The Nether-Regional Vulnerabulb is Demonhead Mobster Kingpin's one weak spot. It only blooms when DMK's health bars reach zero.

Successfully hitting the Vulnerabulb with enough force will deplete DMK's three Health Aegis Salubrity Frankincense, Spunk Myrrh, or Pep Gold. He was finally killed when all three were depleted. After depleting one of the aforementioned items, DMK regenerates his health and becomes even more dangerous, much to the dismay of the detectives. It would also seem to be rather impatient. However the last time it blooms it reveals DMK's Fetal Seedpod. If this had detached before it was killed, it would have become a new, fully replenished DMK.


The first time the Vulnerabulb sprouts, it gets hit with a crate, depleting DMK's Salubrity Frankincense. The second time, a barrel takes DMK's Spunk Myrrh. When the Fetal Seedpod blooms, the Captain Snoop bust strikes it and depletes most of the Pep Gold. A little remains, which Problem Sleuth takes out with his beloved candy corn.