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For a "resource" used in Homestuck with units of a similar appearance, see grist.
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Characters in Problem Sleuth require certain resources to perform various abilities, such as Battle Menu attacks and the summoning of certain charactersMspa icon.png.

Each of the four main resources, as their names suggest, is associated with one race of the four kingdoms of the imaginary universe:

Pie Filling is also unique in being directly related to one of the conflicts of the plight of the four kingdoms, presumably being the same filling found inside the piesMspa icon.png made by the clowns and which the elves covet.

Elf Tears in particular appear to have a special statues among these four resources, perhaps owning to the magical nature of the elves themselves. The Battle Menu has a special counter for Elf Tears, with each character seemingly have a limit on the amount of Tears they can carry and as such on their ability to use Tear-fueled abilities; Problem Sleuth can hold a total of twelveMspa icon.png, Pickle Inspector is limited to sixMspa icon.png (though appears to have obtained one before his introduction to the comic), and Ace Dick can carry but oneMspa icon.png. The fact that some abilities may require many units of other resources but only a single Elf TearMspa icon.png also lends credence to their peculiarity.

Elf Tears are also the only one of the four resources to actually be seen being physically gathered, with PI collecting them in a teapot directly from the eyes of an elfMspa icon.png and then transferring them directly to PS' flaskMspa icon.png. One flask 100% filled with Elf Tears seems to equate to six dropsMspa icon.png; it is unclear what happens if a character carries a flask or teapot containing more Tears than their Battle Menu indicates they can carry, or how this correlates to values of other resources which may or may not have caps. Solving the plight of the four kingdoms, however, grants PS the Royal Chemistry SetMspa icon.png, which contains a hundred (100) drops of each, possibly acting as an upgrade to this carry limit.

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