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A quirk is a distinct way of typing; among trolls this is a special tradition in the same vein as hemotyping whereby a troll distinguishes themselves from other trolls while communicating online. Troll quirks tend to be immediately identifiable, often replacing letters with other non-letter characters, or using capitalisation in a way that is not traditionally grammatically correct. While not to this same extreme, humans and other sapient species also tend to naturally have unique quirks to the way they type.

In Homestuck, a typing quirk is also reflective of the way a person speaks in real life, with Karkat Vantas' capitalisation carrying over to his loud manner of talking, and Eridan Ampora's quirk described as a vvery wweird and sort of wwavvy soundin accentHS.svg; as such, trolls' dialog is rendered with the same characters used in their quirks over text. Trolls are also known to incorporate these quirks when writing by hand.

Though not trolls, Calliope and Caliborn use troll-style quirks in their text as part of a sort of elaborate roleplay.

Kids' quirks[]

Character Capitalization Punctuation Other Notes
John None. All caps are occasionally used to signify sarcasm or frustration. Standard.

Infrequently avoids using contractions (for example, he consistently refers to Davesprite as dave sprite.)

After talking to Vriska, occaaaaaaaasionally multiplies vowels or punctuation by eight.

Used to use 8's to replace "eight" sounds in a conversation with Vriska. Uses emoticons such as ":)" and ":(" in normal conversation, but doomed alternate John was once seen to use "8O" when he saw "Spidermom".
Rose Standard. Standard. Florid vocabulary. Verbose. Rose, Jane, and Dirk are the only humans who use perfect grammar and syntax.

When drunk, retains her florid vocabulary and standard grammar, but makes frequent spelling errors and malapropisms (e.g. "eschew" for "issue"), which she rarely corrects with asterisks. She also swears more, uses CAPITALS for emphasis more often, and occasionally ends clauses with commas, starting on the next line with a capital letter.

Dave None, except for a few times using all caps for emphasis. None, except for ellipses, generally as an independent line, and question marks, which are always multiplied to emphasize the question.

Relaxed, irreverent style and vocabulary. On occasion engages in mocking rap.

Sometimes uses asterisks to emphasize after adopting it from Karkat.

His use of punctuation became much rarer later in the comic, either due to greater seriousness or because of increased systemization of quirks. Replaced 'E' with '3' once in a conversation with John.
Jade None. All caps when shouting/screaming. Non-standard; omits most except for ellipses, exclamation points, and question marks, which she tends to multiply. Comma use becomes more frequent later on. Also uses emoticons more frequently than the other kids.

Tends to curse more in Act 5 Act 2 due to Karkat's influence.

Her quirk is quite possibly the least systematic of the pre-scratch kids.

Upon ascension, occasionally woofs.

Jane Standard. All caps when shouting/screaming. Standard. Signature emote is ":B", implying buck-teeth. Uses "Hoo hoo hoo!" to express laughter, similar to Nannasprite. Vocabulary implies southern dialect. Rose, Jane and Dirk are the only humans who use perfect grammar and syntax.
Roxy none except for all caps for EMPHASIS inconsistent

Frequent acronym use (atm, idk, fyi, lmao, etc.)

Frequent spelling errors when drunk; will correct some errors by prefacing the next line with an asterisk.

Uses troll slang.

Will "correct" typos with "*" if the spelling error is bad enough that it actually takes on a second meaning that is also valid.

When sober, does not make typos except for intentional misspellings ('le SIGN'), but keeps all other aspects of quirk.

Dirk Standard. Standard. Sometimes ends a sarcastic question with a period. Uses "bro" puns: brobot, brose, brocurement, etc. Occasionally uses italics for emphasis. Sometimes changes fucking to fuckin', as well as other "-ing" to "-in'" replacements. Rose, Jane and Dirk are the only humans who use perfect grammar and syntax. Like Davesprite, often forgets to underline important words.
Jake Only at the beginning of a sentence and all caps for EMPHASIS Only at the end of a sentence. Comma use picks up later on.

Often performs actions using asterisks, e.g. *Loosens collar a bit.*

Uses excessively antiquated vocabulary.

