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Skaianet's logo - the S depicts an atom and the spirograph that has been seen multiple times

Skaianet is the company that released Sburb in the pre-scratch universe, and the owner of the laboratory near Rose's house. So far, no employees of the company have been seen or mentioned, though all of the kids' guardians seemed to have unusual connections with it.

According to Andrew Hussie, technology or inscriptions that allowed the creation of Sburb were found by Grandpa in the Frog Temple. This makes it likely that he had contact with Skaianet, or that in fact he founded the company himself to release the game. This would be in line with Grandma being the founder of the company in the post-scratch universe.

Scratched Skaianet logo

Post-scratch Skaianet logo

In the post-scratch universe, Sburb was not released by Skaianet, but by Crockercorp. However, Skaianet also existed, created by the post-scratch version of Jade Harley. It produced several products competitive to Crockercorp technology in order to reduce the influence of the Batterwitch. These products also were stylised to be reminiscent of Lord English, because Grandma knew the Condesce feared her master.

The name "Skaianet" is likely a parody of "Skynet" from the Terminator series. The name also relates to Skaia very transparently.

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