On October 22nd 2016, Hussie posted a news update stating "Just going to leave this here for now, and assume that the kids these days will know what to do with it." He linked to a Snapchat code that led to MS Paint Adventures' official Snapchat, mspaofficial.

Beginning with snaps being posted the day before the credits, the snaps serve as an extracanonical extension of Homestuck. Friendsim and Homestuck Epilogues writer V has stated the snaps not included in the credits were "some non-canonical extra stuff to play with" "along the lines of paradox space".

A sequential mirror of the snaps is available here.

2016[edit | edit source]

October 24th[edit | edit source]

These snaps follow after the events of Act 7, and comprise the first 11 snaps in the credits sequence, where the players set up the starting conditions for Earth C's new society. Snaps which only appeared in the credits video itself can be found here.

October 31st (Halloween) (Dubiously Canon)[edit | edit source]

These snaps display the players and various civilians engaging in Earth C Halloween traditions.

November 11th (Dubiously Canon)[edit | edit source]

These snaps follow Jane, Roxy, and Calliope the day Jane receives a special promotion.

November 18th (Dubiously Canon)[edit | edit source]

An odd standalone snap, posted potentially as a teaser for the next week's snaps.

November 24th (Thanksgiving) (Dubiously Canon)[edit | edit source]

This sequence shows what Jack Noir, Ms. Paint, and the Felt have been up to since the players left the session in Act 7. The captions, interestingly enough, seem to be Jack's comments, and not the senders' own words.

December 2nd (Dubiously Canon)[edit | edit source]

Set in the only free day between six of the eight kids' birthdays, this brief story shows the carapacians' plans to apparently celebrate those kids' birthdays by physically turning the moon into a crescent shape.

December 23rd (Christmas Eve Eve) (Dubiously Canon)[edit | edit source]

This story ties together the three previous, seemingly unrelated arcs into a single culminating event. Confirmed later to be the last batch of the credits snaps.

December 25th (Christmas Day) (Dubiously Canon)[edit | edit source]

This marks the first photograph sent by the team, and not a continuation of the comic via Snapchat. This is also the first snap featured between the hours of midnight and noon.

2017[edit | edit source]

August 29th[edit | edit source]

A short clip of Andrew Hussie himself with the previously released Hiveswap trailer, along with its release date as the description. The last time the snapchat account has been used.

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