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A variety of robots and robotic creations have appeared in MSPA.

Jailbreak[edit | edit source]


The first appearance of a robot in MSPA is in the form of Logorg, and later, Drillgorg, who were constructed from ladder parts, and later, a drill.

Problem Sleuth[edit | edit source]

Problem Sleuth was the first comic to present a true robot, Candy Mecha.

Candy Mecha[edit | edit source]


Created by one of Pickle Inspector's replicsimiles, the cockpit and legs of this machine are completely autonomous. Both pieces of the robot played a crucial role in the final battle, the cockpit sacrificing itself to increase DMK's Blood Sugar level, and the legs saving the precious Captain Snoop bust from certain destruction. The Pickle Inspector who created the Candy Mecha was sadly killed upon the cockpit's destruction, as he was unable to escape and had no actual control over the robot whatsoever.

Homestuck[edit | edit source]

There have been many robotic objects in Homestuck, in both human society and troll society. All robots seen in Homestuck thus far have had gray coloration, reddish-orange eyes, and a blue symbol on their chestplate, if present. The exceptions to this are the Maplehoofbots who display Arquiusprite's red symbol on their flank and Dirk's rapbots who have a different look entirely.

Kids' Robots[edit | edit source]

Robots made by the kids on Earth.

Jade's Dreambot[edit | edit source]


Jade's dreambot is a robot used to interact with reality while she is dreaming. It comes out of a hibernated state when Jade falls asleep in bed, and acts out whatever her dream self does, allowing her to continue activities, such as chatting on the internet. The dreambot has rocket pants, which it uses when Jade flies in-dream. It can also grow extra arms for playing Jade's multi-necked dream bass. It is even able to carry on Pesterchum conversations because her dreams include the likeness of her Lunchtop. In fact, Tavros often talks to her while she is asleep.HS.svg

The Dreambot records Jade's dreams while she experiences them, and she uses a recording of one of her visions as photographic evidenceMspa icon.png of the meteor headed for Dave's house.

It was revealedHS.svg that the dreambot was constructed by Jade's Grandpa to deal with Jade's chronic narcolepsy by doing the sleepwalking for her while she remained safe in her room, and that it was constructed using at least some parts manufactured by the Betty Crocker corporation. Jade speculated that her Grandpa made it with the ability to record dreams because he understood her dreams' significance.

Jade uses her dreambot frequently. Becquerel seems to understand how the dreambot works and is shown tucking Jade into bed when she falls asleep outside, and watching over her Dreambot to keep it out of trouble. Dave thinks this is creepy as all fuck and contemptuously refers to it as a voyeurbot.

Jade apparently has trouble remembering that she has a dreambot while asleep. As Dave points out, she acts much less intelligent in her dream state. When her dreamself attempts to crawl into bedHS.svg, she feels "some sort of invisible force is pressing down on [her], a strange feeling of cold heavy metal," and it "happens every time [she tries] to get into bed."

The Dreambot explodes upon to the death of Jade's dream self as she saves dream John from Prospit's falling Moon. The explosion destroys Jade's room, sending her plummeting to the ground far below.

Dirk's robots[edit | edit source]

Dirk Strider is responsible for singlehandedly constructing a handful of robots throughout the story, including these three and the bunny robots listed below.

Troll Robots[edit | edit source]

Robots and robotic limbs made by the trolls on Alternia and Beforus.

Equius' stash of robots[edit | edit source]


Equius Zahhak was a builder of robots. He had a large stash of robots that he beat the shit out of in cage matches. When the Land of Caves and Silence was destroyed by Jack Noir in his rampage through the trolls' session, Equius' hive (and presumably all the robots inside) were destroyed.

Tavros' legs[edit | edit source]


Tavros lost the use of his legs before Homestuck introduces him. He used a variety of transportation methods before Equius and Kanaya cut his legs off and replaced them with robotic ones. Tavros is later impaled through the chest and decapitated. Gamzee held on to Tavros' original legs, torso and robotic legs, and head, then prototyped Jane's kernelsprite with Vriska's body later to create Tavrisprite. Tavros' legs were lost at that point (sprites have a ghostly tail instead of legs), so the sprite's self-destruction later was redundant in eliminating Tavros' legs.

Aradia's Soulbot[edit | edit source]


Aradia died before Homestuck introduced her and she had existed as a spirit. Equius created a robot body for her to inhabit, and she entered it after becoming a kernelsprite. He fueled it using his and his lusus' blue blood. He also programmed it to have romantic feelings for him via a chip in her heart, which she promptly ripped out after discovery. The Soulbot later explodedHS.svg when Aradia's dreamself died and ascended to god tier.

Vriska's arm[edit | edit source]


Vriska lost her left arm when Doc Scratch detonated her stolen magic cue ball. Equius built her an arm that he can control remotely. He has used it to hit her when she annoyed him by attempting to get inside his mind. It was lost in the explosion that destroyed Vriska's Quest Cocoon and her main body.

Mindfang's Arm[edit | edit source]


Marquise Spinneret Mindfang lost an arm, as well as her vision eightfold, during her confrontation with Neophyte Redglare, mirroring the injuries Vriska would receive because of Terezi. E%ecutor Darkleer replaced the arm she'd lost with a robotic arm.

Rufioh's horse body[edit | edit source]

Rufioh horse body.png

Rufioh temporarily used a robotic horse body built by Horuss, with the head being the only remaining part of his former body. He later was revived into a normal functional body again.

Bunny Robots[edit | edit source]

Robots and robotic parts attached to a certain stuffed rabbit.

Liv Tyler[edit | edit source]


Main article: Liv Tyler/Terry Kiser

The final incarnation of the plush bunny has several robotic body parts. Co-built by Jake and Jade.

Lil' Seb[edit | edit source]

Lil Seb.png

Main article: Huggy Bear/Lil Sebastian

Previously known as Huggy Bear, before coming into the ownership of Jane. A fully robotic bunny created by Dirk Strider. Contains the original Liv Tyler bunny, which appears to have been stolen from post-scratch Dave, a process which likely involved some form of shenanigans. Appears to have a reputation for mischief. Seemingly died when he fell into the ocean, but was later found alive, albeit heavily rusted, by Gamzee and Caliborn on Earth far into the future. He could be possibly named for the mini horse Li'l Sebastian from Parks & Recreation.

Other Homestuck Robots[edit | edit source]

Hussiebot[edit | edit source]


Hell yes. That's really all there is to say on the matter. Notably, destroyed by Lord English in A6I2HS.svg.

Caliborn's leg[edit | edit source]


Caliborn chewed off his own leg, which was bound by the shackle that only Calliope could unlock, and replaced it with a leg that he'd presumably built with Dirk's help. He replaced that first steel-colored leg with a gold one after achieving god tier.

Maplehoofbot[edit | edit source]


A herd of robotic Maplehoofs showed up when Arquiusprite rodeHS.svg. The same horses later appeared during the alpha kids' fight with Caliborn in his MASTERPIECE, serving as a harbinger of Arquiusprite's imminent arrivalHS.svg in the fray.

Crowbot and Jaspersbot[edit | edit source]

These two robots were shown in the Flash when Arquiusprite and Davepetasprite^2 embracedHS.svg.

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