Pickle Inspector's office is a location in Problem Sleuth. Pickle Inspector starts the game trapped here thanks to a trombone which is wedged between his door and the wall in the Hallway.

By the time PI is introduced, he has already disassembled his desk and constructed a fort. PI keeps his treasured tea set inside his fort.

There is a safe on the wall that is covered by painting of an elf. When the safe is opened it reveals a painting of an elf. On the inside of the safe's door is an unpleasant note written by PI declaring how rude his neighbor Problem Sleuth is. Eyeholes in the elf painting allow PS and PI to see into each other's offices.

Also in PI's office is a fan, which he frequently becomes homoerotically interested in. Then purpose of the fan is to blow the safe's door closed since PI lacks the vim to do it himself.

Attached to the fan is a business card for Glass Blowers, Inc.

There are three large bottles in PI's office. One contains a quantity of ILLICITE MOONSHINE. Another contains HOT SAUCE. The last bottle contains PI's own EXCREMENT, accumulated throughout his imprisonment.

On the floor is a hairpin, but PI lacks the vim to pick up the machine gun.

In the ceiling is a skylight that opens up onto the roof of the building outside Ace Dick's office. The skylight is affixed to the ceiling overtop an emergency sprinkler which automatically activates in case of fire.

Initially there is no power running to PI's office. This means neither his fan nor his skylight are operational. He also lacks a telephone and a back room, both commodities possessed by his neighbors PS and AD.

There are several exits to PI's office. Exiting through the door (provided no trombone is in the way) of course leads to the Hallway. Exiting through the door's window instead leads to the elf elevator. A painting on the wall of elves playing poker leads into the elf room.

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