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In Pesterquest[edit | edit source]


Sollux is the first troll introduced in the Pesterquest saga alongside Aradia Megido, whom the two cameo in one of Jade's bad endings.

In The Homestuck Epilogues[edit | edit source]

From the reader's point of view, Sollux's story in The Homestuck Epilogues picks up from where his Canon biography ended.

Sollux only appears in the Candy timeline.

Later on, in the postscript of Meat (which is actually the ending of Candy) Aradia mentions to Davebot that she left Sollux on Earth C, because "this was all getting a bit too much for him" and that "if [she] go ill probably just cut him loose".

In Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon[edit | edit source]

Sollux's pre-Retcon self first appearsHS2.svg in Homestuck^2 immediately following the moment after Aradia left the Candy Timeline. This left him stranded on a tall structureHS2.svg.

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Paradox Space[edit | edit source]

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  • Similarly to Vriska, Sollux has been heavily implied to be transgender in his Pesterquest route, with the player not being able to see Sollux and Kanaya younger, his slight discomfort in seeing an old picture of himself, his real name being "Solluxander" as stated by Kanaya, suggesting that he chose this name himself and was not given to him by his lusus. These facts get cemented more on Hussie's tweet saying how Eridan envied Sollux' lusus for not refering to him by his "dead name".

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