Majyyk is the mysterious energy that can be used to perform spells. Several characters are known to be able to control majyyk.

Problem SleuthEdit

Elves are in control of the mysterious force known as Majyyk. It's most likely similarly pronounced as its more well known counterpart, magic, and they operate on the same level. The Prisoner doesn't question the notion of Majyyk and has a terrible stat for it anyway so it's fairly moot.

The Elf Mage is a practitioner of the fabled Majyyk as well, and uses it to assault foes with various wondrous feats. One of these is being able to create Windows at will.


Rose Lalonde's Needlewands are said to contain Majyyk enyrjjies. It's likely that these properties are also present in the Thorns of Oglogoth and the Silken Wizardbeard Yarn.

Aradia's ancestor, the Handmaid, was also taught the clockwork majyyks by Doc Scratch.

The Midnight Crew may also carry some form of sinister shadow-based majyyk.

Calliope is capable of anti-sleeping majyyksSburb Logo.

In case it wasn't clear, Majyyk is not real.

Magic Edit

Majyyk is not to be confused with magic, which is completely fake.

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