Joey None. Uses proper grammar and punctuation.
Jude ALL CAPS. Irregular punctuation, ending all clauses with a lowercase "over". Jude's irregular "typing" is due to the fact that he is shouting through a walkie-talkie.
Harry None. Standard. Similar to John's quirk.
Tavvy Capitalization at only the start of sentences. Uses commas excessively and in place of periods. Punctuation is similar to Tavros.
Yiffy Only at the beginning of a sentence, all caps used when mad. Non-standard; uses 3 periods only twice at the end of a sentence. Seems to be mute.
Avril None. Standard. Adds #Hashtags to #ImportantWords.
Imode Standard. Standard. Certain words with emojis 💬.
Silas Standard. Standard, commonly uses apostrophes.

Trolls' quirks[]


Character Capitalization Punctuation Substitution Emoticons Other Notes
Aradia None. Never uses caps lock for emphasis. Occasionally uses one or three exclamation marks. Uses no other punctuation. Substitutes 0 for the letter o. After ascension uses regular Os. 0_0 is the only emoticon she uses, except for 0u0 (once). Uses standard :) and :( - style emoticons after ascension, as well as using O_O rather than 0_0. Infrequently uses :D though this is probably to make people uncomfortable. After becoming Aradiasprite, she occasionally ribbits, and retained this quirk after becoming Aradiabot. It is not known if she has retained this quirk after her ascension. Before her death, as a ghost, as Aradiasprite and as Aradiabot, she is capable of using capslock as well as an occasional exclamation point. Exclamation points also appear in her speech before her death. After reviving and ascending, she no longer substitutes 0 or exclusively uses 0_0.
Tavros Inverted. The start of every sentence is lowercase (and after every comma), and everything following is capitalized. When whispering, capitalizes irregularly. Only punctuates with commas (which he sometimes places in grammatically incorrect locations for additional faltering) apostrophes, and the occasional exclamation or question mark. None. Variations of }:) to represent his bull horns. Has used }:o) when talking to Gamzee. Often interjects ", uH," when uncertain. Tends to make slightly strange word choices and phrase things in awkward, convoluted ways when particularly unsure. It has been said that if he were more self-confident, he would substitute 1 for I, as he is between Aradia (0) and Sollux (2). (Ex: t1ck) (Rufioh, his dancestor, substitutes 1 for I)
Sollux Typically none. Capitalizes KK, AA, TZ, etc., somewhat inconsistently. EMPHASIS sometimes (often in a construction where he will end a statement describing a mistake or failure with a capitalized 'FUCK') Somewhat non-standard, sometimes omitting apostrophes, commas, and periods. Substitutes 2 for the letter s and ii for the letter i. Also spells "to" and "too" as "two". Occasionally uses "twoniight", "twogether", or "iintwo". Used a red and blue glasses emoji before blindness. Used O_0 once when he stared at the green sun as a half-ghost. Sometimes writes two sentences as one. Has a "lii2p". Writes laughter vowel-first, usually some variant of "eheheh" or "ehehehe", but "olol" has been used as well. Post-blinding, writes laughter as "l0l". Blind: Quirk changes to Aradia's, and is 0k with almost everything.

Blind, with teeth shoved in: As above but semirandomly writes "s" and "t" as "th", puts "th" after "k" and "f" (e.g. "fuckth"), and substitutes "d" and "m" as "b".

Half-Dead: Replaces every other o with 0.

Karkat ALL CAPS. Uses no capitalization when whispering. Standard.

When flustered with fear (rather than with anger), forgets to put periods at the end of most sentences, starts breaking his lines up at clauses rather than at full sentences, and uses less punctuation overall.

None. Not seen often, but a variation of D:B, with the "B" representing his horns. Often crafts elaborate similes and metaphors to express his feelings, typically ones of anger or hate. Swears often. Makes generous use of troll anatomy terms in his rants, some of which were likely invented by Karkat. Encases words with asterisks occasionally for emphasis. Has, a couple of times in the same conversation, whispered by talking in an unreadably small font rather than with lower-case letters.
Nepeta None. Only uses exclamation points and question marks (and asterisks for roleplaying). Occasionally uses commas. Substitutes 33 for ee. Also makes cat puns. Variations of :33 in imitation of her lusus' two cat mouths. Almost always tries to roleplay with asterisks, though this becomes rarer later on. Has a very slight tendency to multiply things by 3. All text precedes itself with :33 < except very rarely when this changes to accommodate an appropriate emotion (e.g. XOO <) :33 < and D --> subtly suggest <>, the symbol of moirallegiance.
Kanaya Capitalizes the first letter of every word. None. None. Used :? once when talking to Feferi. Laborious, verbose and excessively precise language.
Terezi ALL CAPS, except when whispering. Somewhat minimal. Generally omits periods, commas, and apostrophes. Uses two exclamation and question marks. Substitutes 4, 1, and 3 for A, I, and E. (Numerals of the blind prophets.)

