This is kind of a policy pointing out that it's fine to start a page or whatever without adhering to a bunch of rules, since you (or anybody!) can add those over time. Wikia's with me on this one.

On top of that crap, this wiki is about a comic whose titular modus operandi is to produce pages as fast as possible.

Even if you're just starting a page out that needs to be made with a description that's 5 words long and 4 of those words are "this", "guy", and "I guess" it's still better than nothing (although you should flag it with Template:Cleanup by adding {{Cleanup}} to it). You've planted the seed, and Wiki Magic can take over from there. We didn't even have a page for MS Paint Adventures for half a year until 5 minutes after it was linkified in the wiki title on the main page, and then this is what it looked like. 20 minutes later someone else rewrote it to this, and then came back in a few hours and made a few edits to bring it to over a page in length.

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