MS Paint Adventures Wiki

The MSPA Wiki has a Discord server used by the main community, which can be found at this link, and serves as the main communication platform for the wiki. This is used for discussion about the wiki's content, MSPA subjects, or general chit-chat. It also contains voice chat rooms for users who want to hang out.

It is also a good way to get hold of wiki staff quickly, as they have roles on the server to help you message them.

Discord requires a signup with an email and password, but once joined, is very simple to join and convenient to use. No downloads are required unless extra convenience is desired, and it can be accessed on web and mobile easily, with the ability to pick up and join the discussion from anywhere. Discord also allows users to join a large number of other servers and easily switch between them.


The rules can be found in the #about_this_discord channel of the Discord. Please read over the rules upon joining the server before posting. Breaking any of these may result in a kick, a temporary ban for one or several days, and repeat offenses can result in a permanent ban.

Note that while we allow users to engage in some discussion of wiki articles or policy on the Discord, these things are generally not formally decided on there. Please use article talk pages or the Kernelsprite forum, respectively, for fully detailed discussions instead. The Discord is particularly useful for directing people's attention to these places on a given issue, however, as well as for asking other users for editing help.


The official wiki Discord can be joined by following this link. Afterwards, follow the instruction to join the Discord.