Variations of >:] to represent her horns/eyebrows. Uses square brackets instead of regular brackets for emoticon mouths. (">:)" appears only once.) Once used > to represent waggling eyebrows, much to Karkat's irritation. Has also used ">:o[" in [S] Flip, crossing over her >:] with Gamzee's :o).

Her quirk is a reference to leetspeak and 413.
Vriska Standard. Standard. Substitutes 8 for the letter B and words that rhymes with "eight". (Letter combinations like "ate" and "ait", ManipulATE turns into Manipul8) Substitutes vowels or vowel combinations with 8 when excited or upset. (Break turns into 8r8k) Variations of ::::) to represent her eight pupils, including D:::: and :::;) ; once used ::::::::). Sometimes multiplies vowels (and occasionally multiplies the letter "s" in the word "yes") and punctuation by 8 for emphasis or when excited. When "worked up", her assessment of appropriate vowel substitution becomes less precise. This culminates in her request to Tavros to K8LL M8.
Equius Standard. Capitalizes STRONG and all derivatives (uses "STRONGNESS" rather than "strength"). Omits final punctuation. Substitutes % for the letter or sound X, substitutes 100 and 001 for the letters or sounds "loo" and "ool", respectively. Uses % for the word "cross". Precedes all messages with D --> representing a bow and arrow. In certain situations, he uses horse and cow puns. Makes a point of not using even mild curses, often using euphemisms like "fiddlesticks" (although swear words do slip out on occasion.) :33 < and D --> subtly suggest <>, the symbol of moirallegiance.
Gamzee Stoned: He wRiTeS wItH aLtErNaTiNg CaPs (Not including spaces and punctuation). Lines start with alternating cases.

Sober: His lines alternate between ALL CAPS and no caps.

Standard (omits some commas). Sometimes says "in" instead of "ing". Variations of :o) to represent a clown nose.

Between the time he went sober and the "shooshpap" scene, he used ::::o) and >:o] to attempt to fool other characters. Used :o? in Cascade.

Uses profanity in almost every sentence; "motherfuck" and variants are particularly prevalent. Uses odd prepositional constructs. When stoned, he would occasionally stretch vowels (e.g. 'wHaT iS uUuUuP', 'sOoOoOoRy') although not to the extent of Vriska. When he tries to talk without sticky caps to Karkat, he uses no capitalization at all.
Eridan None consistent. Uses capslock for emphasis, more often than most others without punctuation. None. Substitutes ww for w and vv for v, says "in" instead of "ing", may say "a" and "an" instead of "of" and "and". Always says "wanna" or "gonna" instead of "want to" or "going to". Sometimes glubs and uses fish puns, but only during some conversations with Feferi.

Often abbreviates names, e.g. Kan, Kar, Sol, Fef, Ter

Used four "w"s once for either emphasis or stuttering.

