Planets drawn by Wayward Vagabond into the skies of Can Town.

Planets, generally speaking, are celestial bodies orbiting a star. Each Sburb player is assigned their own personal planet once they enter the Medium. It serves as the beginning point of their adventure and is designed to hold many puzzles and challenges to be solved and overcome by the player. It is inhabited by consorts and a denizen, who sleeps somewhere on the planet, waiting to be awakened by the player during the final phase of their quest. These player planets are based around different aspects of the player, usually including their mythological role.

The trolls' planets and client-server connections.

All player planets orbit around Skaia, which serves as the system's "star". Two other planets orbit Skaia, namely Prospit and Derse. They are the driving forces in the battle of good against evil the players get caught up in.

Session Constants[edit | edit source]

  • Skaia, a "dormant crucible of unlimited creative potential". Under its thick atmosphere lies The Battlefield, a planet that changes every time a player enters the medium with a prototyped sprite. It's here that a war between Prospit and Derse takes place, which Prospit must always lose.
  • Prospit, a planet that orbits Skaia like a moon. Home to the forces of light, and ruled by the White Queen. Prospit's moon passes through the atmosphere of Skaia, allowing Prospitian dream selves to see the past, present, and future in the clouds. The dream selves of John, Jade, Jane and Jake reside here, and in the trolls' session, the dream selves of Karkat, Terezi, Gamzee, Tavros, Vriska, Kanaya, and Sollux (who has two) are also on Prospit.
  • Derse, a planet that orbits beyond The Veil. Home to the forces of darkness, and ruled by the Black Queen. The Noble Circle of Horrorterrors, who reside in the Furthest Ring, whisper advice to Dersite dream selves. The dream selves of Rose, Dave, Roxy and Dirk reside here, and in the trolls' session, the dream selves of Equius, Aradia, Nepeta, Eridan, Feferi, and Sollux (who has two) are also on Derse.

Player Planets[edit | edit source]

Player Description Themes/Features
John Egbert Land of Wind and Shade
A windy world with oceans of oil and fireflies trapped in grey clouds. Wind (associated classical element, player aspect), pollution: oil (associated item), dark clouds (opposing associated element)
Rose Lalonde Land of Light and Rain
An ocean world with a sea of pastel colors and chalk islands. Light (player aspect), Water (associated classical element), Chalk (associated item)
Dave Strider Land of Heat and Clockwork
A landless world covered with magma and free-standing mechanical structures. Time (player aspect), Fire (associated classical element)
Jade Harley Land of Frost and Frogs
A forested world covered in snow, with green and blue auroras in the sky. Frog breeding (linked to player aspect), frost (opposing classical associated element)
Jane Crocker Land of Crypts and Helium
An arid land with only artesian water, and crypts of long gone salamanders and helium balloons dotting the surface. Death (opposing player aspect), helium balloons, noble theme
Roxy Lalonde Land of Pyramids and Neon
A geometric sandstone land covered with glittering pyramids, the tombs for turtles, and neon lightning. Death, neon lights (player temperament), noble theme
Dirk Strider Land of Tombs and Krypton
A megapolistic land of tall stone architecture that serve as tombs for crocodiles, filled with toxic gas. Frequent lightning and storm activity. Death, noble theme
Jake English Land of Mounds and Xenon
A deep green land filled with terraced hills, the burial barrows for iguanas, and criss-crossed by a purple X that spans the entire planet. Death, noble theme
Aradia Megido Land of Quartz and Melody
A land covered with enormous quartz crystals of blue and violet, encrusted with giant brass music boxes. Music Boxes, Quartz is used in time keeping devices (player aspect)
Tavros Nitram Land of Sand and Zephyr
A breezy desert land of golden skies, occasional windmills and ruins emerging from the sand. Wind (player aspect), Flight
Sollux Captor Land of Brains and Fire
An infernal land of brain-shaped architecture and life forms, inhabited by floating brains. Psychic powers, Hellfire (damnation, player aspect)
Karkat Vantas Land of Pulse and Haze
A dark, foggy land of jagged rocks and stone castle ruins in a sea of blood. (Mutant) blood (player aspect)
Nepeta Leijon Land of Little Cubes and Tea
A white land of sugar cubes, mountains topped by tea kettles and green rivers of tea. Sugar (player temperament) Tea (empathy, player aspect)
Kanaya Maryam Land of Rays and Frogs
A land almost completely submerged in water, with beams of light shooting from the depths towards the sky. Frogs (linked to player aspect), sunlight
Terezi Pyrope Land of Thought and Flow
A land of ancient Greek architecture with green skies and neuron-shaped phenomena. Mind (player aspect) and ancient Law and Politics (player interest)
Vriska Serket Land of Maps and Treasure
An oceanic land, with tropical islands and historical map figures in the sea and sky. Pirates (linked to player class), Treasure (linked to player aspect)
Equius Zahhak Land of Caves and Silence
A dark blue, arid land with a labyrinthine system of caves and waterfalls underneath. Void (player aspect), Quiescence
Gamzee Makara Land of Tents and Mirth
A rainbow world covered with tents, balloons and lamps, with a flashing sky. Clowns (somewhat linked to player class), Carnival
Eridan Ampora Land of Wrath and Angels
A monochrome world of Gothic architecture and inhabited by serpentine angels, with a pure bright white sky. Royalty, White Science, Angels (linked to player aspect)
Feferi Peixes Land of Dew and Glass
A world of grassy meadows, glass water bowls, and a sky of shell-shaped luminescent figures. Water
Caliborn Land of Colours and Mayhem
Initial form: Caliborn's barren homeworld.
Second form: Covered in monitors, radio towers, power lines and other bulky electronics.
Final form: Constantly flashing different colors, still has monitors.
Colours, mayhem.
Fifteen numbered planets
Varies by planet. Coloration matches the corresponding pool ball. Billiards.

