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Pesterquest is a Homestuck universe visual novel that serves as a sequel to Hiveswap Friendship Simulator. The game was announced on August 22nd, 2019, following a cryptic teaser 9 days prior, to be a 14 episode visual novel that will feature interactions with Homestuck characters on both Earth and Alternia, with episodes being published on a similar biweekly schedule to Hiveswap Friendsim. The first two episodes were released on September 4th, 2019.

The game seemingly follows the continued adventures of the MSPA Reader, who is transported back to Earth by means of the Treasure Juju. The game's Steam store page describes it as "14 volumes of idiosyncratic adventure packed with visual mastery and shrewdly written narrative. As you zap between Earth and Alternia, you’ll discover and reconnect with up to 20 friends both extra and terrestrial."


Volumes 1 and 2 were released on Steam on September 4th, 2019. The game was developed in Ren'Py and the game was given an ESRB rating of Mature 17+, suitable for ages 17 and up. It was later released in its entirety on the Google Play store on November 10, 2020.

Each of the Pesterquest volumes feature a character or two, though certain characters may have a significantly smaller, background role in the game. By volume, Pesterquest has featured:


Executive Producers
  • Julian Dominguez
Character Artists
Background Artists
Ending Illustrations
  • Xamag - Volume 1, 3
  • Courtney Brendle - Volume 2, 4, 6, 8, 11, 13, 14
  • Phil Gibson - Volume 5
  • Gina Chacón - Volume 7, 10, 12
  • Charlie Flocke - Volume 9
UI Designer
  • David Turnbull
Audio Director
  • James Roach
  • James Roach - Menu Theme, Prologue Theme, John's Theme, Rose's Theme, Dave Route Prelude, Dave's Theme, Dave's Ending Theme, Jade's Theme, Karkat's Theme, Terezi's Theme, Aradia's Theme, Sollux's Theme, Eridan's Theme, Jane's Theme, Roxy's Theme, Chaos Audio, Afterw@rd Theme
  • Clark Powell - Nepeta's Theme, Roxy's Theme 2, Ultimate Dirk's Theme
  • Astro Kid - Beatup
  • Toby Fox - Kanaya's Theme, Gamzee's Theme, Feferi's Theme, Eridan & Sollux Battle, Jake's Theme, Dirk's Theme (arrangement; original by George Buzinkai)
  • Mark Hadley - Gamzee's Theme 2
  • Yan "Nucleose" Rodriguez - Vriska's Theme
  • Paul Tuttle Starr - Equius' Theme
  • Malcom Brown [sic] - Dirk's Theme
  • Max "Imbrog" Wright - Embittered shore
Game Design and Programming


The Player Mspa icon MSPA reader
Pesterable Homestuck characters
Volume 1 JohnLogo John Egbert
Volume 2 RoseLogo Rose Lalonde
Volume 3 DaveLogo Dave Strider
Volume 4 JadeLogo Jade Harley
Volume 5 Cancer Karkat VantasVirgo Kanaya Maryam
Volume 6 Capricorn Gamzee MakaraScorpio Vriska Serket
Volume 7 Sagittarius Equius ZahhakLibra Terezi Pyrope
Volume 8 Taurus Tavros NitramAries Aradia Megido
Volume 9 Leo Nepeta LeijonGemini Sollux Captor
Volume 10 Aquarius Eridan AmporaPisces Feferi Peixes
Volume 11 JaneLogo Jane Crocker
Volume 12 JakeLogo Jake English
Volume 13 RoxyLogo Roxy Lalonde
Volume 14 DirkLogo Dirk Strider
Supporting Characters DadRose's MomCryptid McWhiskersDave's BroBecquerelLusiiBoldir LamatiKarako PierotMarvus XolotoDoc ScratchThe CondesceBrobotRoxy's MomThe Director
Earth Locations Egbert and Crocker homeLalonde homeStrider homePacific islandHalf-Harley Manor
Alternia Locations Karkat's hiveKanaya's hiveGamzee's hiveVriska's hiveEquius's hiveTerezi's hiveTavros's hiveAradia's hiveNepeta's hiveSollux's hiveEridan's hiveFeferi's hiveOutglutDoc Scratch's Tower
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