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Rose Lalonde first appears in Volume 2: 'Something Beyond The Sky'. She also appears in Volume Four: 'The Loneliest Girl In The World' in the group end. MSPA reader mentions her by her handle in Volume 5 Route 2: 'I Have Plenty Of Friends'.

In The Homestuck Epilogues Edit

From the reader's point of view, Rose's story in The Homestuck Epilogues picks up from where her Canon biography ended.

At some point after arriving in Universe C, Rose becomes ill and begins having visions relating to her transformation into her Ultimate Self. She relates some of these visions to John, informing him that he has to travel back into the Furthest Ring and defeat Lord English in order to maintain Canon.

Rose's life on Earth C differs depending on whether John follows through on her mission or not.


Retcon-recruited teen Edit

After John uses his retcon powers to zap from the epilogues back into the story proper, he recruits god tier Rose from some unknown point in canon, presumably after the meteor's arrival in the B2 session, for the mission to fight Lord English. He then brings Rose, along with the other teen beta and alpha kids, to his own backyard on April 6th, 2009. As John gets lost in nostalgia, Dave asks John what happens to everyone in the retconned timelines, and Rose seconds the concern, specifically citing Kanaya. John struggles to answer, but gives a lukewarm speech about sacrifice, and the group begins a messy planning session for the coming battle. John walks away for a while as everyone reunites, and when he returns, Roxy is sitting in the grass with Rose. John hesitantly approaches the group and Rose approaches him, helping him to vocalize that it's time for the group to head out. Everyone gets up, holds hands in a circle, and zaps away. They find themselves in a strange, dark place. Jade quickly sniffs out Caliborn, who has an intense staredown with John, brags about his MASTERPIECE, and laughs at them all as the fight begins. Not many details are given of the ensuing battle, but the narration seems to indicateMeat the kids put up more of a fight against the cherub than the initial claymation had implied. Caliborn eventually feels overwhelmed and unleashes the Juju on the four beta kids, much to their shock. They all get sucked into it almost instantaneously, and Caliborn laughs at them as he returns the Juju to the chest and closes it.

After landing in the impossibly bright white prison, Rose quickly tries to account for the rest of the group being present and safe, with John finally answering her last. She is relieved and slumps against the wall. Each of the kids is secluded from the others in one of the four main chambers that the Juju contains, and as shown in Act 7, this matches their arrangement on the exile stations' computer monitors. From below, Dave and Jade are discussing how they respectively can't feel time or space within the prison. As the fight between the alpha kids and Caliborn rages louder outside, Rose tries to ask John what her future self's plan was. John tries to fill her in, but none of them can hear each other no matter how loud they shout. Once John gives up on shouting, Rose apparently remains quiet for a while as Dave and Jade loudly reminisce below. John eventually chimes back in with more success to shout to the other kids that THE JUJU HAS TO UNLOAD, and all they can do is wait (for quadrillions of years, from an outside perspectiveMeat).

After the Juju's eternity in the Furthest Ring and Homestuck CanonHS, Vriska eventually unleashes itHS against Lord English, and John and the others emerge from the Juju just after Vriska is sucked into the black hole herself. Rose, Dave, and Jade stand confused and frightened behind John as they all take in the scene of the black hole, the ghosts falling into it, and Lord English himself.

Earth C adult Edit

While Dirk is performing live on his television show, shortly after hanging up on a call he had with Dave, Rose calls him as well. He absconds from the studio early to take Rose's call, and she explains her condition to him. Her Seer of Light powers are expanding rapidly, more than her mind can physically keep up with. She refers to this process as "ascension." Rose frequently shuts down Dirk's interruptions, citing her lack of energy to deal with his mannerisms today. Dirk, to Rose's surprise, says that he is "suffering from the same condition." He continues to field Rose's frustration with him as she asks why he didn't discuss it with her sooner, since he's been aware of her problem for a while. He says he's been working on a solution, and that Rose should go meet him at his studio later to discuss it more. He says he can't get in depth on the call because he's too busy with his current political aims, and hangs up on her.


In Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon Edit

Following her appearance in Candy, Postscript, Rose appears on the Theseus as Rosebot, discussing the ship's imminent landing with Dirk.HS2

Upon landing on Deltrius, she and Dirk partake in a session of philosophy before beginning their game, which is to make two alien species that will participate in Sburb.

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MSPA Snapchat Edit

Rose appears dressed as the Dolorosa for Halloween to match Kanaya dressed up as Rose's Mom. Rose later poses with John, Dave, and Jade in their costumes.

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