Even when he wont even use my weird accent while i type ok so you know im bein really dead serious and honest about this, he only drops the ww and vv aspects of his accent and maintains all other parts of his quirk.
Feferi Standard. Uses capslock for emphasis more often than many others to accommodate more capital -E's. Standard. Substitutes )( for H and -E for capital E only, most likely for the sign of Pisces and a trident respectively. Variations of 38) to represent a tiara and goggles. Frequently glubs and uses fish puns. Commonly extends -E with several hyphens to convey more --EXCIT------EMENT as well as feasibly representing the shape of a trident, her weapon of choice.
Damara Uses poor, google-translated Japanese most of the time (I wonder why) When using English, ALL CAPS. Otherwise, uses kana/kanji, using katakana for a large number of words. Uses stops at the end of each clause in both Japanese and English. In Japanese, uses Japanese punctuation ("。" rather than "." and "、" rather than ","). Writes almost entirely in machine-translated Japanese (apparently a "thick accent"), with proper nouns in Roman characters rather than katakana. During the walkaround, the player is provided with an item linking to a text dump of her speech for machine translation (her own Japanese is butchered to be understandable only through this). Extremely sexual and crude. When speaking to the humans, she talks in very broken English, but with cute content rather than her usual rude content.
Rufioh None, except for emphasis. Mostly standard. Frequently uses an ellipsis to end phrases, always consisting of three dots. Substitutes 1 for the letter "i". Censors letters in swear words or slurs with asterisks, using more asterisks for stronger words (e.g. "m*tant", "d*mn", "sh*t", "f***"). Uses }:) variants, like Tavros. Calls girls "doll". Uses "yo" quite frequently. Tends to say "1" rather than "1've". Uses phrases and metaphors referencing the movie Hook. Occasionally uses Japanese anime-trope words in romaji, e.g. "otenba b1shoujo". Other than his number substitution, emotes and weeaboo vocabulary, his typing quirk and mannerisms are modeled very closely after the way the actor Dante Basco (who played the character Rufio in Hook) types on his Tumblr.
Mituna ALL CAPS. Occasionally uses exclamation marks and question marks (and sometimes multiplies them). Used a period in Ministrife (S0M30N3 15 70U5H1NG M3. 7H17H N33D5 70 570P) Lots of substitutions, including but not limited to: A=4, B=8, E=3, I=1, O=0, S=5 and T=7. Tends to use reaction images (often self-drawn) every so often. Sometimes uses 8( instead when saying sorry. Frequently makes spelling errors in his speech, and occasionally makes sex-related puns, e.g.: "5P0RN75", "8008Y34H". Usually adds an "H" after "7", to represent lisping t-sounds (rather than s-sounds like Sollux) Oscillates between sudden, aggressive crudeness and meek, guilt-ridden behavior
Kankri Standard. Has used caps lock for emphasis ONCE. When triggered, USES ALL CAPS. Standard. Substitutes B and O with 6 and 9, respectively. Tendency to warn about trigger warnings, offensive language, and other "social justice"-esque terminology. Writes very extended sentences with generous use of parenthetical statements and "fluff words", never using short sentences except in his hashtags. Sometimes uses common internet acronyms but typed in full, e.g. "(laugh 9ut l9ud)". Very rarely, uses crab verbs ("all scuttles of life"). Uses *asterisks* for emphasis, much like Karkat. Often puts unnecessary amounts of trigger warnings in his hashtags. Otherwise, his hashtags are either surprisingly playful, or have a nakedly rude tone towards people he is defending in his speech (occasionally even using slurs), demonstrating his hypocrisy. Makes a point of not swearing (considering it problematic), but has used the hashtag "#Fuckin pain in the ass".
Meulin ALL CAPS, AS SHE CANNOT MONITOR THE VOLUME OF HER VOICE. Standard apart from multiple exclamation points. Substitutes "33" for "EE" and makes catpuns like Nepeta, but to a far greater extent, including "MOG" for "OMG". Intricate, Shift-JIS-style cat faces preceding sentences instead of Nepeta's simple ":33" and "XOO" Sometimes multiplies letters and punctuation by nine, suggesting nine lives, or possibly 3x3. When controlled by Kurloz, she adopts his voodoo-priest-like speech patterns and his use of juggalo slang, but keeps her own quirk.
Porrim Standard. Standard. Places + after each lowercase "o" and "0" (though not uppercase "O") to resemble the Venus symbol (♀). Replaces the word "plus" with "+". Her quirk may be a reference to the blood type O+ and feminism, which fits both her rainbow drinker status and feminist views.
Latula None. Uses all uppercase for emphasis or shouting. Standard. Often uses multiple exclamation marks. Substitutes a, i, and e with 4, 1, and 3, respectively. Occasionally substitutes "s" with "z" at the end of plural words or pet names. Variants of >8] - Terezi's horns and mouth, with the addition of glasses. Uses 90s skateboarder slang, such as rad. Also uses a hefty amount of "z"s when possible.
Aranea Standard. Standard. Substitutes 8 for the letter B. Unlike Vriska, originally did not use it to replace "eight" sounds, except when agitated, however she has recently been seen using "gr8" in casual conversation. ::::) to represent her former eight pupils. Tendency towards the verbose. Similar to Vriska, increases the use of 8 substitution when worked up, replacing "eight" sounds, and also may multiply by 8 in this state. In her tags, sometimes favors 8-letter words.
Horuss Standard. Capitalises STRONG and derivatives, as well as synonyms like "FORTIFY" (note: unlike Equius, says "STRENGTH" rather than "STRONGNESS"). Standard. Substitutes % for x and equivalent sounds, and 100 and 001 for "loo" and "ool" and equivalent sounds. Censors letters in all swear words with asterisks, even ones that are not generally considered rude (e.g. "Wh**ps"). Uses variants of 8=D, which is apparently the shape of a smiling horse face. Precedes text with an emoticon followed by < (usually 8=D <, representing his smiling face with mask and goggles, and occasionally other variations, or non-smiling emoticons such as (;≧Д≦) < or (ಠ益ಠ;) <). Has a precise, slightly old-fashioned overall tone enhanced by his Victorian attitude towards swearing. Frequent horse puns, many more so more than Equius, and uses general horse-related vocabulary for things. After Meenah lectures him on not pretending to be happy, he starts prefixing his text with angry or sorrowful square-bracketed shift-JIS-style emoticons, but only when speaking with her.
Kurloz ALL CAPS. Standard, although only periods have been seen. Uses :o) to indicate his presence when he is not saying anything (which is, naturally, always). In Openbound he uses it in his hashtags, and in Ministrife he uses it in speech bubbles. Text uses a font made of purple bones. Much use of "motherfucker", like Gamzee, but unlike Gamzee's irreverent lingo, speaks with an evangelical spirit, delivering voodoo-esque sermons. Generous use of juggalo jargon. When speaking in sign language to Meulin, uses rather more morbid reaction GIFs than her. Only seen to use telepathy, as he has taken measures to ensure he cannot speak normally.
Cronus None, but does use capital letters for emphasis. Mostly standard, but does not use apostrophes. Replaces "v" and "w" with "vw" or "wv". Replaces "B" with "8" when a word is rendered in all caps (e.g. "GLO8ES"). Occasionally uses music players containing apropos music in his speech boxes, but they cannot be listened to.
Meenah None, except for relatively frequent capslock for emphasis. None. Substitutes )( for capital H and -E for capital E, no substitution on lower case letters. May extend -E with more hyphens, but does this rarely compared to Feferi. Uses "-in" instead of "-ing". Variations of 38) to represent a tiara and goggles. Frequently uses fish puns. Slight elements of AAVE, such as double negation. Some elements of Bronx or Jersey vernacular, such as "axe" instead of "ask". Her quirk is reminiscent of Feferi's quirk in substitution and Eridan's in syntax.


