 20 flash pages.

[S] Jade: Play a silly flute refrain.HS.svg Page 769

Jade: Set modus.HS.svg Page 772

[S] Jade: Play a hauntingly relaxing bassline.HS.svg Page 822

  • Jade plays a nice pleasant bassline. It's pretty chill. A plane drops off a blue package to her island.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Gardener arranged by Steve Everson from Robert J! Lake's "The Beginning of Something Really Excellent".

Jade: Get down to business.HS.svg Page 825

  • Jade activates her Lunchtop's immersive interface.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • Hovering over the shape in the upper left delivers the message NO, NOTHING INTERACTIVE HERE. SORRY!
  • Mysterious arm

Jade: Activate Pesterchum.HS.svg Page 826

[S] Jade: Open FreshJamz!HS.svg Page 830

  • Jade uses the FreshJamz player to play some remixes from Dave, along with songs she made herself.
  • Storyboard
  • The songs in this flash are "Showtime Remix" remixed by Gabe Nezovic from "Showtime (Piano Refrain)" by Malcolm Brown and Kevin Regamey, "Aggrieve Remix" remixed by Gabe Nezovic from "Aggrieve (Violin Refrain)" by Mark Hadley and Andrew Huo, "Verdancy (Bassline)" by Robert Blaker, "Potentical Verdancy" written by Robert Blaker and arranged by Robert J! Lake, "Ohgodwhat" by Nick Smalley, "Ohgodwhat Remix" remixed by Michael Guy Bowman from Nick Smalley's "Ohgodwhat", "Rediscover Fusion" by BurnedKirby, "Crystalanthemums" by Alex Rosetti, and "Explore Remix" remixed by Gabe Nezovic from George Buzinkai and Michael Guy Bowman's "Explore".

[S] MIDNIGHT CREW: ACT 1031HS.svg Page 833

  • The four members of the Midnight Crew are introduced, along with the Felt.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Dead Shuffle by Mark Hadley.
  • "Act 1031" is a reference to the fact that this Flash was a delayed Halloween update, as Halloween falls on October 31, rendered as 10/31 in the American date system.

[S] Dave: STRIFE.HS.svg Page 836

[S] Jade: Descend.HS.svg Page 843

[S] Dave: Abscond.HS.svg Page 871

[S] Rose: Ascend.HS.svg Page 879

  • With a lot of help from both Nanna and Rose, John finally manages to defeat the two Crude Ogres, winning a massive pile of Grist as a reward.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this flash is "Harleboss" arranged by Malcolm Brown from Mark Hadley's "Harlequin".

[S] Strife!!!HS.svg Page 918

[S] Rose: Fast forward to now.HS.svg Page 938

  • Rose looks through the life of Jaspers. Well, his life after he's dead. After he washes up on shore near their house, Rose and Mom hold a fancy funeral and entomb him inside a Mausoleum. As seen earlier in Homestuck, Rose disturbs his eternal rest, captchalogues him, and then accidentally transportalizes him outside of the Skaianet Laboratory.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • There's a link at the end to Rose's version of [S] Ride.
  • The song in this Flash is Chorale for Jaspers by Michael Guy Bowman.

[S] John: Examine your dad's room.HS.svg Page 948

  • MOST SHOCKING TWIST YET! John's Dad is... he's... a totally normal dad. Never would've guessed.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Revelawesome by Malcolm Brown.

[S] John: Mental breakdown.HS.svg Page 979

[S] Jade: Retrieve package.HS.svg Page 980

[S] Jade: Dream up extra arms and play advanced bass solo.HS.svg Page 1026

[S] Dave: Strife!HS.svg Page 1070

[S] Jade: Pester John.HS.svg Page 1073

  • A revisit to John's previous dreamHS.svg and two otherHS.svg chatsHS.svg he had with Jade. While dreaming, Jade explores Prospit's moon, seeing images from around the Homestuck universe in the Skaian clouds. She witnesses in her dream the meteor crash that brought Bec to Earth in the distant past. John's dream self flies out of his tower and almost meets with Dream Jade, but both wake up before his dream self awakens.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Ballad of Awakening by Malcolm Brown.

[S] Enter.HS.svg Page 1149

Homestuck: Intermission[edit | edit source]


[S][I] ==>HS.svg Page 1267

Homestuck: Act 4[edit | edit source]

[S] ACT 4 ==>HS.svg Page 1358

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 1407

[S] Dave: Accelerate.HS.svg Page 1641

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 1656

  • As alternate future Rose ceases to exist, she merges with normal timeline Rose's dream self. Rose falls asleep on her scarf pile. And Mutie has a yarns.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Bed of Rose's by Mark Hadley.
  • This page was not originally a Flash, it was retconned into being a Flash only a day after the original version of the page was released.

[S] Jack: Ascend.HS.svg Page 1668

  • Derse is introduced. The Black Queen confronts Jack Noir, forcing him to wear ridiculous jester outfits. Jack uses the contents of the Green Package to murder the Queen, stealing her Queen's Ring and gaining its prototyping powers.
  • Dream Rose begins to uncover the secrets behind the "MEOW" scribblings on her wall and in her Journal.
  • Mom, Dad, and Bro each battle their way through massive minions on their respective kids' planets.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Black by Toby Radiation Fox.
  • This Flash marks the end of the first year of Homestuck.

John: Open map.HS.svg Page 1685

[S] Rose and Dave: Shut up and jam.HS.svg Page 1720

  • Dream Dave plays various tunes to Dream Rose, while Dream Cal jumps around and some crows stand on the equipment. Briefly shows images of Dave, Rose, Cal, Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff.
  • Storyboard
  • The songs Dream Dave can play on his phat dream machine are:
    • "Unsheath'd" by Alex Rosetti
    • "Welcome to the New Extreme" remixed by Robert J! Lake from Michael Guy Bowman's "Sburban Jungle"
    • "Octoroon Rangoon" by Toby Radiation Fox
    • "Derse Dreamers" by Jeremy Iamurri
    • "Phantasmagoric Waltz" by Alex Rosetti

[S] WV?: Rise up.HS.svg Page 1801

[S] John: Reunite with your loving wife and daughter.HS.svg Page 1931

[S] Descend.HS.svg Page 1940

Images seen through the silhouette of Becquerel's head during [S] Descend.

  • One of the most eventful single pages in Homestuck. Dave tries to climb the top of the antenna atop his House to break the Cruxite Egg.
  • Mom and Dad ride Grandpa Harley's battleship towards Skaia.
  • Jack Noir rains destruction on the battlefield, Courtyard Droll hands him the White King's Scepter, allowing him to start The Reckoning. He then flies to Prospit, where Dream Jade tries to wake up Dream John. Jack severs the massive chain between Prospit and its moon, sending the moon crashing down to Skaia. Jade tries desperately to save Dream John, who hasn't yet woken up. She pushes him out of the way of the moon at the last moment, and he finally awakens.
  • John sends all the paradox clones off to Earth on meteors from The Veil before being awakened by Jade. Some objects in the lab get sent too.
  • Draconian Dignitary creates Bec using Rose's "Meow" book and DNA from Halley, while the Authority Regulator watches.
  • Further in the future, Bro and Jack Noir duke it out on the Beat Mesa. Bro begins the scratch and absconds without his sword.
  • Squiddles!
  • Dave battles his way to his first Gate.
  • Rose blows up her first Gate!
  • Back on Earth, Jade's Dreambot explodes, leaving her falling from her tower (asleep). Bec watches while a massive meteor bears down on Jade's Island.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Descend by Toby Radiation Fox, as well as a brief snippet of Bonus Track: Friendship Aneurysm by Toby Radiation Fox.
  • Art contributions from Brett Muller, Eyes5, Jessica Allison, Lexxy, Rebecca Harding, Nic Carey, Paige Turner, Richard Gung, SaffronScarf, and Vivus.
  • In the cuts showing the silhouette of Bec's head, several images can be seen through him. They generally last a single frame, meaning they can't be seen without freezing the Flash and proceeding frame by frame. Most are snapshots from [S] Descend itself, but there are also images of Bro riding Maplehoof and a meteor in the shape of Mutie's head.
  • This page marks the 413th day of Homestuck.

Homestuck: Act 5[edit | edit source]

Homestuck: Act 5 Act 1[edit | edit source]

[S] Make her pay.HS.svg Page 2577

Homestuck: Act 5 Act 2[edit | edit source]

[S] ACT 5 ACT 2 ==>HS.svg Page 2625

  • The act opens with blue curtains opening to red curtains (representing the change of focus from trolls to humans), opening to a glance of Earth.
  • The earth is zoomed in to Northwest America to the neighborhood where John Egbert has grown up, being pelted by two huge meteors.
  • Inside one of the craters is the dead Nanna, with the baby John Egbert and a copy of Colonel Sassacre's Daunting Text of Magical Frivolity and Practical Japery sitting on top of her.
  • The scene zooms out to a computer. Karkat is watching this scene unfold with a look of awe that then changes into a look of absolute rage.
  • Time passes. Baby John Egbert is seen on the Green Slime Ghost Pogo that he rides and falls off of, injuring his knee. Dad comes to his aid.
  • Multiple quick scenes present John growing up and spending time with his father: John helping Dad make baked goods, playing the piano, being pied in the face, and meeting Jade online and training to be a prankster.
  • Scenes forward to the earlier parts of Homestuck, where he fights the imps an ogres, becomes praised by the Salamander people, and being carted away on a board.
  • Karkat's pupils change into spades, depicting his kismesissitude for John.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Homestuck arranged by Mark Hadley from Clark Powell's "Homestuck Anthem".

[S] Vriska: Watch street tough maverick with nothing to lose.HS.svg Page 2786

[S] Past Karkat: Wake up.HS.svg Page 2791

[S] Jade: Wake up.HS.svg Page 2847

  • The Prospit loading screen is used.
  • Jade falls asleep after the destruction of Prospit (and before the creation of stable dream bubblesHS.svg), and begins to dream. Her dream at first places her happily on her bed with her Lunchtop, Squiddles, and a background consisting only of a rainbow guitar fretboard. Happy Squiddles music is playing in the background.
  • The fretboard fades away as the music becomes distorted with the sounds of The Noble Circle of Horrorterrors chanting "Tangle Buddies".
  • The scene fades into a small blue bubble. The music also fades to silence.
  • Dave's dream self is watching events, and slowly takes off his shades, revealing his red eyes. They widen at the sight of something not seen by the viewer.
  • The blue gem reappears with a small Squiddle in front of it, but turns red. It expands into a Squiddles title card, flickering somewhat with static, as a second Squiddles song begins to play, this one shrill and somewhat distorted compared to the first.
  • The scene returns with a television-like flash to Jade on her bed, with the rainbow fretboard background back but now bifurcated and covered in little silver sparkles, as she jumps off her bed onto the back of a pink narwhal with a rainbow horn.
  • Feferi appears on the back of an aquatic hoofbeast with a red diamond on its side and a red ribbon in its hair. Several cuttlefish are following her.
  • Feferi, the cuttlefish, Jade, and the Squiddles float around smiling as the background and music become increasingly distorted, flashing to various other iterations of the rainbow, other Squiddles title cards, and static.
  • Flickering in shades of rainbow, Jade and Feferi stare at each other, the former becoming somewhat surprised and distressed, the latter remaining insouciant.
  • Jade and Feferi's mounts tilt at angles as the background and music completely go to hell.
  • A draconian face flashes as a burst of static cuts the footage off.
  • Horrorterrors come out of some kind of portal at the screen's center to increasingly frenzied static pulses. At first merely in shade of gray, sections of the pulses also become red and white.
  • Distorted Squiddles music plays slowly and softly as we pan over a sea of monsters to Jade's bed.
  • The background of monsters flashes away as Jade wakes up distressed in her bed.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Let the Squiddles Sleep (End Theme) by Robert J! Lake with samples from "Squiddles!" by Alex Rosetti.
  • Art contributions from Brett Muller, Eyes5, Jessica Allison, Rebecca Harding, Paige Turner, Richard Gung, SaffronScarf, SkepticArcher, Tavia Morra, and Vivus.

