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You wonder what the heck you are on about. You are quite sure that there are no pumpkins in Jailbreak, Problem Sleuth, or Homestuck, and that there is no pumpkin article on this wiki, and never will be. Quite frankly, you find the notion absurd.

It is fairly obvious that a pumpkin would make a terrible suit of armorMspa icon, and an even worse helmetMspa icon. You wonder, if there somehow was a pumpkin, why would you say helloMspa icon to it? It doesn't even occur to you that it would be able to solve weird puzzle shitMspa icon. And heaven forbid someone try to utilise it in a Gambit SchemaMspa icon. That may not even workMspa icon. Though if it existedHS, it would be somewhat tastyHS.

Dropping it on someone's headHS would utterly fail, since there was no pumpkin there to begin with.

Although we still don't know if thatHS is quite true.

Even captchaloguingHS it neither proves nor denies its existence, as it seems to deappearify into thin air, even right out of a sylladex deck!HS If one existed in the first place, it certainly doesn't have a Sylladex code that can be understood enough to be used in a Punch Designix. Likewise, a pumpkin keyHS on a keyboard can be prone to never existing at allHS.

Like pumpkins, small potted plantsHS also do not exist.

As a matter of fact, pumpkins have never existed, yet people still experience strange visions of these mythical gourds. The common "encounter with the pump-kind" results in the pumpkin's disappearance upon any attempted interaction with it.

You wonder if this article even exists in the first place.

Conspiracy theoryEdit


Contrary to popular belief, there is no pumpkin in this picture.

Some people among the MSPA community are convinced that there are pumpkins throughout Homestuck, Jailbreak, and Problem Sleuth, but we all know that is impossible, since we've all read all three of them and never once seen a pumpkin pop up anywhere.

These people's common theories are that there is a pumpkinHS in this areaHS and this areaHS that are plainly visibleHS and are being usedHS by the Wayward Vagabond in various waysHS, but there is nothing but air there. It is quite ridiculous that anybody would possibly think there was anything but air there.

If they did exist they may have been stolen by multiple peopleHS in the post-scratch universeHS. Furthermore, Jake English, with the aid of his mate, would have miraculously appearified a strange, magical variantHS of pumpkin in order to forcibly grantHS his friend powers native to a certain cherubic device. However, this is stupid, since pumpkins exist in neither the pre- nor post-scratch universes, especially not withinHS theHS gameHS itselfHS, and they most certainly aren't related to the Void aspect.

What pumpkin? Edit



Homestuck Vol. 5 was released under a new very serious and totally legit record label... What Pumpkin.

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