Character Capitalization Punctuation Substitution Emoticons Other Notes
Xefros Tritoh None, except for the letter "X". Replaces "x" sounds, "ten" sounds, "cross", and "trans" with the letter X. Uses an X to represent his horns: X:)
Trizza Tethis Standard. None. Replaces w with "ψ"
Diemen Xicali None, except when referring to hot dogs. Omits punctuation at the end of his messages. Hot Dog-related words become yellow. parentheses |) around his statements, resembling hot dog buns. Hot Dog-related words appearing yellow have only occured in his volume of Friendsim so far.
Ardata Carmia None. Standard. Multiplies her "i"s by 3 Reference to her three eyes, three 'i's
Cirava Hermod None. None.

Had ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ with quotes as troll horns on one of their troll card bullet points.

Ends many sentences with "lmao".
Amisia Erdehn None. Standard. Multiplies her "u"s by 2. Mentioned by her writer that her creativity is currently low, so her quirk isn't very creative to match. Meant to sound like cooing.
Skylla Koriga Standard. Standard. Multiplies her "y"s by 2. Emulates a southern accent.
Bronya Ursama Standard. Standard. Uses a lot of numbered lists. Encloses excited statements in "vV" and "Vv" tags.
Tagora Gorjek Standard. Standard. Finishes statements by adding a *_________ representing a signature line.
Vikare Ratite Standard. Standard. Uses old-timey slang. Encloses statements in ~tildes~.
Polypa Goezee None. Separates clauses with * asterisks, ends her sentences with *| an asterisk and a bar. Meant to emulate a ninja star flying through her words, then hitting a wall at the end.
Zebruh Codakk Standard. Standard. Uses :-) faces. Surrounds statements with quadrant symbols () depending on context.
Elwurd None except for the letter L. Standard except for periods. Often multiplies letters by 6. Uses ;) in reference to her bad girl nature. Uses some text abbreviations like lmao, btw and smh. Likely a reference to her namesake, "The L Word".
Kuprum Maxlol None, but sometimes the word "LOL." None. Says LOLOLOL out loud instead of laughing. Starts every sentence with an > arrow. Uses slang commonly associated with 4chan. Reference to 4chan's greentexting.
Folykl Darane None. None. Adds an unnecessary amount of spaces between words.
Remele Namaaq Standard. Standard. Adds a silent "e" to some words.
Konyyl Okimaw None usually, but capitalizes certain words for EMPHASIS. None.
Tyzias Entykk None. None except for commas. Multiplies her "m"s and "w"s by 4, but occasionally uses single letters.
Chixie Roixmr None. Separates clauses with a / forward slash. Meant to resemble written song lyrics.
Azdaja Knelax Standard. Standard. Puts three vertical bars ||| and a space around his text. Resembles his sign (Gemra ).
Chahut Maenad None, except for the letter "T". Standard.
Zebede Tongva None. None. Replaces the "s"s at the end of his words with "z". Uses a z to represent his horns: z:)
Tegiri Kalbur Standard. Standard. Replaces "l" with a / forward slash. Could represent a katana "slashing" at something.
Mallek Adalov None, except for the word "I". None, except for replacing periods with a ; semicolon. Replaces "." with ";" and any instances of "is" with "=" an equals sign, and "is not" with "!=" an exclamation point and an equals sign. Meant to resemble the syntax of programming languages.
Lynera Skalbi

