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Bard Quest features several locations that the bard visits as part of his mission.

Meat shop[]

A store run by the butcher. The bard visitsMspa icon the shop to order five bratwurst, but the butcher mistakes it for an order for five dildos and throws him out, citing the king's ban on homosexuality.

Cod Palace[]

Cod palace

A codpiece shop owned and run by the codsmith. The store sells a wide variety of codpieces, including the prized Hull of the Flagship, making the bard feel like "a kid in a candy store, and instead of candy, the kid finds a lot of cod pieces instead!Mspa icon"

Behind the Cod Palace is an alley with a dumpster. Flothers and Daunchy live in this alley prior to becoming the bard's servants.

Caverns of Harold[]


Daunchy suggestsMspa icon the caverns of Harold as a possible site for dragon hunting. The bard, believing that Daunchy just made up the caverns' existence, angrily beats him to death before noticing that the cavern entrance is right next to their current location. He considers going inside them at some point in the future.

Swamp of mystery[]


A moist and smelly swamp that is home to the swamp wizard. The bard and his servants visit itMspa icon after Flothers suggests that they look for dragons there.

The swamp of mystery makes a cameo appearance in Problem Sleuth: near the end of Ace Dick's Game of Life, he despondently trudges through the swampPS icon, with the Bard Quest characters visible in the background and a link to the appropriate page provided in the text.