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In Pesterquest[]


In The Homestuck Epilogues[]

From the reader's point of view, Roxy's story in The Homestuck Epilogues picks up where their Canon biography ended.
Roxy uses different pronouns in Meat and in Candy, using he/him and they/them in Meat, and she/her in Candy. As such, Roxy generally is referred to with they/them pronouns unless otherwise stated.

Roxy is one of the main characters in The Homestuck Epilogues and Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon. They and Calliope live together in a Gothic tower in the Carapace Kingdom. In the prologue, Roxy and Calliope invite John for a picnic with the intent of making him aware that he has a choice in whether or not he goes to fight Lord English. This is addressed after some pleasantries regarding Rose's health, their social lives, and Roxy's relationship with Calliope. When John makes his decision, the timeline is split, producing two versions of Roxy.


Retcon-recruited teen[]

John, using his retcon powers to zap from the epilogues back into the story proper, recruits god tier Roxy from some unknown point in canon for the mission to fight Lord English. He then brings Roxy, along with the other teen beta and alpha kids, to his own backyard on April 6th, 2009. As John gets lost in nostalgia, the beta kids ask John what happens to everyone in the retconned timelines. John struggles to answer, but gives a lukewarm speech about sacrifice, which Roxy alone seems starstruck by. She subtly flirts with John, but he brushes it off with discomfort. The group then begins a messy planning session for the coming battle. John walks away for a while as everyone reunites, and when he returns, Roxy is sitting in the grass with Rose, and John decides it's time for the group to head out. Everyone gets up, holds hands in a circle, and zaps away.

They find themselves in a strange, dark place. Jade quickly sniffs out Caliborn, who has an intense staredown with John, brags about his MASTERPIECE, and laughs at them all as the fight begins. Not many details are given of the ensuing battle, but the narration seems to indicateMeat.png the kids put up more of a fight against the cherub than the initial claymation implied. Caliborn eventually feels overwhelmed and unleashes the Juju on the four beta kids, much to their shock. They all get sucked into it almost instantaneously, and Caliborn laughs at them as he returns the Juju to the chest and closes it. The four alpha kids are left to fight Caliborn presumably as was shown in A6A6A5, aside from the factHS.svg that the Juju chest apparently remains on the scene at least through the robotic horsesHS.svg appearing. The details of this fight are also left vague.

Earth C adult[]

Roxy is grimly disappointed in John's decision to proceed with killing Lord English, but they are understanding if not supportive regardless. Their departure is curt and without parting affections, save for holding Calliope's hand.

When Jade discusses Karkat's presidential campaign and his competition with Jane, Roxy insists on remaining neutral despite being convinced by Jade's argument. From there, Roxy reveals that they have discussed gender with Calliope in great depth, and they come out as nonbinary. Roxy makes a very hyperbolic remark about gender norms pressuring them to marry and have kids, unknowingly referencing the Candy timeline.

The sincerity of the moment is interrupted when Jade's consciousness is transported to the distant, teenage-Jade. Roxy panics, but they take appropriate actions to accommodate Jade's sudden unconsciousness. Jade awakens shortly, though Roxy's relief is interrupted as Alternate Calliope takes over Jade's body. Their distress is even further exacerbated when Calliope immediately flees at the sight of the possession, yet Roxy (possibly influenced by the cherub) chose to stay with the potentially ailed Jade instead of chasing after them.

Unsure of what to do, they hesitantly begin seeking answers from Rose. When she does not pick up, Roxy considers turning to Dirk, but Alternate Calliope uses her narrative powers to advise against it. Roxy decides to confide in Dave about the situation as a last resort, albeit he is less helpful and more off-topic, likely due to his preoccupation with Karkat's speech. Consequently, they briefly talk about politics, which causes Roxy to ruminate on Dave's relationship with Karkat, but they soon change the subject to identity; a subject that Dave explicitly delays Jake's speech to talk about, as he prioritizes their feelings over politics or Jade shenanigans.

After providing a long-winded rant about the "stages" of sexual/gender self-discovery, Dave abruptly discerns that Roxy is considering fully transitioning to male, which he laments is true. They have a heartfelt exchange about their newfound father-son bond, but when Dirk moves to threaten assassination, Alternate Calliope is prompted to influence Dave's intuition. His confusion about Dave's sudden disappearance worsens when his window shatters and Jade is revealed to have been mysteriously tranquilized.

From hereon, the Roxy from Meat will be referred to using strictly he/him pronouns.

Following the election of President Jane, Roxy periodically visits Jade in the hospital. He is taken aback when Terezi, having returned home, suddenly approaches him, mistaking Roxy for Dave. The two humor each other's cool qualities, then question the uncertain fates of Calliope (who is traumatized by the sudden return of Alternate Calliope) and John (who died after combating Lord English's poison). He is anxious over the lack of closure, but he resolves that he should not push anyone for answers.