Inconsistent, either standard or not. Sometimes used for emphasising words.

None, except for exclamation marks. Begins her sentences with a dash - and occasionally emphasises words and phrases by putting three exclamation marks at either side.
Galekh Xigisi Standard. Standard. Talks in very long sentences, often adds citations in the form of small numbers that lead to additional sentences which may also have citations.1 (1 Like this for example.)
Tirona Kasund None. None, except for some commas, question marks, and exclamation marks. Replaces "e" with "33." Variants of 33:I with the 3s representing her pigtails.
Boldir Lamati None. Standard. Surrounds her text with brackets (). Resembles how a whisper is often written in script form.
Stelsa Sezyat All upper case. None.
Marsti Houtek Standard. No periods. Ends every sentence with an -_- face. Punctuates her sentences with the -_- face. Replaces it with a longer variation if particularly annoyed. The face resembles her face and goggles.
Karako Pierot Sometimes is standard, sometimes is not. Sometimes fully capitalized for emphasis. Standard. Can only say "Honk". Uses normal :) emoticons. Shown to use :( more often. Can still convey information through his honks as shown by the MSPA Reader's reactions.
Charun Krojib Capitalizes only the first letter of a sentence. Uses two periods to end most sentences. When they don't, they use no punctuation.
Wanshi Adyata Capitalizes only the first letter of each sentence, as well as all Ws. None. Occasionally uses oWo or uWu emoticons. Used :3c once during the trial. Surrounds sentences with [] sets of brackets []. Meant to resemble book pages.
Fozzer Velyes Standard. Standard. Replaces spaces in between words with _ underscores. Uses :) emoticons.
Marvus Xoloto None, except in rare cases for EMPHASIS. None. Uses :o) clown faces and derivatives of such. Speaks in a varied jumble of slang.
Daraya Jonjet None, except for inconsistent capitalizations of "I". Inconsistent. Surrounds text with ▲triangles▼ according to the mood of the sentence. Uses more for ▲▲▲emphasis▼▼▼.
Nihkee Moolah Standard, except for when emphasizing a word, in which her words are ALL CAPS. Standard. Prefixes everything with [()] a championship belt.
Lanque Bombyx Standard, but also always capitalizes W and V. Standard. Likely a reference to his fangs.
Barzum and Baizli Soleil Barzum speaks in all caps, while Baizli speaks in no caps. Sometimes, they reverse this purposefully. When both are speaking, the sentence alternates between capitalized or not for each letter. Standard. When combined, resembles Gamzee Makara's quirk.
Cridea Jeevik Standard. Standard. Variants of :-) Adds #Hashtags to #ImportantWords. Similar to Avril Thorpe's quirk.
Fiamet Standard. Standard; Adds ~ before !. Variants of ^_^ face.
Idarat Catlaz None. Commonly uses apostrophes, doesn't end text with periods

Homestuck Epilogues and Homestuck^2[]

Character Capitalization Punctuation Substitution Emoticons Other Notes
Vrissy Capitalizes certain words. Standard. Substitutes 8 for the letter B, sometimes the letter A, and general "eight" sounds. Combination of Kanaya's and Vriska's quirks.
Swifer Eggmop Standard, and capitalizes Names and Titles. Standard, commonly uses apostrophes.
Cliper Borden None. Only commas. Begins and ends text with ⁂.
Motter Ataxia Standard. Standard.
Ruthie None. No periods Multiples her “e”s by 3.
Alfonz Only the letters A and Z.