[S] Jade: Enter.HS.svg Page 2926

  • Jade's loading screen is used, but it fades into the silhouette of Bec's face.
  • A Meteor heads towards Jade's island. Jade's Cruxite artifact appears: A Becquerel piñata hanging from a tree and a blindfold for Jade.
  • John, working as Jade's server player, selects a doll for the first prototyping. However, Vriska manipulates him into falling asleep at this moment.
  • Instead Becquerel transports all other material out of the room and prototypes himself. This is accompanied by the flashing that Bec typically induces. He flies up and destroys the meteor in a massive explosion that also creates a tidal wave, causing destruction at least as far away as the city where Dave lives.
  • Jade tries to hit the piñata with the butt of her rifle, but it creates a green explosion and pushes her out of her tower.
  • Davesprite and Bro are fighting Jack Noir as a fire rages on in the background.
  • Still blindfolded but now in Hero Mode, Jade tries to shoot the piñata as she falls.
  • Bec redirects the bullet into the piñata for her, transporting her house into the medium. Bec's explosion has spared at least the rest of her island, which remains on Earth.
  • Jack transforms into Bec Noir. The flames around the battlefield turn green. Bro and Davesprite look on.
  • There is a burst of pixellated green static that turns to red. This is accompanied by the change of the music's tone to 8-bit. The trolls are gathered around on a platform as Karkat reaches forward to claim the ultimate reward, but then Bec Noir appears. Aradia transports the trolls into the veil, as the army of Aradiabots stay behind to fight Noir.
  • There is another burst of red static. Karkat is shown briefly asleep on the floor of the lab in the veil in his normal clothing, but then wakes up on Prospit. Bec Noir appears before him, flashing into Spades Slick to represent Karkat's mental connection between the two individuals, and extends his hand. He destroys Prospit with a massive burst of green light.
  • The screen zooms in on Bec Noir's triumphant but stoic face, flashing as he is wont to do. One flash shows white dots on a black background, which suddenly expands to become the entire background.
  • This is Jade's land, as is later learned the Land of Frost and Frogs. The sky fades from black to light gray as Jade appears, falling as she was before, now with a soft smile on her face. As she falls, everything fades even further from shades of gray into white.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Umbral Ultimatum by Toby Radiation Fox.
  • Art contributions from Brett Muller, Eyes5, Lexxy, Rebecca Harding, Nic Carey, Richard Gung, SaffronScarf, Sockpuppy, and Vivus.

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 2987

[S] Jade: STRIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!HS.svg Page 3000

  • Jade encounters a Becquerel-prototyped imp. She fights it, and the two teleport around the Medium due to first guardian teleporting powers. She is seen by three time-displaced Daves, one of which is woken up when she fires her gun. Eventually they end up back where they started, but now Becsprite is there. Flashing red letters warn the player that "IT KEEPS HAPPENING".
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Sunslammer arranged by Seth "Beatfox" Peelle from Toby Radiation Fox's "Sunsetter".

[S] John: Enter village.HS.svg Page 3077

[S] JOHN. RISE UP.HS.svg Page 3085

  • John bleeds from his chest wound on his Quest Bed, while the Wayward Vagabond watches from his monitor. The fireflies on LOWAS fly down and land on John as his Quest Bed activates.
  • On Skaia, Dream John takes on John's wound while lights flash around his skaian Quest Bed. The Warweary Villein watches.
  • Jade, Dave, and Rose all watch Skaia as John rises up.
  • John, now in his god tier outfit, sees his dead body in a Skaia cloud.
  • The Wayward Vagabond's monitor deactivates as Bec Noir looks in its direction.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Savior of the Waking World arranged by Toby Radiation Fox from George Buzinkai's "Doctor".
  • Art contributions from Lexxy.
  • This Flash marks the 612th day of Homestuck.

[S] Wake.HS.svg Page 3294

  • The loading screen is silent with a silhouette of Bec Noir's face.
  • The Mysterious Countdown is shown from 4:13:59 to 4:13:50. Feferi's dream self is shown on Derse, surrounded by Horrorterrors. Jack Noir flies in and slices her in half.
  • He flies over to Nepeta's dream self and stabs her as well. He then destroys all of Derse with Bec's powers as Nepeta's dying dream self looks on in horror.
  • In Derse's core, Aradia's dream self is shown sleeping on her Quest Bed. As she ascends to god tier, her soulbot self-destructs. Jack Noir, seeing this, swoops in towards Aradia, but with her newly fully realized powers she stops him in time.
  • The mysterious countdown is shown on Aradia's symbol of time, stopping at 4:13. It then advances to 3:14:01 on Vriska's symbol of light.
  • As the time advances one second more to 3:14:00, we zoom out to see Vriska, flying to find Tavros.
  • Vriska indicates through gesture that Tavros is going down. Tavros does likewise. With a manic grin on her face Vriska picks up Tavros's legs off the floor. Tavros then charges towards her, lance in hand. When he reaches her, she slaps him, steals his lance, stabs him through with it, and throws him off the edge.
  • Mysterious arm
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is MeGaLoVania by Toby Radiation Fox with guitar by Joren "Tensei" de Bruin.

[S] Kanaya: Return to the core.HS.svg Page 3318

[S] Equius: Seek the highb100d.HS.svg Page 3435

[S] 3x Showdown Combo.HS.svg Page 3517

  • Eridan, Vriska, and Gamzee are all standing in a circle, ready for battle. Pictures of their ancestors are shown. Kanaya, her wound covered by Eridan's cape, walks towards the three.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Trollian Standoff by Joren "Tensei" de Bruin.
  • Art contributions from Eyes5, Lexxy, Nic Carey, SkepticArcher, and Vivus.

Seer: Ask.HS.svg Page 3636

  • Shows Rose looking into the white ball purely through close-ups of the ball and Rose's eye. Images include a sun, a triangle, some grimdark text and a squiddle.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube

==>HS.svg Page 3643

John: Locate Tumor.HS.svg Page 3656

  • Zooms in from a picture of the Battlefield to a shot of John floating near The Tumor.
  • Storyboard

John: Return to surface.HS.svg Page 3663

  • Shows John rising up away from the Battlefield.
  • Storyboard

[S] All: Behold glory of Zillyhoo.HS.svg Page 3676

  • A very silly Flash where John sings about the glory of Zillyhoo. It is also shown that Gamzee has a copy of the Warhammer, and Karkat weeps before its glory. Done entirely in a scribbly art style.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Warhammer of Zillyhoo by Michael Guy Bowman, of course.

[S] Seer: Descend.HS.svg Page 3692

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 3693

  • John looks at the dead bodies of Dad and Mom. Rose, John, and Jack Noir look at each other. John raises his hammer and Rose her thorns as the music builds...
  • And John is stabbed.
  • He falls to the ground.
  • Rose becomes enraged, and blows up the castle.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is At the Price of Oblivion by Malcolm Brown.
  • Art contributions from Lexxy.

Exit.HS.svg Page 3711

  • Terezi exits a room in the meteor. This is the end of Disc One of Homestuck, but Disc Two is missing!
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • This Flash marks the end of the second year of Homestuck.

[S] Terezi: Proceed.HS.svg Page 3714

  • The player tries to control Terezi, but since there is no disc, they can't. Terezi walks down the hallway and finds a note stuck in the floor with Nepeta's claws.
  • The transcript of the messages in this sequence is as follows:
    • "You cannot control Terezi! How can you possibly expect to play this game when you have lost the game disc? All you can do is watch what she decides to do."
    • "You find a note stuck to the floor with Nepeta's claw. It appears to be addressed to you, written on a page torn from the journal of Vriska's ancestor. Her taunts are becoming increasingly flagrant. It also appears to be written in purple blood. She wouldn't dare harm sweet, precious Gamzee, would she? The thought is almost more than you can bear. You are going to throw the book at her."
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube

[S] Terezi: Read note.HS.svg Page 3715

[S] Terezi: Play records.HS.svg Page 3722

  • Terezi plays some records she found in the secret room, including Eddie Morton's "I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew".
  • Storyboard
  • The records that can be played in this flash are "Trollcops" by Erik "Jit" Scheele, "Havoc to Be Wrought" by Thomas "EidolonOrpheus" Ferkol, "Rumble at the Rink" by Toby Radiation Fox, "Unlabeled Record" by Erik "Jit" Scheele, "XROM" by Toby Radiation Fox, and "I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew" by Eddie Morton.

[S] Terezi: Play tiny record.HS.svg Page 3727

  • Terezi puts Homestuck Disc 2 on the record player, not realizing that it is a compact disc and not a record. It therefore gets scratched.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube

Insert Disc 2.HS.svg Page 3740

  • The scratched disc two is put in. The next page loads directly from this page, instead of being given a link.
  • The HTML5 version in could not advance to the next page in mobile devices up to October 22, 2020.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube

[S] Seer: Ascend.HS.svg Page 3741

  • Terezi reads Vriska's (actually Gamzee's) note. She picks up the scalemates, Lil Cal, and Pyralspite. She does an 4CROB4T1C FUCK1NG P1ROU3TT3 while doing so. She then breaks down the secret room's door and begins ascending.
  • Flashback to the ancestors. Redglare attacks Mindfang's fleet. Pyralspite blinds Mindfang with his red eyes, and Mindfang's fleet is completely destroyed. Mindfang glares at Redglare, having lost her arm.
  • Terezi finishes ascending. Vriska is seen talking to John through Roses account, and looks at Terezi in her Redglare cosplay suit out of the corner of her eye.
  • Throughout the Flash, the images have defects caused by the disc's scratch.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Terezi Owns written by Robert Blaker and arranged by Toby Radiation Fox.
  • Art contributions from clorinspats, Eyes5, Rebecca Harding, myluckyseven, Nic Carey, Paige Turner, SkepticArcher, Sockpuppy, and Vivus.
  • Parts of this Flash are callbacks to a previous Flash, "[S] Dave: Ascend to the highest point of the building.", with Terezi recapitulating Dave's role.

Troll Guybrush Threepwood observes the destruction of the Gamblingants.

  • During the scene where Pyralspite destroys Mindfang's fleet, a lone troll drifts by in a tiny boat. While unidentified in the story, this troll bears an uncanny resemblance to Guybrush Threepwood of the Secret of Monkey Island games.
  • Interestingly, this flash does not have a volume control button in the upper left-hand corner like the others.

[S] Flip.HS.svg Page 3757

  • This Flash is very glitchy due to the second disc being scratched. Parts of other Flashes and pages momentarily appear (even ones that had not been posted yet), and some of Vriska and Terezi's dialogue is cut off. Sometimes the loading percent at the beginning will be hidden by the glitches.
  • It is first presented as a walkaround, but when the user tries to interact, there is an objection and the flash plays by itself. This is because you cannot control Terezi.
  • Terezi walks through the meteor to find Vriska. On the way, she passes tubes containing the decapitated bodies (de-upper-torso'd in Eridan's case) of Eridan, Nepeta, Feferi, Equius and Tavros. Some of the trolls' corresponding "DEAD" screens are shown amongst the glitches as she walks past.
  • Terezi confronts Vriska, accusing her of murdering their friends. Vriska truthfully denies having committed multiple murders, but admits to killing Tavros. Terezi does a x3 facepalm combo with help from Lil Cal.
  • The glitches are noticeably exacerbated at the mention of information regarding Gamzee, censoring most of it out.
  • Terezi tells Vriska that she cannot go to fight Jack, because he will follow her pixie trail and find them on the meteor. She then offers a deal: she flips her coin. Heads, Vriska stays. Scratch, she goes. Vriska asks if she really wants to challenge the Thief of Light to a game of chance, since she has AAAAAAAALLLLLLLL the luck. But she agrees. Terezi flips the coin, but the result is not revealed because of glitches.
  • Storyboard
  • Transcript (or pastebin)
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is BL1ND JUST1C3 : 1NV3ST1G4T1ON !! by Malcolm Brown with glitch effects by Toby Radiation Fox
  • Terezi's walksprite clearly shows her cosplay without sleeves and gloves, contrary to how it is shown in Hero Mode.

