During the course of Homestuck, Rose Lalonde uses several computing devices to stay in contact with her co-players and the trolls.


Rose starts with this computer. It has a purple matching cozy she knitted for it.


The Hubtop

You make the HUBTOP. That one was pretty obvious.

The Hubtop was the rather obvious result of combining Rose Lalonde's Laptop with the Hub she liberated from the Skaianet Laboratory. It is likely that the machine works as a portable computer, as well as its own wireless access point and (seemingly) infinite power supply, like the Hub component that went into its creation.



The Hubtopband is an HMD (Head Mounted Display) used by Rose as a hands-free computer. It was the result of the combination of the Hubtop and Rose's headband, costing 500 units of marble and 200 units of diamond to create. Much like John's Serious Business Goggles and Dave's iShades, she used these for communicating via Pesterchum. It is likely that the Hubtopband retains the properties of the Hub and will provide its own power and wireless signal.

After Rose's temporary death, John took the Hubtopband since he had no computer at the time.

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