Cherubs' quirks[]

Character Capitalization Punctuation Emoticons Other Notes
Calliope None, except for the letter "U". All caps when agitated. Standard. Frequent emote use, all involving the letter "U": ^u^, :U, u_u. Will occasionally incorporate tildes (~): ~_u, :u~. Uses affected British spelling and phrases. Encloses actions in chevrons, for example <kisses!>. Encases words in asterisks (*) for *emphasis*. Repeating punctuation, laughter etc. comes in multiples of 11. Speaks with a curious mixture of reservation and enthusiasm.
Alternate Calliope None, lowercase u incorporated as a parallel to her brother's own quirk in the alpha timeline. Standard. None. Speaks in a very deadpan manner.
Caliborn All caps, except for the letter "u". Incorporates Calliope's capital "U" after assuming complete control (also partially because the caps lock key was stuck on). Uses periods at the end of almost every clause, even when a comma would normally be used. Does infrequently use commas, however. tumut, tUMUt (double deuce), TUMUT (once, by accident; subsequently corrected to tUMUt) Extremely rude, aggressive and insulting. Swears frequently. Laughter is usually expressed with at least two vowels, e.g., "HAA HAA". Frequently labels females "bitches". He also breaks words at gendered terms, for example "man gaka" and "a miss." Even more prevelant 11 multiplication; Writing style implies exhaustion or apathy.

Sprites' quirks[]

Character Capitalization Punctuation Other Notes
Kernelsprite Speak.png
Kernelsprite Speak.png
Harlequinsprite Speak.png
Harlequinsprite Speak.png
Nannasprite Standard. Standard. Regular syntax and grammar. Underlines key words when explaining things. Frequently laughs: HOO HOO HOO. Quirk shares many aspects with her post-scratch self.
Jaspersprite Only at the start of sentences, or with underlined key words. Only at the end of sentences. Simplistic vocabulary, frequently purrs and meows. Uses :3 emoticon. Sometimes underlines key words when explaining things.
Calsprite All caps. Nothing but laughter. Incredibly terrifying. Similarities to laughing style of Doc Scratch and Caliborn.
Davesprite None, except for a few times using all caps for emphasis and with underlined key words. None, except for ellipses, generally as an independent line, and question marks, which are always multiplied to emphasize the question. Often forgets to underline wordsHS.svg like sprites are supposed to. Occasionally caws. Nearly identical to Dave.
Jadesprite None, except for when speaking underlined key words. All caps when shouting/screaming. Non-standard; omits most except for ellipses, exclamation points, and question marks, which she tends to multiply. Often sobbing. Occasionally woofs. Nearly identical to Jade.
Tavrisprite Alternates between rEVERSE CAPS and standard capitalization. Unable to punctuate without using commas or multiplying by 8. Multiplies by 8, replaces b's and "ate" with 8. Uses the emote D::::{. A combination of Vriska and Tavros' quirks.
Fefetasprite ? ? Prefixes speech with "3833 <" and variations of it, uses variants of the 383 emoticon. Only seen communicating in emotes, which are a mix of Nepeta's and Feferi's emotes. However, according to Roxy, Fefetasprite talked quite a lot around her.
Erisolsprite None. All caps for emphasis. Standard. Doubles "w", "v", and "i", replaces "s" with "2". Mixes Eridan's and pre-blind Sollux's quirks. Frequently has conflicting thoughts. May or may not have a lisp.
Arquiusprite Mostly standard, except for capitalising the beginning of all lines, start of a sentence or otherwise. Rare all-caps for emphasis. Uses all caps for the words 'STRONG', 'HARD', 'POWERFUL', etc. Standard (including full stops at the end of sentences), but almost never uses punctuation at the end of lines. Replaces 'loo' and equivalent sounds with '100'. Replaces 'x' and equivalent sounds with '%'. Censors all but the first letter of swearing with flickering, garbled text. Tends to use a lot of euphemisms such as 'fiddlesti%' and 'horsefeathers'. Is starting to use horse puns.

Prefixes all text with Arquius shades.png.

Quirk a combination of Equius's and the Auto-Responder's. Speech patterns seem to vary between the Auto-Responder's and Equius's semi-randomly, but are not usually mixed.

Unlike the dour Equius and the possibly emotionless Auto-Responder, seems to have a very cheery and aroused personality.

