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The Pony sleeps.

The Pony is a character in Jailbreak. The Pony is given to the Prisoner after he asks for a ponyMspa icon.png using his elvin wish.


When the Prisoner wishes to get out of jail, he immediately instructs the pony to trample the elf. When that doesn't work, he tries to cut open the horse to sleep inside it for the nightMspa icon.png. Since his sword is only made of papers from the Hunk Rump magazine, the prisoner is incapable of actually killing the Pony. Instead, he takes it to critical condition which is enough to sleep inside it.

Later, the prisoner ties a bunch of kids to the pony in an attempt to create a battering ramMspa icon.png. This goes as well as one might expect. When the horse tries to gesture to the kids that the tree stump gun has no bullets, the prisoner turns the unloaded gun on to it instead (an act which marks the beginning a sharp decline in the prisoner's mental stability).

Winning the game[]

The elves decide commune with the Pony and feed it a majyyk'd carrotMspa icon.png. This restores the Pony's stats fully. However, when the one of the elves tries to make the Pony trample the children, it goes to bed instead. This concludes the adventure of Jailbreak with the Pony winning the game having a final score of 0.

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