=> =HS.svg Page 3758

  • We are informed that the disc is too damaged to continue playing Homestuck.
  • Storyboard

QÛít„HS.svg Page 3759

[S][o] Tick. Tock.HS.svg Page 3848

[S][o] Tick. Tock. Tick...HS.svg Page 3857

  • Doc Scratch's clock ticks between Heroic and Just with Vriska's Light symbol displayed. It seems to be about to land on Just, but then Spades Slick hits it with the crowbar.
  • Storyboard

[o] Feel free to examine the clippings while I tidy.HS.svg Page 3871

[o] Try to make sense of this mess yourself.HS.svg Page 3892

[o] Oh, wonderful. Another interruption.HS.svg Page 3933

[o] ==>HS.svg Page 3940

  • Dave takes off from Derse in pursuit of Derse's moon and Rose.
  • Storyboard

[S][o] ==>HS.svg Page 3949

[o] ==>HS.svg Page 3971

[o] ==>HS.svg Page 3999

  • Another selection screen. Only one picture can be selected, and each is one of Terezi's COOLK1D pictures. It links to a continuation of the scene involving [o]HS.svg Jade and Karkat.
  • Right-clicking and selecting "Play" can cause an image of HussieHS.svg to appear, an artifact left in from when the following panel was not yet complete.
  • Storyboard

[o] ==>HS.svg Page 4015

[o] ==>HS.svg Page 4016

  • A final selection screen. There's a picture which, when clicked on, is enlarged to show a COOLK1D picture modified to show Terezi SWOOOOONing over Dave, and links to scenes involving:
  • [o]HS.svg Jade and Karkat (cont.);
  • [o]HS.svg Dave and Gamzee; and
  • [o]HS.svg Doc Scratch (cont.).
  • When the COOLK1D picture is selected, right-clicking and selecting play again can cause an image of GamzeeHS.svg to appear, an artifact left in from when the following panels were not yet complete.
  • Storyboard

[o] ==>HS.svg Page 4050

  • Shows Doc Scratch's head as Alternia, with two sets of signs and two moons rotating around it with a fixed star background.
  • Storyboard

[o] Insert disc 2.HS.svg Page 4081

  • Shows a disk loading up. The next page loads directly from this page (showing a prompt after approximately twelve seconds, and redirecting after thirty), instead of being given a link.
  • Storyboard

[S] Attempt rare and highly dangerous 5x SHOWDOWN COMBO.HS.svg Page 4082

  • Karkat's symbol is shown with purple blood painted over the circles to make it resemble Gamzee's emoticon.
  • Gamzee confronts the other trolls, wielding the Warhammer of Zillyhoo.
  • Karkat, Gamzee, Kanaya, Terezi and Sollux are shown with their respective ancestors as backdrops, reflecting on the 3x Showdown Combo.
  • Kanaya attempts to auspistice for Gamzee and Karkat, but is papped out of the way.
  • Terezi shows kismesis feelings for Gamzee, but she is shooshed out of the way.
  • Sollux mistakes Lil Cal for Gamzee and seems to have both red and black feelings for him simultaneously.
  • The scene circles around all of the trolls before Gamzee and Karkat converge for what is apparently an epic clash.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The music that plays for this scene is "The Carnival" by Erik "Jit" Scheele with samples from Mark Hadley's "Harlequin".
  • Art contributions from Vivus and Laz.

==>HS.svg Page 4096

  • Andrew Hussie begins to write Recap 4, but almost immediately gives up.
  • There is a half-eaten ==> symbol at the top of the sheet of paper.
  • If the "NO FUCK THIS" written on the paper is clicked, then a gif of Andrew Hussie dancing whilst spinning in a circular motion will replace the cursor.
  • If the Flash is right-clicked and "Play" is selected, a series of images are shown with each "Play". First, if it's not already in place, is the spinning Hussie cursor. Second, Hussie pops up right in front of the "camera". Third, Troll Hussie moves across from right to left. Fourth is the dreaded wolf head.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube

==>HS.svg Page 4097

  • We see several crumpled pieces of paper, amongst which is a picture of Bec Noir, Jade, and the Genesis Frog tadpole on the top of Jade's now immensely tall house.
  • The picture, when clicked on, redirects to ==>HS.svg the end of Act 5. Before EOA5 was released, it redirected to the very first comic: Jailbreak.
  • If the picture is right-clicked and then "Play" is selected, the aforementioned gif of Andrew dancing will play.
  • Storyboard

[S] Cascade.HS.svg Page 4106

  • See Cascade.
  • The second longest Flash animation in Homestuck, as of Collide.
  • In the change to, the flash version was broken and just displayed a "PLAY" button that led to the main Newgrounds page up to October 22, 2020.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube

Homestuck: Intermission 2[edit | edit source]

[S] Begin intermission 2.HS.svg Page 4108

  • We begin with a view of curtains opening, which reveals a remote transmitter with cueballs flashing on it. Cut to a view of the Unhackable Code, which begins to initiate.
  • Scratch's apartment, suspended in time in the middle of the Green Sun, is now visible. The cueball clock in Scratch's apartment stops ticking, and immediately afterwards Scratch begins to transform into Lord English.
  • As English is forming, the Cairo Overcoat is removed from its place on the Fourth wall, and it appears on his back.
  • The Wolf Head is visible at a point in the Flash, zooming in dramatically at points in the song.
  • Lord English's overcoat transforms into a sarcophagus, encasing him inside. He releases the Vast Honk.
  • Alternia becomes orbited by pool balls of multiple colors.
  • Storyboard
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is English by Toby Radiation Fox
  • This Flash was intended to be released on Halloween (and the log says it was released on Halloween), but it was actually released two days later.
  • Clicking the back arrow at the end makes the text "START OVER" appear, and clicking it again actually replays the Flash.

Homestuck: Act 6[edit | edit source]

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 1[edit | edit source]

[S] ACT 6HS.svg Page 4110

  • We begin with a view of the green Sburb cursor flipping around and turning red.
  • The red curtains turn green and open up to the post-scratch universe.
  • Upon zooming into post-scratch Earth, it zooms in on Washington and the same area John lived in pre-scratch.
  • We see a brief second of someone playing piano.
  • The scene continues to zoom in on the house, showing that the season is fall.
  • A dirty old fedora is seen next to a Captchalogue card and a Problem Sleuth poster is seen along with a figure holding a copy of Colonel Sassacre's Daunting Text of Magical Frivolity and Practical Japery.
  • A twin pair of pistols lays idle with two bullets beside it along with a mechanical bunny, a green box and a note written to someone.
  • The scene shifts to the astronomy tower with the sun overlooking it, reflecting Rose's home.
  • Two mutant cats resembling Meowgon are seen encased in some manner of holding gel.
  • A fourth wall is seen.
  • A billboard for the Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff Moive starring Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller.
  • Lil Cal is seen in his Derse pajamas holding Bro's katana.
  • The Forge is seen overlooking the Frog Temple.
  • The scene zooms back out into the Universe before a transition shifts it to a lovely young lady standing next to the mailbox, looking off into the distant sky.
  • It is shown that she is being watched on a computer screen with the Ophiuchus symbol on top of it. Some words are shown in the Alternian language, which read "click ==> to continue".
  • YouTube
  • The song played in this Flash is "Homestuck Anthem" by Clark Powell.

Jake: Retrieve arms from floor, post-haste!HS.svg Page 4118

  • Jake reaches for a gun, and then an image appears to give a choice of pages to view next. There are pictures of JaneHS.svg and JakeHS.svg, and silhouettes of Roxy and Dirk which cannot be selected. In the background is a map showing where each character lives. There is no HTML link at the bottom of the page.

Jane: Exit.HS.svg Page 4159

  • Jane reaching for the door, and then the same selection prompt as before appears. This page does have a HTML link at the bottom.

Jake: Exit.HS.svg Page 4191

  • Jake moves his foot towards the ground, and then the same selection prompt as before appears. This page also has a HTML link at the bottom.

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 4272

  • Jake stares down the Seagoat Lusus.
  • There is ominous bleating.
  • The Brobot is seen approaching, reflected in the Lusus's eye.
  • YouTube
  • The foley in this Flash is by Toby Radiation Fox.

[S] Jane: Get mail.HS.svg Page 4279

  • Jane attempts to retrieve the Sburb Alpha from the mailbox.
  • Just before she can lay her hands on it, the mailbox explodes.
  • The view zooms out, showing Dad looking on in horror.
  • YouTube

Homestuck: Act 6 Intermission 1[edit | edit source]

[S][A6I1] Karkat: Mental breakdown.HS.svg Page 4370

Rose certainly has all the eyebrow action. All of it.

  • Karkat looks at the letter he just received via bucket, while multiple grey buckets dance in the background.
  • All he sees is, "TROLL/HUMAN SLOPPY MAKEOUTS" in John's writing.
  • Pretty much the entire remainder of the Flash takes place in Karkat's horrified imagination:
    • Kanaya looks over to Rose, smiling.
    • Rose's eyebrows go crazy as she returns the smile.
    • Terezi looks up with a grin on her face; Dave is reflected in her glasses.
    • Dave smiles for the secondHS.svg time in the whole comic; Terezi is reflected in his glasses.
    • Karkat spins on a record, now PantsKat.
  • YouTube
  • This Flash mirrors [S] John: Mental Breakdown; the music, Frustracean by Toby "Radiation" Fox, is based on Mark Hadley's "Hardlyquin.
  • If you click Nic Cage's head at the top right hand corner when the Flash ends, [S] Cage: Reveal plan. plays.

[A6I1] ==>HS.svg Page 4385

  • The laboratory meteor, pushed by Sollux and Aradia, flies away from the Green Sun.
  • YouTube


  • PM is seen flying off from the trolls' Incipisphere towards the Green Sun before the green curtain closes on Act 6 Intermission 1.
  • The storm-immersed A6I1 screen is viewed from a cloud in the unprototyped Skaia of the post-scratch session. The view pans rapidly through Skaia showing the following events from the future:
  • An awakened Dream Jane stares out of the window of her Prospit moon bedroom, watching these cloud visions pass by as Prospit moves into one of its solar eclipses. We see that Prospit has no towers to receive prototyped kernelsprites, the first indication that this is a void sessionHS.svg.
  • This in itself is shown to be yet another cloud vision in front of a Prospit moon tower.
  • YouTube
  • The song played in this Flash is "Infinity Mechanism" by Thomas "EidolonOrpheus" Ferkol.

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 2[edit | edit source]

Dirk: Jut your ass and twitch like a proboscis.HS.svg Page 4466

  • The image zooms in on Dirk before a character selection screen appears. There are pictures of each child, but only RoxyHS.svg and DirkHS.svg can be selected. The background is plain, but moving the cursor onto one of the characters changes it to a larger picture of the character. There is no HTML link at the bottom of the page.

Roxy: Black out.HS.svg Page 4482

  • Roxy succumbs to an unfathomable booze snoozeHS.svg and passes out on her pile of wizard plushies.
  • YouTube
  • During the Internet Blackout protesting the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), the page then redirects to one regarding the strike and gives a form to write to your local Congress representative. It reverted to a normal HTML link once the following page was completed.

[S] Roxy: Sleepwalk.HS.svg Page 4483

  • Zoom in to show Roxy get up and float out of her tower, still asleep. Frigglish sits still during this.
  • Dirk (spattered with blood) removes his glasses as Roxy draws near, and she falls into a dream bubble.
  • Roxy travels above a planet composed of multiple planets without waking.
  • Equius, two Aradiabots and Dave see her on LOCAS.
  • Rose sees her by her house on the Battlefield.
  • She passes Terezi's tree as Terezi walks by far below.
  • A doomed god tier Karkat and a doomed dream Nepeta (both dead) watch her on LOLCAT.
  • Roxy (still asleep) approaches Rose on LOLCAT and LOLAR, but both wake up before their dream selves can meet.
  • YouTube
  • The song used in the Flash is Even in Death by Clark Powell with samples from "Upward Movement" by Robert Blaker.

Karkat GodTier.png

  • This Flash page was changed shortly after it was uploaded. In the original version Karkat and Nepeta's eyes had pupils and Dirk's eyes were less orange.

Roxy: Descend.HS.svg Page 4513

  • Roxy does a triple somersault into a fenestrated window in her observatory.
  • As she falls towards the window at the other end, she passes her own dream self, which is ascending.
  • This leads into a character selection screen as before. RoxyHS.svg and DirkHS.svg can be selected, and there is a HTML link at the bottom.

[S] RAP-OFF!!!!!!!!!!HS.svg Page 4538

Dirk: Exit.HS.svg Page 4565

  • Dirk's wardrobifier vanishes to reveal an open doorway, which he walks towards.
  • This leads into a character selection screen as before. RoxyHS.svg and DirkHS.svg can be selected.

[S] Prince of Heart: Rise up.HS.svg Page 4569
This Flash cuts frequently between Dream Dirk on Derse's moon, and Jake and the Brobot on the island. Events are presented here with the two separated to avoid protracted coverage of the details.

