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Makeupkind is Kanaya Maryam's Strife Specibus. This type of weapon is first introduced in Problem Sleuth. Like many of the weapons in the story, it is hidden away as an Innocuous Double, which in this case is a stick of lipstick.

The Homestuck version is designed to do so technologically, as Weapon/Object Duality is not nearly as common in Homestuck. In fact, the narrator has even mentioned getting hysterical when talking about this weapon - a callback to Hysterical Dame, who also wielded a Chainsaw/Lipstick.

Typically, when a weapon has two forms it can be switched between, or when it's altered, its Strife Specibus changes Kind Abstrata, such as from spoonkind to forkkind. Keeping this in mind, the alternate form of makeupkind while it is a chainsaw is never named; however, it might be chainsawkind, as it's one of the items that appears on the list of selectable Kind Abstrata.


For the item in Problem Sleuth, see Weapons in Problem Sleuth#Chainsaw/Lipstick.
Location Found Kanaya's Respiteblock

This is Kanaya's weapon before Sgrub starts. She uses the chainsaw aspect of the makeup to shape the foliage around her home to be the shape of Skaian clouds. As for the makeup, even though a troll's lips are naturally black, they can always be blackerHS.svg, and a lady with a true sense of style knows this. This lipstick allows Kanaya to have either black or jade green lips.

When cutting open the corpse of her Lusus, Kanaya draws a dotted line with the lipstick, then cuts along said line with the chainsaw.

Demonbane Ragripper[]

Demonbane ragripper.png
Location Found Land of Caves and Silence

This lipstick/chainsaw appears in the Act 5 flash "Make Her Pay"HS.svg. Kanaya uses it to attack a large Giclops on LOCAS. It appears to have troll horns, resembling Kanaya's own horns, as teeth. In Alterniabound it can be found in a chest and is described as "the deadliest chainsaw in the universe". This is also where its name is confirmed as "Demonbane Ragripper", even though the artist who designed it called it the "Banesaw". The weapon was designed by Art Team member AbortedSlunk.

While it is commonly theorized that the Matriorb was one of the objects used to alchemize this lipstick, the artist's intention was for Kanaya to have alchemized it using her own horn, similar to how ghost images of Dave Strider and Charles Dutton have been used in alchemizations. However, in Act 6 Intermission 3, it's revealed to in fact be the 'Ragripper' from the 'Demonbane' line of chainsaws, a line of chainsaws popular on Alternia. On the more pacifistic Beforus, they were illegal to sell.