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The flower with Dave's Sburb discs. Also seen: weird plot shit.

A lotus time capsule is, as the name would suggest, a device that can be used to temporarily store objects and persons outside of the current time stream and thus "send" them to the future. The top of the capsule resembles a pink lotus flower. The bottom appears to be made of stone, but it also features a time countdown and greatly resembles the Cruxtruder. Said countdown indicates how long it will take the capsule to bloom and release its contents back into the normal time stream. Usually the capsule seems to be located in the Frog Temple. Since the Frog Temple originates from the Medium the capsule can also be used to send its contents from a Sburb session to the host planet.


Jade discovers the Time Capsule when she first enters the Frog Temple. The countdown reaches zero as she is there, opening to reveal Dave's Sburb discs which she later installs on her computer. After retrieving the discs the flower disappears, turning back into the bud. The timer resets itself, informing us it will next bloom in just over 413 years time, or more precisely in the year 2422, the year that the Exiles are shown to reside in.

Later, we are shown the Frog Temple within the Medium, and we see the Lotus Time Capsule again. Unlike when we see it in Jade's time, the capsule is entirely green, and currently has no blooming flower. Instead it holds a glowing white orb referred to as "a seed". Later, we see the Draconian Dignitary accidentally throw the apple juice stained Sburb discs into this seed, prompting the Lotus Time Capsule to execute its program to bloom several hundred million years from then, when Jade finds it.

The time capsule readies another seed, which is later used by the White King to store himself in it, until it opens in 2422. After releasing him, another flower, this one brownish and dead-looking, appears. This one blooms ten seconds afterward and releases Bec Noir, who jumped into the time capsule some time after the Writ Keeper and shortly before the Meteor holding the Frog Temple started its journey to Earth.


Jake is instructed by Calliope to head to the frog temple and retrieve the weapons for the Uber Bunny. He heads into the temple and locates the Lotus Time Capsule moments before it blooms. When the capsule blooms it reveals the Warhammer Of Zillyhoo, the Quills of Echidna, the Royal Deringer, and Ahab's Crosshairs. It then readies another bud set to bloom unnervingly soon. The capsule later blooms to reveal Dirk Strider and Roxy Lalonde, escaping the attack of the Red Miles on Derse. The two proceed to pick up Jane Crocker's dream self and awaken Jake English in time for him to revive Dirk's dream self.