Mothersprite None? Standard? Spoke only one line: there there, sweetheart.
Dragonsprite None. Ends all sentences with exclamation marks. No punctuation after sniffing. Frequent sniffing, often multiples vowels. Laughs with multiple "hee"s. Quirk implies excitement.
Jasprosesprite^2 Standard. Standard, although sometimes omits commas. Frequently uses the ":3" face.
Davepetasprite^2 None, except for all caps for emphasis. Frequently uses exclamation points and question marks, but uses no other types. Prefixes text with B33 <, a combination of Nepeta's :33 face and Dave's sunglasses.

Replaces "ee" with "33".

Uses cat puns and often roleplays, enclosing actions with asterisks.

Combination of Dave's and Nepeta's quirks.

Other Quirks[]

    • no caps and polite. (temporary)
  • Peregrine Mendicant: Regular syntax and grammar.
  • Aimless Renegade: no caps, sparse punctuation. Often uses slang related to police, crime and punishment, for example refers to jail as the "slammer" (only when extra angry at crimes)
  • Windswept Questant: Fancy font, perfect syntax and grammar, refers to players by their title.
  • Spades Slick: No capitalization or punctuation (likely linked to his one-armed status), rude and surly.
  • Diamonds Droog: Perfect punctuation and syntax. Uses some 1920s-era slang and mannerisms ("Atta girl.")
  • Hearts Boxcars: All caps, no punctuation, uses "YER" instead of "your" and "you're", as well as "FER" instead of "for".
  • Clubs Deuce: All caps, normal punctuation, refers to Sollux as "BOY" (similar to Wayward Vagabond).
  • Doc Scratch: Perfect grammar and syntax, irritating font color. Has a distinctive laugh: "Haa Haa. Hee Hee. Hoo Hoo." He may sometimes use only part of the laugh.
  • Snowman: Fading text, refers to players by their title. Sometimes uses a fancy font.
  • Marquise Spinneret Mindfang: Substitution identical to Vriska's (uses 8 for 'b' and 'ate' sounds), but with no vowel exteeeeeeeension.
  • Her Imperious Condescension: Similar to Meenah, but with her accent even more exaggerated, typing words phonetically more frequently than Meenah. Generously uses chat abbreviations like 'w' for 'with', which Meenah does only rarely, and uses a lot more slang (generally AAVE). It is worth observing that she is so far the only character to incorporate her quirk in her chat abbreviation: )(IC.
  • Trickster Mode typically causes text to be rendered in all capitals, in flashing pastel colours, with frequent multiplication of letters, words, and punctuation (especially exclamation marks), either by eleven or to achieve a total letter count in the word of eleven, similar to the cherubs.
    • Other aspects of the player's quirk remain unaffected; for instance Jane still punctuates normally whereas Jake eschews punctuation, and both use their ordinary style of slang.
    • Dirk's text is completely unaffected by trickster mode.
  • candy!Adults: Perfect punctuation and syntax.

Typing Quirks in other adventures[]

At this point, Problem Sleuth is the only character to have a typing quirk shown in an adventure outside of Homestuck. It is only seen on the unpleasant note he wrote for Demonhead Mobster Kingpin.

  • Problem Sleuth: lower capitalization, has the tendency of misusing punctuation, what like this for an example. or maybe it's like this? also refers others by their initials (i.e.: dmk, ad, etc.) may also end the sentence with no end punctuation


  • Something similar to Eridan's typing quirk is seen briefly on Rose's fridge, demonstrated in the passive-aggressive note to her mother. The note, "shrevv", uses double "v"'s instead of a "w"; this was caused by Rose's lack of the magnet letter "w", so she resorted to using two "v" magnets instead.HS.svg
  • The only revealed Hiveswap typing quirk to use numbers is that of Tirona Kasund.
  • The only numbers that represent two letters at once in quirks is 1, which in Rufioh, Mituna, and Terezi's quirks represents the letter i, while in Equius Zahhak's quirk it can represent L.
  • Prior to Hiveswap, only Meulin Leijon (And, in rare cases, Horuss Zahhak) used non-ASCII characters for their quirk. Trizza Tethis was the first to break this pattern, and many of the Troll Call trolls later broke it further.
  • The only quirks to completely match outside of Dancestors are that of pre-sober Gamzee Makara and Barzum and Baizli Soleil when the twins are speaking together.
  • Aradiabot initially uses Aradia's normal red text from her introduction up until she remembers being deadHS.svg in a dream bubble. It is also possible that only the alpha timeline Aradiabot kept the red text color.
  • Sollux and Aradia have impliedHS.svg they use 0 in their typing quirk to indicate being doomed. Although Sollux did later die, it is unclear how he got that designation without coming from a doomed timeline.