  • On the island:
    • Jake confronts the Brobot, and initiates strife. The usual taunts cause him some consternation, as the Brobot grows extra arms for the thumbs down.
    • The Brobot slices Jake's first salvo of bullets in half, and the second salvo only succeeds in killing a few fairy bulls, before the Brobot catches Jake's bullets and throws them back at him. The Brobot then proceeds to start beating the crap out of Jake in earnest, with many moves echoing Dave's strifes with Bro and Lil Cal.
    • The Brobot continues to humiliate Jake, as a dragon lusus, previously seen only in the distance at the start of the strife, looms relatively close in the background.
    • The Brobot knocks Jake's glasses and eyes off his face, causing Jake to have to pick them back up. No sooner does Jake retrieve them than the Brobot grabs him before he has a chance to react, and carries him high into the air, before slamming him down into the ground.
    • Jake attempts to retaliate against the Brobot by latching onto it and ineffectually hitting it on the head. He then holds on as it tries to throw him off. Eventually, he manages to grab the Brobot's shades, and stomps on them. The Brobot simply puts on another pair, before laying the smackdown on Jake with one punch.
  • On Derse:
    • Dirk's dream self leaves his room and takes his glasses off briefly, as first seen first in [S] Roxy: Sleepwalk. He then retrieves the Hegemonic Brute's head and flies around Derse's moon with it to show the residents. He accumulates a large crowd of Dersites following him.
    • The Dersite monarch observes this, and via the Fenestrated Walls, directs the Draconian Dignitary to deal with the situation. She is seen to be wearing a ring with no orbs.
    • Dream Dirk picks up a spike with a banner on it, which he cuts off. Meanwhile, the Draconian Dignitary walks through the streets of the moon, following Dream Dirk's trail. Dream Dirk is seen to have stuck the Hegemonic Brute's head on the spike on top of a monument, and departed the scene before the Draconian Dignitary's arrival. Also stuck on the spike is the cover page of the Enquiring Carapacian bearing the news of Dream Jane's death.
    • The Draconian Dignitary approaches the monument, and takes the scrap of newspaper. Written on it, he finds a message from Dirk: The Prince is awake. Your shit is wrecked.
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Time on My Side by Joren "Tensei" de Bruin.

[S] Frigglish: Fast forward to Jaspersprite.HS.svg Page 4614
Recaps the events following Jaspers' return to pre-scratch Earth.

  • Rose finds Jaspers' corpse on the river bank.
  • Rose's mother holds a funeral for Jaspers.
  • Much later, Rose knocks Jaspers' coffin onto the floor to use her computer.
  • Rose leaves the mausoleum via a secret passage to the lab next door.
  • Rose tries to use the cloning machine in the lab, and finds a mutant kitten.
  • Rose flees the lab with the kitten.
  • Rose prototypes her kernel with Jaspers' corpse.
  • Rose jumps down a waterfall to retrieve her entry item, and is rescued by Jaspersprite's tentacles.
  • On the Land of Light and Rain, Jaspersprite discovers that there are no fish.
  • Later on, Rose summons Jaspersprite with a pendant.
  • Rose gives Jaspersprite her laptop and he contacts Nepeta.
  • Jaspersprite appears on the ship on the Yellow Yard with Jade, John, etc..
  • There's a link at the end to Roxy's version of [S] Ride.
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is a version of Chorale for Jaspers, although nobody is creditedMspa icon.png for this page.

[S] Jane: Enter.HS.svg Page 4662
This scene cuts between Jane, Jake, Dirk and Roxy at various points. This isn't preserved in the following description, as it describes the scenes organized by character.

  • The Flash starts by zooming in to Jane's house.
    • Jane's server player drops a safe on the cruxtruder, confusing Jane's Dad.
    • This creates the kernel, starts a countdown at 1:11 and breaks open the safe to reveal cans of Barbasol.
    • The kernel appears to speak to Jane's Dad, but in patterns rather than words. He does not react.
    • Jane creates her entry item with her totem lathe and climbs the stairs, with the kernel following.
    • The server player moves Poppop towards the kernel.
    • GCat appears, surprising Jane's Dad, and transports Poppop into space in a green flash. A Crocker spaceship later flies near to him.
    • Jane's totem produces a tree. She is confused by this.
    • When the timer nears 0:00, Jane's house starts to glow blue.
    • Jane and her kernel sprite are transported to a black place with blue spots, and she is surrounded by a strange blue halo, while observing the sudden appearance of a Crocker battleship.
    • Jane's house eventually vanishes, leaving a hole in the ground.
    • The spaceship flies over Jane's neighborhood. And a the scene proceeds to show her neighborhood in a few years.
  • After the first part of Jane's sequence, it switches to Jake.
    • Jake stands on his island, near to the frog temple. A whale lusus floats overhead.
    • He is later seen using an elevator in the frog temple.
  • It next switches to Dirk.
    • Dirk climbs his stairs, holding Cal.
    • Dirk emerges onto a platform out at sea, similar to Dave's house after he enters the medium.
    • Dirk stands with his sword ready as a number of Crocker drones fly towards him.
  • Dirk's first sequence fades out to show one involving Roxy.
    • A picture of SN_HUBGRID 44.519872,-74.820017 (the location of her house) is shown.
    • Roxy uses a control to produce rungs leading up the side of the half-cylinder room she is in and open the door at the top.
    • She then climbs to the top, and watches as Crocker drones fly towards her.
  • There are also a few images showing locations much like those familiar to the pre-scratch kids, as well as similar ones from the future flooded world. The first of these is introduced with "Years in the future, but not many".
    • Most of Jane's neighborhood, including the place where her house stood, is underwater.
    • A large number of red somewhat tree-like structures stand nearby, partly submerged.
    • Jake's island is largely submerged, with only the (now dormant) volcano and the frog temple visible.
    • There is a red structure in the position of each tower. White structures (presumably tentacles) are looped around one of the red structures and also the frog temple's neck.
    • Dirk's neighborhood is also underwater. But shown in its original state shortly before.
    • Roxy's house is not submerged, but it is in the middle of a densely packed group of black and white buildings, grouped in a checkerboard pattern peaking out of the sea.
    • When Dirk and Roxy emerge from their buildings, it becomes clear that they are in the altered locations of the future and had been there all along.
  • A sequence of Crocker-related images are shown at the end of the Flash.
    • These include her spoon logo, a number of products (such as Fruit Gushers, Hamburger Helper, BacOs, Fruit Roll-Ups, Brownie Mix, Old El Paso taco kit, Bisquick), a "Visit Mars" advert, and a picture of Guy Fieri.
    • Pictures of the new queen of Derse are also shown, one of her mouth and another of her torso.
    • Some subliminal messages are also shown ("CEASE REPRODUCTION", "OBEY", "STAY ASLEEP", "SUBMIT TO CULLING", "CONSUME", "COMPLY WITH DRONES").
    • Meenah is shown briefly.
    • The sequence ends with a picture of the Betty Crocker fork logo.
  • YouTube
  • This Flash contains the songs Another Jungle by Michael Guy Bowman and A Taste for Adventure by Seth "Beatfox" Peelle.

Homestuck: Act 6 Intermission 2[edit | edit source]

Note the single frame where Vriska's hand moves slightly closer to Hussie's. But then moves away even faster.

[S][A6I2] ???HS.svg Page 4812

  • Vriska walks across a plain of horses.
  • One horse approaches, and distresses her.
  • She sees the author avatar collapsed between two large Iguana statues; this reveals that she is likely walking across the desert of LOSAZ .
  • He holds up a ring and asks her, "Will you marry me?".
  • Vriska reacts with shock. Can't think why; she should be flattered.
  • YouTube
  • This page is unusual for a couple of technical reasons. Firstly and most obviously, neither the HTML page nor the Flash file has a normal Homestuck-style URL (the page above was redirect to a page named "DOTA", standing for Death of the Author, on the original site); unlike, say, [S] Ride. (URL of the form "?s=6&p=pony"), this URL is not within the Homestuck section of MSPA. Secondly, there is also no text on the HTML page – the title shown here only appears on links to it. A third curiosity is that the volume control doesn't appear in the preloader, instead appearing only once the Flash begins in earnest, but the page is not unique in this respect, as some previous pages have also behaved in this way.
  • The sound in this Flash is Weird moody horse shit by Alex Rosetti

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 3[edit | edit source]


[S] DD: Ascend.HS.svg Page 4939

[S] DD: Ascend more casually.HS.svg Page 4941

  • This sequence contains a mixture of recaps and new events.
  • The loading sequence is a picture of Edward Morton.
  • Shows the desk DD is using (complete with coffee, ash tray, Gray Ladies and ring).
  • DD smokes, drinks "coffee", and looks at the Gray Ladies, and spins the ring against his cup.
  • Ms. Paint kneels by the body of Andrew Hussie and cries.
  • Jade and Davesprite read the first Midnight Crew comic.
  • Equius drinks some milk then breaks the glass, surprising Aradia.
  • Alternia's pink moon is shown with an even smaller pink moon nearby and a blue tree-like structure with pink leaves in front of it.
  • Jake's room is shown, also with blue branches in it.
  • Jake is shown collapsed, wearing his skulltop.
  • Aranea leads Jake along a blue branch, with Meenah waiting in the distance.
  • The Condesce waits impatiently.
  • The bed on which Spades Slick lay is shown lying in the lake it fell in.
  • Spades Slick climbs to the top of the cliff next to it, surprising Ms. Paint.
  • He accepts a glass of milk from Aurthour.
  • PM and Bec Noir continues to fly through the Outer Ring. A spade and a heart are shown to represent their feelings.
  • Dirk sits on a wall on Derse.
  • Jane lies on the ground on Prospit.
  • Andrew Hussie holds Spades Slick in his bed as Slick stabs him.
  • Flashes forward through Andrew Hussie being shot by Lord English, slowing to show Andrew Hussie lying on the floor.
  • Andrew Hussie proposes to Vriska shocking her.
  • Vriska withdraws her hand as Andrew Hussie tries to place a ring on her finger, and then knocks him and the ring flying.
  • Dirk fights Crocker drones.
  • Jack Noir unsuccessfully attempts to persuade a guard to give him a key to his cell.
  • Spades Slick looks at a card with a hole shot through it.
  • A gun hits Lord English, and falls down.
  • Roxy confronts some Crocker drones, but flees when they start firing.
  • Spades Slick refuses a bottle of milk.
  • The picture of Edward Morton from the start is shown, now with flashing eyes, immediately followed by the text "WHO'S THIS DOUCHEBAG" scrolling down the screen.
  • On Jane's planet, she finds a hat (with Lil' Sebastian watching), calling back to when Aradia found a fedora.
  • The Condesce uses her unlocked powers to control the GCat (who is lying on her lap).
  • There are scenes from [S] All: Behold glory of Zillyhoo.HS.svg, including John with the hammer, Gamzee with the hammer and a lute, and both of them together, finally ending with them kissing.
  • The last leads to a still of Jane (originally taken from a conversation with Jake) thinking "What the fuck?".
  • The sequence ends with a shot of the Midnight Crew, followed by DD finally placing the ring on his finger.
  • YouTube
  • The song DD plays for the Flash is I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew (Acapella) written by Eddie Morton and performed by David Ko.
  • The first YouTube upload of this flash was taken down by YouTube due to content violations. On October 22, 2020 a new version was uploaded with the nipples censored out.

[S] Terry: Fast forward to Liv.HS.svg Page 5024

UU: Defeat uu.HS.svg Page 5027

  • UU "checkmates" uu's "king" in their game of chess.
  • YouTube

uu: Defeat UU.HS.svg Page 5029

  • uu brings UU near to checkmate, but UU hits the board and scatters the pieces in frustration.
  • YouTube

Select character.HS.svg Page 5031

Or, you can skip all of them and go to a second section which starts by following Roxy.HS.svg
  • Before the pages were completed for each character, clicking on one of the unfinished paths brought up a picture of Andrew Hussie in a troll costume throwing a chess board with red and green pieces. The message "PANELS AREN'T DONE!" appeared at the bottom.

Select character.HS.svg Page 5134

  • Another character selection screen. There's a chatlog involving undyingUmbrage alone at the bottom, and he provides a commentary (slightly marred by viewport issues) during short sections involving JaneHS.svg, JakeHS.svg, RoxyHS.svg and DirkHS.svg. You can skip all of these if you would rather look at some lampsHS.svg.

I clicked on all those kids. Now what?HS.svg Page 5200

  • A brief animation which shows the four lamps on LOCAH. All but Jake's are lit at first, but Jane's goes out, followed by Roxy's, and then Dirk's dims to a weak glow.

==>HS.svg Page 5214

  • Dream Dirk flies up away from the dream bubble version of Alternia's Pink Moon, holding the unconscious Dream Roxy by the hand.

==>HS.svg Page 5233

  • Dirk's lantern returns to full luminosity.

[S] Dirk: Synchronize.HS.svg Page 5235

  • The Red Miles reach through space and surround Earth.
  • Dirk awakens, captchalogues Squarewave (who has compacted himself into a small cube), runs into his room, plugs in the Fenestrated Wall, jumps on the cruxtruder to open it, grabs his sendificator and Cruxite Dowel, and uses his Rocket Board to fly out the window. He throws Sawtooth the dowel, then flies back inside, grinds on the Totem Lathe and passes through his Fenestrated Wall.
  • As he flies through the void, Meenah runs up to him and jumps. The two perform a mid-air high-five.
  • Dirk exits through one of Roxy's Fenestrated Walls and lands in her house. He deploys Squarewave and kisses Roxy's corpse.
  • Roxy's dream self awakens on Derse. She notices Jane's corpse is lying nearby.
  • Dirk grabs one of Roxy's buckets and deploys the sendificator.
  • Roxy prepares to kiss Jane's corpse.
  • Dirk puts the bucket in the sendificator and activates it.
  • Roxy finds herself unable to kiss Jane.
  • Dirk puts the sendificator on top of his head.
  • Roxy still can't kiss Jane.
  • Dirk's head is sendificated off of his body. His decapitated corpse falls onto the floor.
  • YouTube
  • The music used is Unite Synchronization by Malcolm Brown.

