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The nature of canon as a plot device and in-universe phenomenon in Homestuck and its spinoffs has its own article.

Due to the nature of Homestuck and its spinoffs, addressing what is canon and what is not in mainspace articles is difficult! For the sake of simplicity, the contents of the webcomic itself, and the spinoff game Hiveswap,[1] are treated as definitive canon. All other materials have a degree of canonicity between canon and noncanon, which we have dubbed dubiously canon - derived from the Homestuck site's description of The Homestuck Epilogues as "[t]ales of dubious authenticity" - or dubcanon for short.

Word of Huss such as Formspring and Tumblr Q&A answers or commentary in the Homestuck books is not considered to be canon or dubcanon, but rather a "supplement to canon"; that means it can be incorporated into canon information so long as it a) does not contradict the canon text of the comics or games and b) is explicitly labelled as commentary in the text of the article (i.e. instead of "the lusus stays with the troll for life", write "Hussie has suggested the lusus stays with the troll for life"). It shouldn't have to be said, but obviously if it's not canon or the word of Andrew Hussie or What Pumpkin in some manner, it shouldn't appear on the wiki in mainspace pages at all. Sorry Cool and New Web Comic, but you have to remain in the fandom namespace.

Ignoring wiki policy on what is considered canon or dubiously canon - such as by overwriting canon information with something from a dubious source - is considered vandalism and will naturally result in administrative action. Of course, all users are free to discuss policy on the Forum or on our Discord.

Article structure

If a character has enough appearances in dubiously canon material to make up a whole article, then a dubiously canon subpage should be created; for instance, information on Rose Lalonde as she appears in dubiously canonical spinoffs can be found at Rose Lalonde/Dubiously Canon. If not enough material exists to fill an article of its own, it can be placed in its own section at the very bottom of the main article, using the Dubcanon material (Dubiously Canon) template, as you can see here. There is no strict rule that says when a subpage should or shouldn't be created; common sense applies.

Dubcanon material should be ordered in a the following way, largely reflecting the chronology of each spinoff's release, but also placing works that are in continuity with each other close together for clarity and ease of reading:

  • In Paradox Space (launched 2014); "For any given story, it is either "Definitely Not Canon" or "Possibly Canon". But no story should ever be regarded as "Definitely Canon""[2]
  • In Hiveswap Friendship Simulator (launched 2018); "The Hiveswap Friendsim is a quick, loosely-canonical visual novel adventure"[3]
  • In Pesterquest (launched 2019; follows on directly from Friendsim)
  • On Snapchat (launched 2016; though this story was discontinued before the release of either Friendsim or Pesterquest, it serves as an introduction to the continuity present in the Epilogues and Beyond Canon)
  • In The Homestuck Epilogues (launched 2019)
  • In Homestuck: Beyond Canon (launched 2019; follows on directly from the Epilogues)
  • In Skaianet Systems Incorporated (launched 2019)
  • In Namco High (released 2013, but does not take place in any version of the Homestuck canon at all)

Specific cases

Roxy and Calliope's pronouns

In Homestuck proper, both Roxy Lalonde and Calliope use she/her pronouns; while The Homestuck Epilogues' Meat volume has both characters use they/them and Roxy eventually adopt he/him, the Candy volume has both characters retain the same pronouns as in the original webcomic. This makes it impossible for the entire wiki to refer to the characters in a way that universally reflects every version of them. For this reason, current policy is to refer to both characters using she/her pronouns on their canon articles, while dubiously canon subpages should refer to them using the pronouns that represent them at that point in the story.

June Egbert

See also: MSPA Wiki:"June" Policy 2024

The introduction of June Egbert has "always been planned since the beginning" of Homestuck: Beyond Canon,[4] and was first revealed to the public in 2019 after a Toblerone wish referencing the June headcanon. However, as this is a "spoiler" regarding something which has not yet occurred in any officially published material, the wiki will continue to refer to the character as John Egbert and with he/him pronouns to reflect the comics and media which have been released thus far.


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