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Nervous Broad is a major character in Problem Sleuth. She is Pickle Inspector's Female Alter Ego.


Nervous Broad was initially trapped along with Hysterical Dame in the Dollhouse in Mobster Kingpin's office. Despite having a terrible case of the nerves, she has proven to be a valuable member of Team Sleuth, besting both Mobster Kingpin and Madame Murel in combat. (Incidentally, she seems to have gained enough self-confidence to get over her Nerves in the process.)


Nervous Broad wears the Aspect Corset, which allows her to change her aspect at will by tightening or loosening the strings of the corset. At different times in the adventure she has found it advantageous to be incredibly tall and narrow, or very squat and stout, which grants her different bonuses to her Height Attribute and Vim, respectively. In battle she wields the Teddy Bear and the Can of Stripper.

Due to her retrieving the bust of Ben Stiller's Sunglasses, she has seen everything that has to come to pass and will come to be in the entire imaginary universe. Also, she looks undeniably cool.

Battle TechniquesEdit

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