Others[edit | edit source]

  • Earth, where humans come from. Reduced to a desert wasteland as a result of Sburb being released. Home to the Exiles in the year 2422. Its first guardian is Becquerel. The trolls created Earth through their SGRUB session. Post-scratch, God Cat serves as earth's first guardian, and the planet is eventually taken over by Betty Crocker.
  • Alternia, the trolls' home planet. Home to the Midnight Crew and the Felt after its apocalypse. Its first guardian is Doc Scratch​​. It is located in a universe that exists in a different linear time than Earth. Before the trolls' scratch, this planet was known as Beforus.
  • The reader's planet is the Land of Stumps and Dismay, a world filled with trees and a penetrating emptiness that creeps into your body and soul. The bright screen with pretty dancing colors calls to you, but so does your pistol. What do you do?
  • Homosuck Dave aka Alpha MaleHS.svg is not given LOHAC but rather the Land of Someone's Handicrafts I Took (abbreviated as LOSHIT). The planet is a hill-covered world with paper cutouts of the book Ed Emberley's Make a World.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • From full view of all the kid session planets, their houses are clearly visible due to them being built extremely high in order to reach The Seven Gates.
  • Andrew Hussie has referred to the Olive Garden as the Land of Souls and Olives (LOSAO).
  • The second of the Gaiden Music Albums was called Land of Fans and Music (LOFAM).
  • The acronym for Nepeta's planet is LOLCAT, which fits in with her theme.
  • Andrew claimed that had Dennis's bro played Sburb his planet would have been the Land of Lawns and Thumb Fractures (LOLATF).
  • Interestingly, the reader's planet can be abbreviated to LOSAD. Why would you be sad in "a world filled with trees and a penetrating emptiness that creeps into your body and soul."?
  • The B2 kids' Incipisphere being shown diagonally hints at an eight-planet session.
  • All the B2 kids planets are themed with burial structures/death and the noble gasses, relating to the inert nature of their session.
    • The noble gases are a direct reference to their stature as Nobles in their session (unlike B1 kids, who were Heroes in their session).
  • It seems to be the case, as shown by the incipisphere in [S] DD: Ascend, that the planets actually don't exist until the players enter.
    • However, the mythology of Jane's planet states that the B2 session planets have been dead for quite some time, and that the consorts waited very long for the players to arrive.
    • This may be a reference to how videogames have backstories, when in reality the world of the game doesn't exist until you start playing.
  • Despite a statement in [S] ACT 6 ACT 3HS.svg, The Nobles will arrive one by one. First to LOCAH, then to LOPAN. Then comes LOTAK, followed by LOMAX., Dirk's houseHS.svg actually entered the Medium before Roxy's house did.HS.svg
    • When put in the order of the prophecy, instead of the actual entry order, the planet names line up with the order of the noble gases on the periodic table of elements.
  • While the A1 trolls' planets haven't been named, Openbound includes terrain resembling LOMAT, LOBAF and LOQAM. Furthermore, the Cardinal Movement resembles a larger version of the music boxes of the Land of Quartz and Melody, and Aranea mentioned that Cronus relayed prophecies that angels apparently told him of. So it seems that the pre-scratch trolls' planets were similar to those of their post-scratch counterparts.
  • Gates appear to be tied to the planet's location, and not its default location in the Medium. In other words, if a planet were to somehow be movedHS.svg, the gates would follow it.

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