==>HS.svg Page 5236

  • Dirk's lantern goes out.

==>HS.svg Page 5248

  • Dirk's lantern glows brightly and explodes, revealing a firefly in its center.

[S] Dirk: Unite.HS.svg Page 5249

  • Dirk's dream self awakens on Derse. He sees Roxy still hasn't kissed Jane, so he kicks her out of the way and kisses Jane himself.
  • Jane's dream self awakens on Prospit.
  • Dirk grabs Roxy and the two fly away from Derse on the Rocket Board.
  • Jane uses the transportalizer and arrives inside the Frog Temple on Earth.
  • Dirk and Roxy fly to the meteor containing the Frog Temple.
  • The two emerge from the temple's time capsule and pick up Jane, who desperately clings to Roxy as they fly over Jake's island. The bucket Dirk sendificated appears in the air, and he grabs it and fills it with seawater before arriving at the ruins of Jake's house. Dirk throws the water on an unconscious Jake to wake him up, which starts a previously-seen chain of events (beginning hereHS.svg) that ends with Jake kissing Dirk's severed head to revive him. Jake turns around and notices that the other kids are watching him; he throws the head away out of terror while Jane and Roxy watch with shock and disgust.
  • YouTube
  • The music used is Unite Synchronization by Malcolm Brown.

Sawtooth: Enter.HS.svg Page 5255

  • Sawtooth stands atop Dirk's house as it glows with a red light.
  • A map of the Incipisphere is shown, and a second planet appears on it.

Squarewave: Enter.HS.svg Page 5256

  • Squarewave stands atop Roxy's house as it glows purple.
  • A third planet is added to the Incipisphere map.

Jane, Dirk, Jake, Roxy: Enter.HS.svg Page 5257

  • Jake's house glows green.
  • The fourth and final planet is added to the map.

[S] Caliborn: Enter.HS.svg Page 5258

  • As Calliope lies asleep on the sarswapagus, the green swirls on her cheeks turn red.
  • Lord English's sarcophagus flies past the Act 6 curtains and disappears.
  • The red swirls turn into full circles. Caliborn takes control of the body and awakens.
  • The sarcophagus emerges in the Furthest Ring and flies into a dream bubble. Its arrival is witnessed by the dead doomed timeline kids and trolls, who have all gathered in the bubble. It lands atop a Time quest bed and opens, revealing Lord English.
  • Caliborn sits up, the sarswapagus swirls having both changed to full red circles.
  • Caliborn removes his shackle, then bites through the leg bound with Calliope's shackle. He discards his foot and spits out a tooth, then attaches a robot foot to where his own used to be and acquires his weapon: a staff that turns into an assault rifle.
  • In the dream bubble, English uses the White Wand. It lets him shoot a beam of energy from his mouth, killing the doomed timeline characters. The dream bubble explodes and fabric of reality shatters around it.
  • Caliborn stands atop his roof, covered in blood and waiting to enter the game. His cruxtruder displays ~U as a countdown, and the two kernels, released at the same time flash red and green.
  • On the trolls' meteor, Dave witnesses the dream bubble explosion.
  • The kernels collapse into each other and become a black hole that devours everything nearby. Caliborn's meteor enters the game as it escapes the black hole.
  • Bec Noir and PM witness the dream bubble explosion. They stop fighting and look on with discomfort.
  • The black hole devours plasma from the red sun of Calliope and Caliborn's planet, forming the symbolHS.svg Calliope had nightmares about.
  • YouTube
  • The music used is Eternity Served Cold ♫ by Malcolm Brown.

Homestuck: Act 6 Intermission 3[edit | edit source]

[S] ACT 6 INTERMISSION 3HS.svg Page 5260

[S][A6I3] ==>HS.svg Page 5305

[A6I3] ==>HS.svg Page 5365

  • Jack flies out of the dream bubble. The Bunny Sassacre Fedora on his head falls off and reenters the bubble. PM also flies out and resumes chasing Jack.
  • As the focus zooms out to show the fractures in reality around the bubble, the end of A6I3 curtains appear. They are quickly revealed to be a psycheout, and the focus returns to inside the dream bubble.
  • John watches the fedora float down next to him.
  • YouTube

[S][A6I3] ==>HS.svg Page 5370 (YouTube)
[S][A6I3] ==>HS.svg Page 5371 (YouTube)
[S][A6I3] ==>HS.svg Page 5372 (YouTube)
[S][A6I3] ==>HS.svg Page 5373 (YouTube)
[S][A6I3] ==>HS.svg Page 5374 (YouTube)

[S][A6I3] ==>HS.svg Page 5395

[S][A6I3] MINISTRIFE!!!HS.svg Page 5424

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 4[edit | edit source]

[S] ACT 6 ACT 4HS.svg Page 5435

  • The curtains open, showing the map of the B2 session's Incipisphere. As the focus zooms in, each planet and its gates change into the color of their respective player, and the graphic representing Skaia is replaced with the actual Skaia.
  • A bright white light flashes, and the focus rapidly zooms away from Skaia. A purple X appears and turns into part of Jake's planet, the Land of Mounds and Xenon.
  • The surface of LOMAX is shown. The planet is covered in burial mounds and dotted with Stonehedge-like monuments. Skeleton Underlings roam the landscape. Jake shoots at a Basilisk; he is wearing a new outfit, wields dual golden pistols and now possesses a Sweet Bro tattoo on his shoulder that matches Dirk's Hella Jeff tattoo.
  • Still imprisoned on Prospit, the B2 session's Jack Noir carves a tally mark into his cell wall.
  • Roxy's land, the Land of Pyramids and Neon, is shown. Giant pyramids with glowing neon points dominate the scenery. Jane and Roxy appear wielding new weapons: Roxy has a sendificator rifle and Jane has a giant fork with a miniature Skaia on the bottom. Jane jumps into a Fenestrated Wall and Roxy shoots the top of a pyramid with the rifle. The other wall appears where Roxy shot and Jane rockets out of it, reaching a gate.
  • Jack carves another mark into the wall.
  • Dirk's land, the Land of Tombs and Krypton, is shown. The planet features towering, skyscraper-sized tombs and an unbreathable atmosphere, as Dirk and Jake are both shown wearing gas masks while preparing to ambush some Underlings. a statue of Yaldabaoth sits on top of a tomb.
  • Jack carves another mark into his wall, and his golden spire snaps after he finishes. 153 marks in total have been carved, indicating that the date is April 12, 2012, the day before the B1 kids and surviving trolls arrive in the new session.
  • As Jack looks out the window at Skaia, the focus zooms out to show it and all four planets. The End of Act curtains then appear.
  • YouTube
  • The song in this Flash is Even in Death (T'Morra's Belly Mix) ♫ by Clark Powell.

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 5437

  • The EOA6A4 curtain mechanism is shown.
  • YouTube
  • A very quiet and brief portion of Eternity Served Cold is played.

Homestuck: Act 6 Intermission 4[edit | edit source]

[S][A6I4] ==>HS.svg Page 5468

  • In a parody of Myststuck, Caliborn comes across Gamzee, who offers to be Caliborn's guide. The reader is given two choices on how to respond, but both choices are the same: a picture of Caliborn staring.
  • Caliborn and Gamzee proceed to stare at each other for several seconds, neither saying anything. Caliborn then pulls out his machine gun and unloads a stream of bullets into Gamzee's torso. The gunfire knocks the "wings" off of Gamzee's god tier outfit, revealing them to be fake.
  • YouTube
  • Continuing the Myststuck parody, the music used is "Elevatorstuck" arranged by Joren "Tensei" de Bruin from Clark Powell's "Homestuck Anthem".

[S][A6I4] ==>HS.svg Page 5469 (YouTube)
[S][A6I4] ==>HS.svg Page 5470 (YouTube)
[S][A6I4] ==>HS.svg Page 5471 (YouTube)

  • Spread out over three pages, Caliborn walks away from Gamzee while continuing to shoot him. After taking several dozen bullets to the chest, Gamzee at last falls onto the ground, his fake wings floating down beside him. Caliborn shoots him one last time.
  • "Elevatorstuck" is also used as the music for these pages.

[S][A6I4] ==>HS.svg Page 5482

  • A horribly injured Gamzee drags himself over to Caliborn and tries to give him a SkaiaNet hub to plug into the tower. Caliborn guns him down once more, sending the hub flying out of Gamzee's hands. It lands next to the keyboard on the tower's computer terminal.
  • YouTube
  • Elevatorstuck is also used as the music on this page (because Caliborn doesn't like it).

[S!][A6I4] ==>HS.svg Page 5491

  • Caliborn freaks out as Elevatorstuck plays again to stop him hitting Gamzee with a crowbar.
  • YouTube

[!!!][A6I4] ==>HS.svg Page 5492

  • Caliborn hits the MSPA command tower with the crowbar to stop the music as the site falls apart from repeated hits. This page did not have the normal URL on the old MSPA website as it simply said 007395/ as opposed to ?s=6&p=007395. Using that format does however redirect to the flash.
  • The music is mutable after Caliborn knocks the tilde off of the volume button.
  • The crowbar hits, however, are not.

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 5[edit | edit source]

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 5 Act 1[edit | edit source]

[S] ACT 6 ACT 5HS.svg Page 5509

[S] Ride.HS.svg Page 5652

  • Arquiusprite is revealed.
  • The background behind Arquiusprite changes to the same field from the other "Ride." Flashes.
  • Gamzee watches in awe, Dirk facepalms, and a red version of the horseshoe preloader from the "Ride." Flashes appears in the camera eye of HAL 9000.
  • Arquiusprite runs through the field, now joined by a group of 46 robotic horses marked with his symbol.
  • Gamzee begins to cry and collapses onto the ground. A single teardrop falls from his face.
  • YouTube
  • The music used is Horschestra STRONG Version ♫ by Alex Rosetti.
  • In the change to, the flash version was broken up to October 22, 2020.

[S] Jane: Engage.HS.svg Page 5708

  • Trickster Mode engages.
  • Trickster Jane dances around.
  • Gamzee looks on stunned.
  • YouTube
  • The background matches that of the beginning of [S] Jade: Wake Up.
  • The music used is Trickster ModeMspa icon.png by Toby Radiation Fox (not yet released)

[S] Jane: Blast off.HS.svg Page 5709

  • As Jane dances on her balcony, she gives off a wave of energy that revives the dead tree next to her house. She blasts off and flies away.
  • The wave of energy revives a lot of the dead plant life on LOCAH while killing all underlings and interestingly leaving only Zillium grist in their place.
  • Jane flies away from LOCAH, and the curtains close on the act.
  • The music used for this flash was not listed on the Sound Credits page, but it is probably a part of Trickster Mode.
  • The back arrow flashes in the Trickster text colors.
  • YouTube
  • The music used is "Trickster Mode" by Toby Radiation Fox (not yet released).

END OF ACT 6 ACT 5 ACT 1HS.svg Page 5710

  • The curtains turn around and turn pink.

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 5 Act 2[edit | edit source]

[S] ACT 6 ACT 5 ACT 2HS.svg Page 5711

  • Trickster Jane emerges from a portal and arrives in a colorful landscape filled with floating islands (identical in appearance to the ones in Problem Sleuth), castles and lollipop trees. The cherubic figures from the Warhammer of Zillyhoo Flash fly next to her; if you mash the spacebar, Jane hits them with her lollipop and destroys them, leaving more Zillium grist.
  • Caliborn watches the scene on his monitor. Gamzee looks on, stunned once more.
  • Jane flies next to some Horrorterrors. If the spacebar is mashed, she turns them into Squiddles.
  • Caliborn breaks into a joyful grin while Gamzee covers his eyes.
  • Jane flies next to some winged cherubs. If the spacebar is mashed, she gives them a Lil Cal color scheme and heads.
  • Gamzee hits himself on the head repeatedly.
  • As the cherubs follow her, Jane enters another portal and leaves.
  • A mesmerized Caliborn continues to watch the scene.
  • YouTube
  • Clicking on the scrolling bar of confections at the top of the site produces various sound effects.
  • It's interesting to note that Caliborn's reaction doesn't change even if no button-mashing is performed, leaving the inhabitants of the bizarre zone Jane enters entirely unchanged. Which may actually be more unsettling than if she changes everything she encounters.
  • The music used is KazoostuckMspa icon.png by Toby Radiation Fox (not yet released)

==>HS.svg Page 5721

  • A red flashing outline of Jane appears next to Jake. The reader is instructed to "deploy the Crocker" by placing her within the outline and clicking.
  • When this is accomplished, Jane kicks Jake in the groin and sends him flying out of his shoes.
  • YouTube
  • Despite the lack of an [S], there is in fact sound on the page.