Later, during one of his regular visits, Roxy is implied to speak to the comatose Jade, although the contents of these conversations are unknown, as Dirk's narration is incapable of peering into Roxy's mind. Kanaya delivers the antidote provided to her by Dirk, and Roxy is more than ecstatic to see Jade recover so quickly, but his relief is once again cut short when his good friend Dirk is revealed to be the puppeteer behind these events. He is more confused than enraged, however, especially when compared to Kanaya's breakdown, which resulted in a defenestrated heart monitor. Roxy opts to reconvene with Dave and Karkat.

At Dave and Karkat's hive, he seeks information regarding Dirk's whereabouts from Jake English, sympathizing with his sobs. He allows Kanaya to take his phone and call Jane for any further information, albeit recognizing the groups distrust in the newly-elected president. The conversation grows uncomfortable, and Dave changes the subject to his matespritship with Karkat. The shift is appreciated, and he approves of their relationship.

Kanaya comes up empty-handed, Terezi does not answer Roxy's call, and nobody knows of John's death. However, of the things he is certain about, Roxy fully invests himself in Karkat's declaration to retrieve Rose and trust the vague instructions from Alternate Calliope through possessed Jade. Thus, he embarks on the journey seen in in confused yet brave spirits, alongside the rest of their party.

He is then seen some time afterward on the ship early in the morning in Homestuck^2, as Alt!Calliope forces Dave and Karkat to wake up. Here, Roxy is seen during his transition, sporting a hoodie, baggy pants, and sunglasses shaped in hearts. As Dave goes to visit Kanaya on the observatory deck, Roxy discusses with Karkat about how them leaving Earth C before anything they caused anything bad to happen was the best action, indirectly referencing the Candy timeline. He then goes and makes Karkat some pancakes.

After John eats the candy and decides to stay on Earth C, Roxy is at first surprised, and then breaks their unreadable demeanor with an enthusiastic squeal and a tight embrace. Roxy cries into John's shoulder and expresses excitement over big plans that they and Calliope have for him. As Calliope asks John to bring Gamzee back to Earth C, he looks to Roxy for support, but they essentially have no opinion on the matter. John begrudgingly brings him back, and Gamzee bursts out of the fridge and begins a self-pitying, apologetic soliloquy as Calliope comforts him. John scoffs in the middle of it but Roxy shushes him. After Gamzee finishes his speech, Calliope and Roxy congratulate and embrace him, as John walks away.

From hereon, the Roxy from Candy will be referred to using strictly she/her pronouns.
Roxy proposes to John at Dirk's funeral, and as time passes, she gets pregnant, giving birth to a son, Harry Anderson Egbert. The marriage eventually fails, but years later the two make amends and John makes plans to see their son more often. Although Roxy discusses her sexuality during her last appearance, in this path Roxy keeps she/her pronouns.

In Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon[]

From the reader's point of view, Roxy's story in Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon picks up in the two timelines where The Homestuck Epilogues left off.
Roxy uses different pronouns in Meat and in Candy, using he/him and they/them in Meat and she/her in Candy. As such, Roxy generally is referred to with they/them pronouns unless otherwise stated.


From hereon, the Roxy from Meat will be referred to using strictly he/him pronouns.

Since the conclusion of The Homestuck Epilogues, the party has embarked on a manhunt for Dirk, as he had "kidnapped" Rose. Roxy, seeking closure from his childhood friend, yet unaware of the cosmic significance of their pursuit, was among those who met the night of their departure, alongside Calliope, Karkat, Dave, Jade (possessed by Alternate Calliope), and Kanaya. Years later, the group speeds through space in the direction that Alternate Calliope guided them, maintaining an old-fashioned yet spacious ship presumably from Jake. In the end, Roxy comes out as trans.

Roxy later talks to Dave about his relationship with Karkat and how it's gotten out of hand, as well as if Dave is ready to end Dirk's life once they finally catch up and arrive on Deltritus.


From hereon, the Roxy from Candy will be referred to using strictly she/her pronouns.

Since the conclusion of The Homestuck Epilogues, Roxy had faded into relative obscurity. Due to her experiences involving grief, motherhood, and marriage that are exclusive to this timeline, she opted to maintain her birth pronouns. She's been raising 16-year-old Harry Anderson for 6 years on her own since since divorcing her spouse, and said ex-spouse has only just recently began an attempt at reconciling with their failed relationship. The relationships she had with many of her friends, most notably the one she had with Rose, had been strained and severed by her cooperation with Jane's campaigning.

Roxy contacts John some time after his house has been blown up, telling him she needed his help. Once John arrives at her house, fearing she had been seeking their physical relationship, she assures that's not the reason she called him, and shows him a transportalizer under her bed she's been using to access her secret lair. She reveals that the transportalizer directs to the old meteor, where Calliope is waiting for them. Roxy and Calliope inform him that they know world's coming upheaval due to being a universe of low significance within a black hole, sealing them away from the influence of the course of events that governs reality, and tell him his job is bringing Vriska back from confinement to the meteor, which is located the black hole's singularity.

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