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Sicklekind is Karkat Vantas' strife specibus. Sickles have a small handle, with a medium sized curved blade.

Karkat using the strife specibus sicklekind is possibly a reference to the ruling planet of Cancer, his associated zodiac sign, the moon, which takes the form of a sickle when crescent.


Location Found Karkat's Respiteblock

Karkat likes to think he looks really really cool practicing in his room with his Sickle, but actually he looks like kind of a doofus. The most lethal members of troll society, the threshecutioners (of which Karkat is an aspiring member), are also known to use sickles.

Homes Smell Ya Later[]

Location Found Land of Pulse and Haze

Karkat combined his sickle with The Thresh Prince of Bel-Air DVD to produce Homes Smell Ya Later upon entering the medium. The name is a direct reference to a line in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme, which is actually "Yo homes, smell ya' later!" In The Thresh Prince of Bel-Air, Troll Will Smith plays a new cadet amongst the ranks of the threshecutioners, sassin' up all the bluebloods in his flaysquad. In Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 5, Karkat describes it as PROBABLY LACKING IN COMBAT STATS, BUT IT'S HARD TO SAY NO TO A CLASSIC.


Location Found Land of Thought and Flow

Karkat alchemizes his sickle with a Regisword to produce some sort of Regisickle. The weapon is only seen onceHS.svg, though it has been seen in a dream bubble chest in Openbound: Part 2, where the name was officially revealed.


Location Found Land of Thought and Flow

The Clawsickle, resembling a large red crab's claw, joins Karkat's arsenal as he travels across his land with Jack and Terezi. Its red color and squishy appearance may come from one of the beating hearts seen in the Land of Pulse and Haze, or is a reference to Karkat's astrological sign Cancer, meaning "Crab."