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 5723

  • Jane appears with her mustache and a magnifying glass, next to an animation of Jake twerking and booty shaking in Trickster Mode, which can be viewed clearly by zooming in.
  • The reader must click on the magnifying glass,and then the small animation 11 times. The first ten clicks prompt different sentences,and the 11th click shows Jake in Trickster Mode.
  • YouTube
  • The music used is Trickster ModeMspa icon.png (not yet released)

==>HS.svg Page 5732

  • Jake slowly looks around as his eyes turn into the red and green spiral.

==>HS.svg Page 5733

  • Jane floats directly in front of Roxy. Jane's eyes are now also spirals.

==>HS.svg Page 5734

  • A close-up of Jane's eyes from the previous scene.

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 5737

  • Roxy engages Trickster Mode and dances just offscreen. Jake, Jane, Erisolsprite and the Courtyard Droll watch; Jake is holding a large vaudevillian shepherd's crook and has hooked Roxy with it.
  • The reader is instructed to help Jake tug Roxy back onscreen by pressing the left and right arrow keys repeatedly. Each alternate left-right press counts as one "tug" of the crook.
  • When the reader has tugged 111 times, Roxy is pulled onscreen and Erisolsprite and the Droll are knocked over.
  • YouTube
  • The music used is Trickster ModeMspa icon.png (not yet released)

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 5756

  • The other three kids urge Dirk to dance and he begrudgingly complies by sidling off towards screen right.
  • Gamzee and CD dance in the midground
  • Arquiusprite and Erisolsprite argue over Fefetasprite
  • The right arrow key must be pressed 1,111 times.
    • Alternatively, you can also just hold down the arrow key.
  • Once this is accomplished, you are asked if you want to play again. The options are "no" and "fuck no", but mousing over them replaces them both with a large "yes" button that restarts the Flash when clicked.
  • YouTube
  • The music used is Trickster ModeMspa icon.png (not yet released)

[S] Tricksters: Alchemize.HS.svg Page 5760

  • A zoom in to the tricksters running around the Alchemiter.
  • A conksuck boot hangs off the Alchemiter and krigklefucker rests in the center of it.
  • The four tricksters endlessly continue to run around the Alchemiter.
  • Arquiusprite and Erisolsprite float together to the far aright. Gamzee, Droll, Sawtooth, and Squarewave stand around the Alchemiter.
  • "OH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!OH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!"... scrolls endlessly at the bottom of the flash.
  • YouTube
  • Eerie Christmas music plays.

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 5761

  • A map is shown of seven continents, each marked with a blinking "Z?". A green-and-red spiral compass rose spins in the bottom right corner, and a pink sea monster swims next to one of the continents.
  • Once the background music finishes playing, a gleeful Caliborn appears on screen with the caption WORLDBUILDING.
  • YouTube
  • The music used is Warhammer of Zillyhoo ♫ by Michael Guy Bowman (with some extra sounds thrown in).

[S] WHEEEEEEEEEEE!HS.svg Page 5773

  • The kids squirm about in their pile of Zilly Santas with some of the 7 legendary weapons visible.
  • YouTube
  • The same eerie Christmas music plays, slightly more distorted.

[S] HA HA HA! HE HE HE! HO HO HO!HS.svg Page 5774

  • The scene zooms in endlessly for a few minutes on the face of one of the Zilly Santas.
  • It changes colors continuously as it zooms in.
  • Its pupils are the Calliope/Caliborn swirl.
  • Its left eye is green the entire time, and its right eye is red the entire time.
  • The flash finally ends with a large honk sound, and a back arrow appears with the text "the end" on it.
  • YouTube
  • The same eerie Christmas song plays yet again, this time far more distorted.

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 5 Act 1 x2[edit | edit source]

[FUCK YOU!] ==>HS.svg Page 5777

  • Caliborn hits the website with the crowbar once again in frustration with Hussie.
  • Jane is visibly irritated by the development.
  • Oddly enough, the juju falls out of not only jane's hands, but out of the panel itself.
  • Hussie can be seen riding Skyhorse at the bottom.
  • An unmutable crowbar hitting sound plays repeatedly.
  • This page did not have the normal URL as it simply said 007680/ as opposed to ?s=6&p=007680. Using that format did however redirect to the flash.
  • Aside from the next page link, none of the other ones are clickable, including the go back link.

[S] Caliborn + Gamzee: Engage.HS.svg Page 5784

  • Caliborn and Gamzee prepare to turn their keys. A short countdown from 3 is displayed. When it ends, they turn the keys simultaneously.
  • After a brief flash of light, two monitors are activated on the tower and begin to loudly hum. The one on the left shows the Heart and Void symbols, and the one on the right shows the Hope and Life symbols.
    • Interestingly, the monitor for the Prospit dreamer kids is on the same side as Caliborn (a Derse dreamer) and the monitor for the Derse dreamer kids is on the same side as Gamzee (a Prospit dreamer)
  • YouTube

Homestuck: Act 6 Intermission 5[edit | edit source]


  • Aradia, Tavros, Sollux, Nepeta, Vriska, Aranea, Meenah, and John are on Vriska's pirate ship in the dream bubbles.
  • Meenah goes to the bathroom as Sollux falls down the stairs. Meanwhile everybody else except for John starts playing Elevatorstuck ♫ arranged by Joren "Tensei" de Bruin from Clark Powell's "Homestuck Anthem".
  • YouTube

[S][A6I5] ==>HS.svg Page 5994

  • Deep inside the Earth's core, Caliborn is offered The Choice by Yaldabaoth.
  • YouTube
  • Foley by Toby "Radiation" Fox

[A6I5] ==>HS.svg Page 6028

  • John runs over to the other group of trolls.
  • Clicking the back button causes the word "why" to appear instead of replaying the animation.

[A6I5] ==>HS.svg Page 6043

  • Feferi and Nepeta fly away bringing Sollux with them.
  • Attempting to click the back button causes the button to jump around the screen while changing its dimensions and orientations before eventually becoming Nicolas Cage's face. Clicking his face causes him to exclaim "boner" and resets the back button to its starting position.


  • Kurloz picks up Vriska's pirate coat in his miracle modus sylladex and leaves.
  • Clicking the back arrow causes a multitude to appear on the screen, most of which honk and one of which (in the top left corner) actually restarts the Flash.
  • YouTube
  • The song used is Blackest Heart (With Honks) ♫ by Mark Hadley

[S][A6I5] ==>HS.svg Page 6070

  • John runs over to Vriska and Aranea, who are standing on the sun-shaped platform representing Yaldabaoth's head, and jumps onto it as it begins to descend. Meenah and Aradia float down and join them while the platform starts to lose its color. When it is completely gray, it stops and a stone pedestal ascends from the platform's center; atop it is a red chest.
  • Clicking the back button causes another one to appear, and clicking on those causes even more to appear in increasingly elaborate designs until they are replaced with 16 Nicolas Cage heads. Clicking on any of them makes a giant distorted picture of Cage appear while a pitched-down version of the "boner" sound clip plays. A new back button appears in the usual location and actually replays the Flash when clicked.
  • YouTube

[A6I5] SS: Everybody in.HS.svg Page 6137

  • The members of the Felt (and Aurthour) go inside Biscuits' oven.

[A6I5I6] ==>HS.svg Page 6201

  • Cans punches John out of the panel.

[A6I5I6] ==>HS.svg Page 6202

  • The panel is totally empty except for the link to the next page and John, who acts as the reader's mouse cursor.

[S][A6I5] ==>HS.svg Page 6228

  • In a callback to the opening of Act 6 Act 5, John sits atop the stone slab with the fourth wall. He thinks about Rose, Dave, and the trolls (though he only remembers Karkat at the moment) and lets out the deepest sigh of all. Erisolsprite briefly flips him off and leaves.
  • John begins to perform a number of activities:
    • Playing solitare (during which he forms a four-ace-three with the cards)
    • Opening a bag of Fruit Gushers
    • Ironing his pants
    • Riding the Green Slime Ghost Pogo with a can of shaving cream in each hand
    • Watching Con Air
    • Making a Sburb logo-shaped house of cards
  • After completing the house of cards, he stands triumphant atop the slab. Suddenly, Rose, Dave, the trolls (sans Gamzee) and WV are teleported next to him and land on the ground, causing the house of cards to fall down.
  • YouTube
  • The music used is A Taste for Adventure ♫ by Seth "Beatfox" Peelle.

==>HS.svg Page 6234

  • Disc 2 ends and is removed.

==>HS.svg Page 6235

  • Caliborn stomps on the Homestuck Disc display.

Insert disc three.HS.svg Page 6236

  • DISC THREE is inserted from Caliborn's sylladex.
  • It resembles his "drawing" of Jane.

==>HS.svg Page 6237

  • It stops spinning, and the text reads "THERE IS NO DISC THREE YOU ASSHOLE."

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 6[edit | edit source]

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 6 Act 1[edit | edit source]

[S] ACT 6 ACT 6HS.svg Page 6240

  • Caliborn performs a melody over the demo (a remix of Homestuck Anthem) on an electric piano with multiple terrible sound effects, among them the Wilhelm scream. At the end he holds the applause key for an extended period of time.
  • Trying to go to the next page prompts the messages PLEASE WAIT UNTIL PERFORMANCE IS OVER. and VERY RUDE., alternatingly.
  • Clicking during the applause prompts the message HOLD FOR APPLAUSE.
  • At the end, the ==> becomes BEGIN HOMOSUCK.
  • The music used is Homosuck AnthemMspa icon.png by Toby Radiation Fox (not yet released)

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 1[edit | edit source]

[S] ACT 6 ACT 6 INTERMISSION 1HS.svg Page 6275

[A6A6I1] ====>HS.svg Page 6276

  • The glitched B2 Incipisphere is shown, with the beta kids' planets highlighted.
  • Clicking on the individual beta kids' planets will link to a brief pesterlog for each one.

[A6A6I1] ====>HS.svg Page 6281

  • The glitched B2 version of Derse is shown, with a character selection screen for Jane and Jade.

[A6A6I1] ====>HS.svg Page 6296

  • Another character selection screen, with LOLAR, LOHAC and LOFAF.
  • A silhouette of John is shown with a question mark.

[A6A6I1] ====>HS.svg Page 6378

  • A glitchy character select screen is shown, with Dave and Jade armed and facing each other on LOHAC, Kanaya confronting Jane on LOFAF, and Rose and Terezi on LOLAR staring at something in the distance. Only the first option is actually clickable.
  • Note - there are a few more nearly identical select screen pages, each with a different caption:
    • [A6A6I1] ====>HS.svg Page 6393
      • This time only the second option is actually clickable.
    • [A6A6I1] ====>HS.svg Page 6497
      • Once again, only the first option is clickable.
    • [A6A6I1] ====>HS.svg Page 6401
      • This time, only the last option is clickable.
    • [A6A6I1] ====>HS.svg Page 6412
      • This time, yet again only the first option option is clickable.
      • Leprechaun romance: special extended edition.

[S][A6A6I1] ====>HS.svg Page 6396

  • In a callback to the end of Myststuck, Jane is standing on top of her refrigerator and selling Kanaya troll blood at the steep price of 420 million boondollars each.
  • The music used is "Elevatorstuck" arranged by Joren "Tensei" de Bruin from Clark Powell's "Homestuck Anthem"

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 2[edit | edit source]

[S][A6A6I2] ====>HS.svg Page 6548

  • Aranea's shellphone starts ringing and vibrating around on the floor of the Prospitian Battleship.
  • YouTube
  • The music used is Fuchsia Ruler ♫

[S][A6A6I2] ====>HS.svg Page 6648

  • Doc Scratch's clock ticks between Heroic and Just with Jade's Space symbol displayed. It seems to be about to land in the middle, but Aranea's eye and the Light symbol suddenly appear on the clock face and the pendulum rapidly swings over to Just. Lucky 8r8k!!!!!!!!

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 6 Act 3[edit | edit source]

[S] GAME OVER.HS.svg Page 6897

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 3[edit | edit source]

[S] GAME OVER.HS.svg Page 6897

[A6A6I3] ====>HS.svg Page 6916

  • The crudely-drawn curtains close on Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 3, as well as John's bewildered face, rather smoothly.
  • Instead of a back button, Caliborn's face appears in the lower left corner. It is not clickable.
  • YouTube

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 6 Act 4[edit | edit source]

[S] BYE FOREVER, ALMOST.HS.svg Page 6939

  • The end of act curtains slowly fly in to cover the small central panel of Caliborn on his Cal Coins pile.
  • YouTube
  • The music is a softly played Warhammer of Zillyhoo ♫ by Michael Guy Bowman, with a loud honk at the end.

