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Punch in snout to establish superiority

Punching someone in the snout is a technique often employed by Ace Dick and his counterparts to establish superiority over another person. It was first used by Ace Dick in the Muddy Wallow against a Hog. By punching the Hog in the nose, the surrounding pigs became enamored with Ace Dick, deciding he was the only one who could help them retrieve salted melons from the Weasels.

In Problem Sleuth[]

In Problem Sleuth this action is very closely associated with another concept, Hearst. Referring back to the original situation, Porkhearst communed with Ace Dick immediately after he punched a Hog in the snout. Other Hearsts would become enamored by this act as well, such as Q*Hearst and Wifehearst. When Sonhearst is born, Ace Dick nudges him affectionatelyPS icon in the snout to establish paternity.

While it has not been confirmed, it would appear as though Ace Dick and his counterparts are the only characters capable of punching someone in the snout, for only Ace Dick and Fiesta Ace Dick have ever attempted it. However, Clubs Deuce has bludgeoned Ace Dick in the snout to establish similarityMspa icon, implying that the maneuver may be based merely on one's stature.

In Homestuck[]

In the Midnight Crew Intermission, Clubs Deuce was given the command Punch clocks in faces to establish chronologyHS, but refused and went around loving the clocks instead.

One of the salamanders in the Land of Wind and Shade also wanted to punch something in the face, but he did not know the move, further supporting the theory that you must be of a certain stature.

In Homestuck there have been things similar to this; one case of being punched in the snout is when Kanaya interrupted an imminent showdown by decking VriskaHS, after which Vriska begins to wax red for her.

Terezi received a "sour apple punch to the snout" while using her SMELLOSCOPE to smell the destruction of Prospit.

Roxy punched Meenah in order to escape from her. Later, Jake also punched Meenah (in the snout) to establish superiority, because he thought that she would grow up to become the Condesce.

After meeting Andrew Hussie and being grossed out by his marriage proposal, an enraged Vriska took a leaf out of Kanaya's book and proceeded to punch him in the snoutHS as well to establish her rejection (which didn't stop him from stalking her afterwards).

Punching in the snout has also, quite notably, been employedHS during use of Retcon mechanics in canon (as well as in post-canonMeat, where the instructionsEpilogues for this action specify a punch in the snout (Dubiously Canon)).