Your son of lumber.

Logorg is a minor character in Jailbreak. It was built by one of the Prisoners out of parts from a broken ladder.

Logorg's creator attempts to use it to batter down a locked door. This plan hits a minor snag because Logorg has no moving parts. In fact, it is not a sentient being at all!


Drillgorg rises from destruction.

Logorg is reduced to splinters when a drill falls out of the sky and lands on it. Undaunted, the Prisoner proceeds to rebuild it, incorporating the drill into its design, creating Drillgorg. Like its predecessor, Drillgorg has no moving parts and is of no use to anyone.

Drillgorg is reduced to splinters when a Prisoner falls out of the sky and lands on it.

In Homestuck, there is a reference to Logorg, where the Draconian Dignitary retrieves a battlemech named Dronegorg, owned by the Condesce. However, he doesn't mount it; he finds it ugly and thinks it would fit the Courtyard Droll better.

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