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In The Homestuck Epilogues[edit | edit source]

From the reader's point of view, Lord English's story in The Homestuck Epilogues picks up from where his Canon biography ended.


Teen[edit | edit source]

Following the events of the so-called MASTERPIECE, the young Caliborn seals the beta kids in the Juju, and the alpha kids seal him and others into Lil Cal. This battle is brieflyMeat.png explored in more detailMeat.png in the epilogues.

Adult[edit | edit source]

The story later resumes with Lord English moments after Vriska opened the chestHS.svg containing the Juju. As the army approaches English, he roars, putting more cracks in the fabric of the Furthest Ring. The ghost army scatters around him, and the broken shards of reality immediately cause Vriska to be mortally wounded. As he continues to attack the ghosts around him, the black hole reaches its full strength, gradually sucking up much of the ghost army along with Vriska herself, who disappears beyond the event horizon just before John and the other kids emerge from the Juju.

In the final battle, English kills Rose. and Jade gets impaled by a shard of reality, leaving John and Dave to battle Lord English. In the ensuing battle, English devours John's hammers, after which he attempts to eat John, failing due to Davepetasprite^2's intervention but poisoning John. After Dave impales Lord English, he kills Dave by biting off his head. Davepetasprite^2 then drags English into the black hole.


Death[edit | edit source]

Lord English falls out of one of the rifts on Earth C, and gets devoured by Dead Calliope, currently possessing the body of young Jade Harley.

In other media[edit | edit source]

MSPA Snapchat[edit | edit source]

A troll is seen dressed as English for Halloween.

Skaianet Systems Incorporated files[edit | edit source]

Lord English is referenced sparingly in the SSI files as HIC's master. The majority of these mentions are regarding how the Condesce has to complete an end goal for him, and how she expects to escape his influence once and for all and rule over Alternia C with a stronger empire than ever before.

Paradox Space[edit | edit source]

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