More often than not the player is required to fill a gauge, get an item, or simply obey the limitations of one. These gauges/items tend to be excessively named (more so as the chapters proceed) and quite impractical to fill/acquire.

Problem Sleuth[edit | edit source]

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Homestuck[edit | edit source]

You cannot hope to beat Kanaya Maryam in a snark-off. She is simply the best there is.

  • Health Vial: Vitality gel refills the health vial (or rather, holds it in place). It's assumed that, at least while in The Medium, all living things possess a Health Vial, though (apart from enemies) only John's, Dave's, and Rose's, Jade's and Vriska's have been seen so far. If a health vial is depleted (Actually: is knocked out of the gel), its owner dies (although we haven't seen anything like that happen yet on a non-enemy). Back attacks generally ignore the health vial. The Gel Viscosity stat which is increased when players climb Echeladder rungs can be analagous to either a defense or health increase, as a thicker gel would imply it would be harder to knock the Health Vial out of it.
  • Mangrit: A sort of gauge that is only shown in certain walkaround flashes. Attacks can be charged, which causes the Mangrit Vial to fill up in a green gel. Once it reaches full power, it can be used to release a devastating attack. Examples include John's powerful hammer attacks, or (Paul Robertson style) Dave's Timetable slashes. It can also be considered a stat in the sense that Dad has an unreasonably high level of Mangrit.
  • Prankster's Gambit: Prankster's Gambit is a meter that raises and lowers depending on whether the person pranks or is pranked.
  • Flighty Broads And Their Snarky Horseshitometer: A metric used by Kanaya Maryam to measure how successful her trolling attempts against Rose Lalonde were, as suggested by Karkat Vantas. The meter wavers back and forth depending on their conversations, with Kanaya being in the lead after her seventh conversation. The Flighty Broads and their Snarky Horseshitometer explodes after Kanaya sees Rose destroy her first gate. It simply could not handle that much horse shit.
  • Alchemizing: Grist is used to create items in Sburb and Sgrub.
  • Leveling: The Echeladder keeps track of a character's level.
  • Boon: Boondollars are the monetary system within the Incipisphere, and as well as a virtual form on post-scratch Earth.
  • Fakeness: Jake's imaginary brain ghost dirk has a gaugeHS.svg measuring his fakeness attribute. By believing in him, Jake was able to deplete his fakeness gaugeHS.svg, helping him to temporarily become a whole hell of a lot less fake. However, without Aranea actively supercharging Jake's powersHS.svg, Jake's hope field faded and brain ghost Dirk's fakeness gauge replenishedHS.svg, causing brain ghost Dirk to gradually fade back into Jake's imagination.
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