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 4[edit | edit source]

[S][A6A6I4] ====>HS.svg Page 7082

  • Typheus speaks to John on LOWAS, his face obscured by glitches, his voice obscured by auditory glitches.
  • Foley by Toby "Radiation" Fox

[S][A6A6I4] ====>HS.svg Page 7094

  • John begins to play Pipeorgankind ♫ (by James Roach), and the clouds part. Massive gusts of wind cover his entire planet, more so than when he initially did the windy thing three years ago, and suddenly at the end the Act 6 Act 6 cartridge is ejected and cleared of the stardust.
  • YouTube

[S][A6A6I4] ====>HS.svg Page 7096

  • Fireflies are floating around on the site, outside of the actual Flash borders.
  • LOWAS fades into view, now completely free of all clouds.
  • A Myststuck-style walkaround begins, and John traverses LOWAS.
  • Interestingly, the first scene shows Typheus's palace in the far distance, with John walking towards it.
  • John walks past a number of locations, including an empty salamander village (the very one he saved from immolation three years prior), his Dad's car, and the temple his Dad and Grandpa Harley entered when traveling to the Veil.
  • Eventually, John appears to be heading towards his house.
  • He comes across Roxy in his path, who only says sup.
  • YouTube
  • The Flash is accompanied only by the sound of wind.

[S][A6A6I4] ====>HS.svg Page 7097

[A6A6I4] ====>HS.svg Page 7121

  • John flies away from LOWAS, zapping himself somewhere as he flies.
  • The entire area of the Flash fades to white.
  • YouTube

[S][A6A6I4] ====>HS.svg Page 7401

  • The flash plays out in a similar style to the DOTA Flash: it's an interactive click-to-proceed set of panels, where Jade reveals that Vriska was apparently present on the meteor, and put Jade to sleep when she landed.
  • YouTube
  • The url on the original site was "shes8ack"
  • The music is "Not a creature was stirring", by Alex Rosetti.

[A6A6I4] ====>HS.svg Page 7404

  • The curtains close on Vriska's grinning face, slowly, gradually, blurry.
  • Vriska's face appears in the corner at the end, like Caliborn's did at the end of A6A6I3. Again, it is not clickable.
  • YouTube

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 6 Act 5[edit | edit source]

[S] ACT 6 ACT 6 ACT 5HS.svg Page 7405

  • Reminiscent of the beginning of Act 6, the Homosuck curtains fade to photographic paper-cut curtains.
  • We zoom in on Caliborn's recreation of the dream bubble stage from above. The spiral is drawn, and purple instead of yellow, as well as swirling in the opposite direction of the one in Calliope's dream bubble.
  • Discordant piano keys are struck as we slowly zoom in on the stage, a three-dimensional papercrafted object.
  • Attempting to click the volume button to mute/lower the volume will fail to work - the button will simply be replaced with Caliborn's laughing face icon from the start of A6A6, and will not go away unless the page is refreshed or revisited. The replay button is also replaced by the icon, but this will function when clicked.
  • YouTube
  • The music is "Homosuck Swan Song" by Toby "Radiation" Fox.

The remaining A6A6A5 Flash animations are short claymation clips made to look like Vines. They all take place on the aforementioned stage, they are all short repeating clips, they all pause when clicked on, they all have a sound button that is muted by default in the "upper left corner", and they all have the Homosuck theme softly playing in the background.


  • We zoom into the stage as Caliborn and his Juju chest appear on it.
  • YouTube


  • On the stage, Caliborn's eyes flash like Lord English's, and his Juju chest moves around slightly.
  • Some manner of fumbling background noises are heard.
  • YouTube

LET US BEGIN.HS.svg Page 7408

  • Gamzee enters from behind the left curtain, Lil Seb enters from in front of the right curtain, and Caliborn drags Lil Cal onto the stage from behind the right curtain, placing him on top of the Juju chest.
  • YouTube



  • A close up of Caliborn, with his eyes flashing rapidly.
  • YouTube


  • Caliborn, Lil Cal, and Lil Seb are gathered around the Juju chest as the frame pans slowly to the right.
  • YouTube


  • The frame slowly pans to the left as Caliborn shows off his Ring of Void. Gamzee is in the background.
  • YouTube


  • Caliborn appears to hit Gamzee, then Lil Seb (who is dancing atop the Juju chest but promptly jumps down), then Lil Cal (who is sitting on the edge of the stage), then knocks over Gamzee before standing atop the Juju chest himself. Lil Seb appears to come to Gamzee's aid.
  • Grunting and "hitting" noises can be heard.
  • YouTube

WHEN SUDDENLY.HS.svg Page 7414

  • Lil Cal is sitting on the upper frame of the stage, and Gamzee and Lil Seb stand on either side of Caliborn, who is still on top of the Juju chest.
  • On the other side of the stage, eight figures zap in, apparently via John's retcon powers. They appear to be Jane, Roxy, Jake, Dirk, Rose, Dave, Jade, and John, in that order, with John closest to Caliborn.
  • "Zapping" and mumbling sounds are heard.
  • YouTube

BUT THEN.HS.svg Page 7415

  • An extreme close up zooms in on Caliborn's laughing face, which sports a fanged grin. His eyes are flashing, and his cheek marks are actually shown in this one.
  • YouTube


  • Lil Cal is out of the frame. The other 11 figures move around rapidly, mostly in place, and Lil Seb appears to be leaving the stage the same way he came in.
  • Subtle "fighting" sounds are heard.
  • YouTube


  • Caliborn dismounts from and opens his red Juju chest, and the Sburb logo shaped Juju rises out of it, colored solid white.
  • Gamzee moves to the left as this happens, just behind John.
  • YouTube


  • The Juju appears to be sucking Rose, Dave, Jade, and John inside of it, as the frame slowly zooms in. Everyone else moves around in place.
  • "Sucking" sound effects.
  • YouTube


  • The four beta kids are no longer on stage, leaving the Juju floating in the air and everyone else standing "still".
  • Fumbling sounds.
  • YouTube


  • A close up of Gamzee and Caliborn staring up at the Juju, which is now glowing.
  • Some whispered noise is made.
  • YouTube


  • As everyone else watches, the Juju is lowered into the chest, and then Caliborn (with Ring of Void in hand) hits the chest repeatedly until it disappears.
  • Grumbling and hitting noises.
  • YouTube


  • The frame zooms in and out on Lil Cal, who is still sitting atop the curtain rig.
  • Fumbling and grumbling noises.
  • YouTube


  • Caliborn fights the four B2 kids. YOU CAN'T EVEN FOLLOW WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH YOUR EYES! This ends with all four of them on the ground (Jake even falling off the stage), and Caliborn left standing center stage.
  • Gamzee has apparently been cut in half off-screen. It's unclear whether this necessarily reflects actual events.
  • Fighting sounds.
  • YouTube


  • Caliborn repeatedly jumps on top of Dirk and Jane.
  • Fighting sounds.
  • YouTube

SO.HS.svg Page 7425

  • Caliborn repeatedly jumps on top of Roxy and Jake.
  • Fighting sounds.
  • YouTube


  • Slow zoom-ins are shown of Jake, Roxy, Jane, and then Dirk, who is standing again and facing Caliborn.
  • Fumbling sounds.
  • YouTube


  • The frame zooms in and out as Dirk and Caliborn knock each other back and forth across the stage.
  • Fighting sounds.
  • YouTube


  • Caliborn jumps on top of Dirk repeatedly, as Jake is standing behind him.
  • Fighting and grunting sounds.
  • YouTube

AND BY UPSET.HS.svg Page 7429

  • The frame slowly zooms in down and to the left, on Jake, who is floating in the air with a Hope aura surrounding him. Caliborn watches on, apparently shaking.
  • Magical aura sounds?
  • YouTube

THE HOPE... MY GOD.HS.svg Page 7430

  • Jake's Hope aura consumes the entire stage, leaving Dirk, Roxy, and Gamzee barely visible in the foreground. Caliborn is thrown around in the air amidst Jake's aura.
  • More magical aura sounds.
  • YouTube


  • An extreme closeup of Caliborn and Jake thrashing about in midair.
  • Magical aura and blast sounds.
  • YouTube


  • The Hope aura is now overflowing far past the reaches of the stage, and Caliborn is then shown being thrown about in midair.
  • Lil Cal is no longer atop the stage.
  • Blasting and grunting sounds.
  • YouTube


  • Caliborn lays still on the ground as the frame zooms in on him slowly.
  • Whispering sounds.
  • YouTube


  • The stage is shown again, Jake lying back down, Roxy and Lil Cal thrown off the edges. Dirk is standing again, wobbling, and Caliborn is lying on the ground, sitting up slightly, looking at him.
  • Fumbling sounds.
  • YouTube

SO I GET UP. AND...HS.svg Page 7435

  • Three white horses are now on the stage, Dirk is standing still, and Caliborn has stood up and is wobbling.
  • Fumbling sounds.
  • YouTube

SO BASICALLY.HS.svg Page 7436

  • Roxy has fallen over more, and Jake is now standing up as well, next to Dirk. The horses are now painted a metallic color.
  • Caliborn continues to sway back and forth, and Arquiusprite sneaks up behind him, behind the right curtain.
  • YouTube


  • Roxy is back on the stage, and both her and Jane are now standing up again as well.
  • Arquiusprite has his arms wrapped around Caliborn, who is violently struggling, as the fram rapidly zooms in on them.
  • Grunting and struggling sounds.
  • YouTube


  • Lil Cal is now sitting back up, right next to Roxy.
  • Dirk shakes back and forth violently as Heart lightning branches out towards Caliborn and Arquiusprite.
  • Magical lightning sounds.
  • YouTube


  • Lil Cal is now in front of Dirk, and Caliborn, Arquiusprite, and the half of Gamzee atop the stage are being twisted up into Cal's face.
  • Magical power sounds.
  • YouTube

AT THIS POINT.HS.svg Page 7440

  • The frame zooms in on the four alpha kids standing around Lil Cal in the front center of the stage. Roxy is leaning back and forth, and Lil Cal disappears.
  • YouTube


  • The frame zooms out and fades out from the stage as it zooms in and fades in to an extreme close up of an image of Lil Cal's eye.
  • Creepy laughter sounds.
  • YouTube

[S] MSPA Reader: Mental breakdown.HS.svg Page 7444

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 5[edit | edit source]

[S] ACT 6 ACT 6 INTERMISSION 5HS.svg Page 7445

  • As Vriska starts the record anew on another song, she recounts the events of the new alpha timeline meteor trip on her computer through a Vriska-themed parody of Instagram: Vriskagram. In order, it depicts the following:
    • Sollux and Aradia propelling the meteor as they did in the last timeline, staying behind, as Vriska and everyone else waves them off while Gamzee is still gagged and bound.
    • Feferi reviving WV, except now with Vriska sipping what is apparently a Hawaiian drink out of a broken 8 ball, sitting in a lawn chair, fanned by Gamzee, who has an 8 ball ball-and-chain on his leg.
    • Karkat and Dave playing hopscotch with WV.
    • Terezi rejecting Gamzee's advances and pushing him so he tumbles over a crouched Vriska. The two scourge sisters walk away, arms around each other's shoulders.
    • As Rose is reading to Kanaya from a book about romantic quadrants, Vriska shows up, and Kanaya makes room for her on the couch. She eagerly joins in, though the couple still seem awkward around her.
    • Karkat, Dave, and WV run around in a circle, and Terezi and Vriska watch from afar and laugh at them.
    • Karkat and Dave appear to be mixing songs, while Rose sits at the same table drinking alcohol. Vriska shows up and slaps the drink out of her hand, and Kanaya enters the room shortly after her.
    • Dave has fallen asleep on Karkat's leg while the two of them were watching (human) Dane Cook in Good Luck Chuck, and Karkat puts his arm gently on the sleeping Dave.
    • Terezi chats eagerly with Kankri while Vriska and Latula boredly stand by.
    • Dave, Karkat, WV, Damara, and Rufioh appear to be playing Fiduspawn in what looks like (a dream bubble memory of) Terezi's room.
    • Gamzee complains to Kurloz about Vriska, with Meulin closeby, and Cronus nudging Mituna in the background.
    • Horuss rides in the background on one of a herd of metalhoofs, while Rose and Porrim pet one in the foreground, whom Kanaya is feeding metal apples.
    • The newly revived Vriska looks on in shock at the old timeline "punk" Vriska, standing with Meenah in the dream bubbles.
    • Vriska has taken the place of Gamzee as the B2 kids' "guide" - she prototyped Jane's sprite with just Tavros, and the Flash ends on her appearing behind Dirk, Equius's head under her arm, pointing at his sprite. Dirk looks uneasy.
  • YouTube
  • Music is Moonsetter ♫ by Toby "Radiation" Fox featuring Samm Neiland on viola and Clark Powell on cello.
  • Art contributions from Xamag, Adrienne Garcia, Ikimaru, Rennie Kingsley, and J.N. Wiedle.

