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June 10th, 2024

The nature of Homestuck and its universe has shifted quite a lot over the past few years, and - though there hasn't been much worthy of updating you all on in that time - we've been making constant improvements at the MS Paint Adventures Wiki to keep up with that. In fact just a couple of weeks ago we finally got confirmation that stories released on Snapchat almost eight years ago are still in continuity with the ongoing Homestuck: Beyond Canon, and we made slight adjustments to our canonicity policy to reflect this.

Late last year, the newly-deputised Homestuck Independent Creative Union also gave us an update on one other thing the fans had been holding out for for quite some time:

“JAMES: I’m going to be honest with you guys, June [Egbert] was always the plan. The “Toblerone Wish” just happened to line up with what was already going to happen. So Andrew “Confirmed” it. This is true of a lot of homestuck stuff, actually.

KIM: From what I know, June has definitely always been planned since the beginning even within the prior team, and her transition is technically a spoiler that Andrew revealed early on and, while we understand the hype (I’m hype too!), but we gotta let it cook within the story!”

— Director James Roach and artist Kim Quach via HSBC_CREW in an Official HS:BC crew AMA, December 17th, 2023.

In the wake of this update, the MSPA Wiki staff feel that our convictions have been strengthened regarding our existing policy for documenting June Egbert on the wiki. For the sake of all those users who haven't been around to bear witness to these discussions over the past years: we maintain that the MSPA Wiki is a reference point for what's in the comic, not what the author/s say WILL BE in the comic. As mentioned in the canonicity policy linked above, we consider statements made by authors outside of the text itself to be "supplements" to canon, and we do think there is a place for these comments to be recorded and discussed in trivia and creation sections: but as Quach says, this is a spoiler! And we have to consider the wiki's usability from all points of view when we it is suggested that we change entire articles to suit a spoiler that hasn't even come to pass in the story yet.

We want to emphasise that this is not a position we are taking against the text, against any of the its fans, or against any of the writers and creatives involved; at this stage, we merely think it is the decision that best suits our journalistic principles at this time. As we have said in the past, we are sympathetic to authorial intent and to the fidelity of the wiki's contents, and are also maintaining our own intention to update policy to the fullest extent when certain milestones in Homestuck: Beyond Canon have actually come to pass. Until then, like you, we in the Wiki staff look forward to what Beyond Canon's creators - and everyone else involved in the ongoing expansion of the Homestuck universe - have in store for us, and intend to keep making the MSPA Wiki the best resource it can be for all things related to that universe.

As always, thanks for your understanding!
Moderator JakeMorph