Porkhollow Mechanics

A porkhollow collecting boonbucks.

A porkhollow is a receptacle for boondollars in Homestuck. Two kinds of porkhollow are known.

The CERAMIC PORKHOLLOWHS is a pseudo-physical object used to collect the boons bestowed by climbing rungs on the echeladder - though it does not have the capacity to contain anything of a boonbuck's size or larger.HS

The Virtual PORKHOLLOWHS is software that allows the digital transfer of boondollars from person to person. v41.3 was the version employed by John Egbert and Dave Strider, which Andrew Hussie suggests is miles better than any version prior to it[1]. Notably Dave used this application to wire 413 boonbondsHS to Terezi Pyrope, inspiring the trolls to initiate contact with the humans in the first place.

In Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon (Dubiously Canon)Edit

A porkhollow seems to have been used as a component in or basis for at least oneHS2 of the organisms created by Dirk Strider and Rose Lalonde to populate Deltritus.


  1. Andrew Hussie. ""Virtual PORKHOLLOW v41.3" looks pretty slick. Totally ironed out all the kinks that were plaguing earlier versions. v41.1 was complete trash. Don't even get me started on v40.7. Any version under v37.2 literally made its users want to commit suicide. The perils of this shitty application resulted in one of the greatest losses of crocodile life in LOHAC history." Homestuck: Book 5: Act 5 Act 2 Part 1, p.75.
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