[A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7482

  • Terezi, Vriska, Arquiusprite, Jane, Kanaya, Rose, Roxy, WV, Karkat, Dave, John, Jade, Jake, and Tavrosprite are gathered at the B2 victory platform. This is a character select screen which gives you eight conversational options to choose from, as evidenced by the flashing CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTERS!:
    • John/Dave/Karkat
    • Rose/Roxy/Kanaya
    • Tavrosprite/Jake/Vriska
    • Terezi/Vriska
    • Roxy/Dave/Rose
    • Kanaya/Karkat/Vriska
    • Arquiusprite/Vriska/Terezi/Dave
    • John/Jake
  • When you hover over a given option, bobbing orange arrows appear over the heads of the primary characters involved in the conversation.

[S][A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7631

  • A long, scrollable panel shows Echidna in the white dream bubble area Jade and the Calliopes had just left.
  • Her tail fades away at the right end as a pathway fades in. This pathway leads through a crystalline doorway.
  • On the other side we see Echidna's lair on LOFAF, her long, serpentine body arching through the magma.
  • Karkat and Kanaya are at the rightmost edge of the panel, still walking along the long, rocky pathway.
  • Foley by Toby "Radiation" Fox
  • Art by Rah-Bop

[A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7668

  • A fake "character select screen" (CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTERS!) with ten conversational options, fractally reflected into the center, where the MSPA Reader stares dumbfounded. None of the options are clickable, but scrolling over them changes the display to the respective characters' symbols behind the options. From left to right, top to bottom, these options are:
    • Dirk/Dave (with a flashing green border)
    • Rose/Roxy/John/Calliope/Jane/Terezi
    • Vriska/Meenah
    • Roxy/Calliope
    • Terezi/Rose/John/Jane
    • Roxy
    • Jasprosesprite^2/Jane
    • Roxy/Calliope
    • Dirk/Dave
    • Roxy/Kanaya
  • This sequence of conversations proceeds forward with more character select screen pages imitating the first. Previously clicked options are outlined in red, and the rollover graphic for each is replaced with an image of the conversationalists in the center square, which changes on each new "select screen". The next/current option is outlined in the same flashing green as Dirk/Dave in the first Flash:
    • [A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7677
      • The Dave and Dirk option shows them sitting on the rooftop on LOTAK.
    • [A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7682
      • Dave and Dirk have both moved to opposite edges of the rooftop.
      • Terezi, John, Jane, and Rose stand on the left side of the victory platform, and Roxy and Calliope stand off to the right.
    • [A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7689
      • Dave is now lying down.
      • Terezi has sat down, and she, John, Jane, and Rose discuss Jane and Jade's trollsonas, as well as Roxy and Calliope. Roxy and Calliope discuss Alternate Calliope and the Ring of Life.
      • Meenah stands aside awkwardly as the two Vriskas stand off in crab stances.
    • [A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7692
      • Dirk walks over to Dave. Dave has turned over to face away, but is still lying down.
      • Terezi, John, Jane, and Rose discuss Jasprose, Kanaya, Harry Anderson, and John<3<Terezi. Roxy and Calliope discuss the matriorb.
      • While the Vriskas fight, Meenah thinks about swimming with dolphins.
      • Roxy and Calliope are sitting down, and think about Void and Space respectively.
    • [A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7696
      • Dave has apparently dodged Dirk, and pulled out the purple crab laptop.
      • Terezi, Jane, Rose and John walk over to Roxy and Calliope.
      • Meenah envisions herself in possession of mountains of gold and treasure.
      • Roxy is floating and glowing with a Voidey aura, and Calliope looks surprised.
      • The other four look on, and John thinks about Roxy.
    • [A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7709
      • Dirk is now lying down.
      • Jasprosesprite^2 comes out of a fenestrated plane upside down. Calliope and Roxy are gone.
      • Meenah fantasizes about being carried on a gilded clam seat by two Kurlozes.
      • Roxy flies away from the victory platform with Calliope and the matriorb in tow.
      • Jane stares at Jasprose, and Rose is frustrated by her appearing.
      • Roxy and Calliope continue flying away.
    • [A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7721
      • Dirk has turned over, and Dave has put away the laptop and walked away from Dirk.
      • Terezi<3<John and Rose<3<Jasprosesprite^2.
      • Meenah pictures herself kissing a gold statue of herself.
      • A zoomed out view of the victory platform.
      • John and Terezi shit T4LK each other, with a disgruntled Rose between them.
      • Roxy and Calliope are flying above LOFAF.
      • Jane and Nannasprite sit in front of the Hemera statue.
    • [A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7729
      • Dirk and Dave are sitting down next to each other once more.
      • Terezi and John have sat down, talking about Dave, Karkat, the green witness scalemate, Vriska, and Gamzee. Rose has moved away from them to lay down and grumble about how much she hates Jasprosesprite^2.
      • Meenah conjures an image of herself standing on the bow of a gold-lined fuchsia cruise liner, with white dolphins swimming alongside it.
      • A zoomed out view of the victory platform.
      • Rose happily fantasizes about smothering Jasprosesprite^2 with her purple pillow, while John and Terezi do their thing in the background.
      • Roxy flies above a body of water on LOFAF.
      • Jasprosesprite^2 is seen above LOMAX.
      • Calliope enters the doorway of Jade's house, where WV is in the foreground looking at her.
    • [A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7762
      • Dirk and Dave discuss their respective brothers.
      • Terezi and John have both fallen over, each saying something about the other. Rose sits up and inquires, presumably about the situation.
      • Meenah daydreams about the Condesce, or herself in Condesce attire, happily holding Lord English's skull as she swims underwater.
      • A zoomed out view of the victory platform.
      • Rose looks on at John and Terezi as they fuh and BLUH
      • Roxy is in the air above Kanaya, and an iguana is in the trees behind her.
      • Jasprosesprite^2 fawns over thoughts of Nepeta.
      • Calliope sees Jade asleep in front of her fireplace, and WV sitting next to her, waving.
      • Dave and Dirk cry with laughter over recounting stories of their guardians.

[A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7800

  • A clickable, functional select screen with sprites of Jane and Jake, above images of their respective planets. Scrolling over the options shows the Life and Hope symbols, respectively.

[S][A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7819

[A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7905

  • The eight kids' planets orbit around Skaia as they deposit their grist hoards into it, and Skaia glows brightly.
  • YouTube

[S][A6A6I5] ====>HS.svg Page 7921

  • Arquiusprite and Davepetasprite^2 make it HAPEN: they engage in a thoroughly satisfying bro hug bump.
  • Several flavor shots are thrown into the mix, including robotic Maplehoofs, crows, and cats running through the [S] Ride field; a SBAHJ-style crow; Hella Jeff playing guitar; and Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff engaging in their own bro hug bump, the one that started it all.
  • This is the greatest moment in Homestuck history.
  • It's all been worth it. It has all paid off.
  • You need to take a selfie of yourself posing next to the page displayed on your computer and post it, or Hussie will delete MSPA.
  • YouTube
  • The embrace was painstakingly depicted by ipgd.
  • The music used, Horsecatska, was artfully crafted by James Roach.

[S] Terezi: Remem8erHS.svg Page 7952

  • Terezi uses her Seer of Mind powers to see the fates of several dead characters, starting with (Vriska), whom the Flash follows closely.
  • (Vriska) walks along a vast dotted line (the panel having bent into the shape of one of these dashes as she walked), similar to the paths she drew herselfHS.svg on the Furthest Ring maps. While she's walking, she remembers her childhood with Terezi, especially FLARPing.
  • Pre-Retcon Terezi rises out of her chalk outline, realizing she's a ghost now. Other GAME OVER ghosts, specifically Dave, Jade, Jake, and Jane, have the same revelation.
  • Terezi is now walking along the same dotted line.
  • Eridan "wakes up" after his death, meeting alive Aradia, half-dead Sollux, and ghost Feferi. Equius awakens as well, reuniting with Nepeta.
  • Scenes of several other past character deaths are shown, as the Furthest Ring is torn apart with more and more cracks.
  • Terezi and (Vriska)'s paths meet in the middle, and the two of them hold hands and then embrace as they stare up happily at the cracks in the Ring.
  • YouTube
  • The music used is Do You Remem8er Me ♫ by Malcolm Brown.
  • The art was contributed by Adrienne Garcia, Ikimaru, Guzusuru, Shelby Cragg, and Rah-Bop.

Homestuck: Act 6 Act 6 Act 6[edit | edit source]

[S] Collide.HS.svg Page 8080

  • See Collide for a full transcription of the events that took place.
  • YouTube
  • The single longest animation in Homestuck.
  • Presumably to avoid an incident like that resulting from the publication of [S] Cascade, the Flash was rendered out as a video and hosted on YouTube.

Homestuck: Act 7[edit | edit source]

[S] ACT 7HS.svg Page 8120

  • See Act 7 for a full transcription of the events that took place.
  • YouTube
  • ACT 7 is the third longest animation in Homestuck. Contrary to previous pages, ACT 7 consists of traditional hand-drawn animation, by What Pumpkin artist Angela Sham, Ani Roschier, and Jeffrey Lai.
  • The music used is an extended version of Overture ♫ by Clark Powell.
  • Similar to [S] Collide, [S] Act 7 is also hosted in YouTube.

[S] ==>HS.svg Page 8122

  • A short Myststuck-style linear walkaround. It starts at the "Thanks for Playing" sun and pan down to John's house, surrounded by Salamander huts from LOWAS. The viewer moves through the house to John's room, which has a new signed SBaHJ poster. A phone sits on the bed, buzzing with a notification from the MSPA official Snapchat. Clicking on the phone leads to the CreditsHS.svg.
  • YouTube

Homestuck^2[edit | edit source]

[S] ==>HS2.svg Page 164

  • A short looping animation showing the "tick tock" of the god tier resurrection clock. The panel remains entirely black save for the onomatopoeia.
  • This page is the first non-walkaround to be built entirely in HTML5 rather than Flash.

[S] (Gaze.)HS2.svg Page 282

  • Ominous sound effects play as Sollux gazes upon the black wormhole to the Meat timeline.
  • The panel slowly zooms out until the wormhole disappears with an anticlimactic "Pop!"
  • This animation appears to be made in JavaScript, though the perspective of a more experienced wiki editor may be needed to verify whether this is accurate.

Extras[edit | edit source]

[S] Ride.Maplehoof Logo.png (Rose)

  • Wear the scarf, Rose. Be the rider. Is it canon? Don't know. Does it matter? NEIGH
  • Storyboard
  • The song in this Flash is Pony Chorale by Michael Guy Bowman

Punch Card Calculator

  • Linked in Rose's Gamefaqs entryHS.svg up to the change to, was hosted in Gankra's website until being moved to MSPA in 2011.
  • Players could create a Sylladex card with an image from the internet and its captcha code with the card's hole pattern.

[S] Cage: Reveal plan.HS.svg

  • Nicolas Cage recites a line from Snake Eyes while his voice distorts, his face turns green, and bizarre music plays. It is unknown whether this has any relevance at all, considering the reason it was created: At first, Hussie asked Toby "Radiation" Fox to make the song for the first Flash, mimicking Hardlyquin. But he slipped in 2 minutes of silence followed by the "Cage's boner clip", tempting Hussie to make this Flash.
    • Boner
  • The last 25 seconds of Frustracean contains the line from the Flash. The first part of the song itself was used for the preceding Flash.HS.svg
  • This is different from the other bonus Flashes in that it plays within the same panel when clicked, instead of opening in a new tab.

[S] Ride.Maplehoof Logo.png (Roxy)

  • Tiny Maplehoof gallops by Roxy as she watches on, far too large to ride such a miniature pony. NEIGH
  • Is the shot of Jane and Roxy hugging while Tiny Maplehoof eats cotton candy meaningful, or just a reference to the fanbase? You decide!
  • The song in this Flash is also Pony Chorale by Michael Guy Bowman

[S] Wait, what am I supposed to do with this bunny again?HS.svg

  • A horribly distorted version of "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" plays with an image of Nicolas Cage in Con Air. Cage then turns red, before being replaced by a photograph of Andrew Hussie and music team member Toby "Radiation" Fox, both wearing fake glasses, and Radiation giving the middle finger.
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