Madam Murel
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Madame Murel is the female alter ego of Mobster Kingpin, the antagonist of the Problem Sleuth story. Madame Murel is the owner and operator of the Sleazy Brothel that exists in the imaginary universe. Madame Murel is the one responsible for the Ethnic Cheer spread throughout the two worlds.

The peculiar thing about Madame Murel is that while she is the female alter ego of Mobster Kingpin, Mobster Kingpin was already in cahoots with her on all of his schemes to begin with. There was no need for him to go on a Quest of Spirit to cognize awareness of her.

Madame Murel possesses a Skeleton Brush and Palette that are taken by Hysterical Dame after the Madame dies. Madame Murel also has a Gravity Brassier that Mobster Kingpin takes.

Near the end of the game, she takes a fancy to Death in the afterlife. In the Epilogue, she becomes the bride of the Weasel King, so I guess that makes her the... Weasel Queen?

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