Radical puppet

There are many radical puppets are found in Dave Strider's house. These puppets are the property of Dave's Bro and are commonly acknowledged as being totally awesome. Dave's brother collects both real marionettes as well as paintings of the wooden marvels. Both the actual puppets and those in the paintings dress only in the finest of gangster clothing and pimpin' threads. Early in the game, Dave refers to the puppets as his Bro's 'boys' and often stops to pay his respects to their unquestionable coolness. However, during a Pesterchum chat with Rose, he mentions that they are starting to creep him out, especially his Bro's favorite of the bunch, Lil Cal. After exposure to one of Bro's more ironic websites, Dave coolly starts to Flip the Fuck Out. Many unusual puppets are also littered around the apartment, sporting a variety of colors, phallic noses, and plush rumps. Perhaps too plush. They seem to serve no purpose other than to lie around suggestively and freak out Dave.

Oddly, at one point, puppets (smuppets) with colors resembling each of the beta kids' associated colors can be found in Dave's microwaveSburb Logo. This occurs in close proximity to a series of Saw references, which are perhaps related to a certain cherub, and also in proximity to a series of frog references, which may have something to do with the fate of a certain frog. Joey Claire has a smuppet in her room lying around.

Jade Harley also owns several puppets of two different varieties, Squiddles and Manthro chaps. The Squiddles are plush versions of characters from the television show of the same name. They contain powerful electromagnets inside that spontaneously activate to make them Tanglebuddies. The Manthro chaps are stuffed animal/human hybrids. Each chap comes withSburb Logo formal attire, a vaccination kit and a dishwasher-safe slop trough.

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