Magic, sometimes majyyks, is a force found across MS Paint Adventures.

In Jailbreak[edit | edit source]

Magic makes its debut in Jailbreak as a special power used primarily by elves, who can magically transport people and animals between placesMspa icon.png, summon vegetables and possibly other elves, and commune with animalsMspa icon.png. Magic in Jailbreak is frequently found as spells written on characters' stomachs. Both elves and non-elf player characters have a majyyks stat, as do ponies who have eaten majyyk'd carrotsMspa icon.png.

In Problem Sleuth[edit | edit source]

MAGIC objects such as wardrobesMspa icon.png, medicine cabinetsMspa icon.png and buffet tablesMspa icon.png are essential in the process of embarking on the Quest of Spirit.

Though elves and animal communion both reappear in these Quests, their relationship with magic goes unspoken in Problem Sleuth.

In Homestuck[edit | edit source]

Magic has a much more mysterious and ambiguous place in Homestuck. John Egbert and Jade Harley are both in possession of Magic Chests; however these tend to contain items more related to stage magic than truly supernatural items.

Though items alchemized with images of wizards are said to have magical propertiesHS.svg, Doc Scratch later calls this into questionHS.svg, suggesting that Rose and other users of 'magic' may in fact be drawing other kinds of power from other sources. Karkat shares a similar viewHS.svg, expressing that while alchemy and the legendary weapons and items accessible through it are similar to magic, they are MORE LIKE [...] GOOFY SCIENCEY MAGIC, and make magic redundant. Despite this, aspects of Sburb such as the players' planets and the powers afforded to them by their mythological roles are often passingly referred to as magical.

Also in spite of Scratch's apparent skepticism regarding the reality of magic, his cue ball seeds are usually referred to as "magic", as are itemsHS.svg usedHS.svg by his subordinates. The powers he claims to have taught to the Handmaid are also referred to as the clockwork majyyksHS.svg.

The miracles referred to by Gamzee Makara are often associated with the concept of magicHS.svg, as per the "magic miracles" referred to in Insane Clown Posse's 'Miracles'.

The question as to magic's realness or fakeness continues as a recurring theme throughout Homestuck. Magic and miracles are both jointly dismissed as made up and not realHS.svg, as are fairiesHS.svg and wizardsHS.svg (though dragons apparently areHS.svg). Eridan also insistsHS.svg that magic is fake, while Rose seems to be of the opinion that it is realHS.svg and continues to vouch for its realnessHS.svg even after Scratch's questioning (though another version of Rose seems to dismiss her magic as just a placeboHS.svg). Andrew Hussie hopes for magic to be realHS.svg until its apparent fakeness leads to his deathHS.svg. Calliope believes magic is TOTALLY REALHS.svg (and has used ANTI-SLEEP MAJYYKSHS.svg on at least one occasion) but only works when one's wand has bullets in itHS.svg.

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