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Neon Ice Cream Headache is a short 10-page webcomic that was created by Andrew Hussie. It can be read here

The setting of the story appears to be in an urban location where two people are in a conversation; they briefly talk to each other with bizarre druggie lingo before one of them brings up Jose's birthday, which happens to be to be today. They briefly discuss their "gift" for Jose before leaving. The next panel shows Jose in his apartment, when a deliverer shows up to bring him a package. This package is revealed to be from "Mark and Chad". Jose refers to the two as "assholes" and immediately notices the package is a drug and rejects it, only for the deliverer to forcefully put the drug pill in his mouth. As Jose gets to the couch to watch TV, the drug that he consumed without his consent is then explained as a drug that teleports the user into the television show once they change the channel to that show.

Influence on MS Paint Adventures[edit | edit source]

  • The large cluster of televisions, specifically the four screens and the pipes leading out of them resemble a Computer Terminal.
  • Jose reaching his hand into the television in the desert (resulting in many copies of his hand reaching out of the television cluster) is reminiscent of John reaching into the Artifact, resulting in multiple instances of his hand appearing in random locations throughout the timeline.

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