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Introduced in Homestuck, the [S] command prefix indicates when a page has sound. While not conventional for a webcomic, this nonetheless means that epic moments are accompanied by equally epic music. Homestuck uses music for a variety of purposes: Haunting Solos, Background MusicHS, and Casual ListeningHS. The songs were created by members of the music team, and Andrew Hussie has set up a Sound Credits PageMspa icon. The songs can also be downloaded at the Homestuck Bandcamp Page.

Soundtrack Edit

Tracks are listed by grouping (i.e. all remixes of a particular song are together), then in chronological order.

Showtime Edit

Showtime is Homestuck's first leitmotif. It's closely associated with John, being his favorite piece of music and his battle theme. • By Malcolm Brown

Sheet music for the piano refrain arrangement can be seen here (.pdf).

Harlequin Edit

Harlequin is a carnival-like piece of music associated with John's Kernelsprite, his Dad, and the Shale Imps. • By Mark Hadley

Sburban Edit

The Sburban music is associated with Sburb and events involving Sburb, such as Meteor strikes. • By Michael Guy Bowman.

Aggrieve Edit

Aggrieve is one of Rose's leitmotifs and is also her battle music. • By Mark Hadley

Dave's Phat Beat Machine Edit

Dave's got the sickest beats.HS A bunch of original jams.

  • 01, 02 • By Andrew Hussie
  • 03, 04, 05, 11 • By Gabe Nezovic
  • 06, 07, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 • By Robert J! Lake
  • 08, 09 • By xerxes333
  • 10 • By Robert Blaker
  • Harlequin theme also plays—activated by pressing the first, fourth, thirteenth, and sixteenth buttons (four corners) to bring up the secret beats selection. Previously the Captain Planet Theme, Ghostbusters Theme, and I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing would be the other options.

Victory Music Edit

Victory music plays when one of the kids wins Strife.

Skaian Edit

Ethereal music associated with Skaia. • By Mark Hadley

Upward Movement Edit

Also known as "Dave Owns." Originally titled "Dave Fucking Owns at this Game". This is possibly Dave's theme. • By Robert Blaker

Vagabounce Edit

A bouncy theme associated with the Wayward Vagabond. • By David Ko

Explore Edit

An epic song played when the Wayward Vagabond ascends and a ton of other cool stuff happens. • By Usagi Buzinkai

Flute Refrain Edit

Thirty or so squeaky notes played on the flute Jade finds. As she doesn't know how to play it, all the notes are off-key and she mostly just plays them to be silly.

The Beginning of Something Really Excellent Edit

Jade's hauntingly relaxing bassline, then her six-armed "advanced" dream-bassline. Jade's leitmotif. • By Robert J! Lake

Jade's hauntingly relaxed bassline was Guardian and her advanced bass solo was Guardian V2 before Bill Bolin left the music team.

FreshJamz Edit

Jade's media player of choiceHS, decked out with Jade's electronica and some of Dave's remixes.

The original FreshJamz player had Kinetic Verdancy and Rediscover Fusion Remix instead of Potential Verdancy and Crystalanthemums respectively.

Note that the length of the tracks is not always the one displayed next to their name in the Freshjamz software, "Showtime Remix" is 1 second longer, "Potential Verdancy" is 33 seconds longer and "Rediscover Fusion" is 1 second longer.

Dead Shuffle Edit

The Midnight Crew's theme. • By Mark Hadley

This song replaced Nightlife by Bill Bolin.

Beatdown Edit

A techno song that's possibly Dave's strife theme, though considering the circumstances, it could just as well be Bro's. • By Curt Blakeslee

Dissension Edit

A song used when Jade enters "Strife" with Grandpa. • By David Ko

Chorale Edit

A feline funeral dirge for Jaspers and (when arranged for different instruments) a wild west song complete with melodic whistling and hoof clopping. • By Michael Guy Bowman

Revelawesome Edit

Revelawesome ♫

A solemn, suspenseful song suitable for shocking twists. • By Malcolm Brown

Unbreakable Union Edit

Played when Jade Strifes with Becquerel. May be the omnipoterrier's theme. • By Robert Blaker

This song replaced "Mutiny" by Bill Bolin.

Versus Edit

Played in the final round of Dave's Strife with Bro. Contains faint traces of Beatdown. • By Toby "Radiation" Fox

Ballad of Awakening Edit

Ballad of Awakening ♫

A mysterious, upbeat song played during Jade's dream sequence. • By Malcolm Brown

Three in the morning Edit

Three in the Morning ♫ A quiet, low song played at Snowman's first appearance. • By Clark Powell

Doctor Edit

Doctor ♫ A song played when John reaches the Land of Wind and Shade. It is in a minor key with eerie sound effects. • By Usagi Buzinkai

Endless Climb Edit

Endless Climb ♫

A more peaceful, calm song played when Rose reaches the Land of Light and Rain. • By Usagi Buzinkai

Atomyk Ebonpyre Edit

Atomyk Ebonpyre ♫

A dark sounding song played when we first see Dave in the Land of Heat and Clockwork. He is, however, not exactly the same Dave we know. • By Toby "Radiation" Fox

Bed of Rose's/Dreams of Derse Edit

Bed of Rose's/Dreams of Derse ♫

A short song that plays when Rose goes to sleep. • By Mark Hadley

Black Edit

Black ♫

A dark jazz song that plays when Jack Noir ascends. A remix of the song "Liquid Negrocity" ♫ from Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead. • By Toby "Radiation" Fox

Dave's Phat Dream MachineEdit

Just because Dave's asleepHS doesn't mean he and Rose can't jam to some sweet beats.

  • "Unsheath'd" • By Alexander Rosetti
  • "Welcome to the New Extreme" • By Robert J! Lake
  • "Octoroon Rangoon" • By Toby "Radiation" Fox
  • "Derse Dreamers" • By Jeremy "Solatrus" Iamurri
  • "Phantasmagoric Waltz" • By Alexander Rosetti

Skaian Skirmish Edit

Skaian Skirmish ♫

The song that is played when Warweary Villein rises up. • By Andrew Huo

How Do I Live (Put the Bunny Back In the Box Version) Edit

How Do I Live (Put the Bunny Back in the Box Version) ♫

How Do I Live plays on the greatest flash page in Homestuck. Ever. And another oneHS, too. The original song was written by Diane Warren, and a version by Trisha Yearwood was featured in the 1997 film Con Air.

Descend Edit

Descend ♫

A large mashup of at least 28 songs from the early Homestuck Soundtrack.

"Descend"HS Info; Extended Edit

A large mash-up of many songs used for the End of Act 4 flash on page 3840 of Homestuck. Descend was put together by Toby "Radiation" Fox and is listed as Track 64 of Homestuck Vol.5.[Descend References 1] The YouTube Dis-Ambiguation By Putnam[Descend References 2] lists 27 songs which have an album breakdown as follows:

  • Homestuck Vol.1 5 Songs (19%)
    1. Aggrieve
    2. Harlequin
    3. Sburban Jungle
    4. Showtime
    5. Skies Of Skaia
  • Homestuck Vol.2 4 Songs (15%)
    1. Explore
    2. Guardian
    3. Upward Movement
    4. Vagabounce
  • Homestuck Vol.3 2 Songs (7%)
    1. Beatdown
    2. Chorale For Jaspers
  • Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead 2 Songs (7%)
    1. Liquid Negrocity
    2. Three In The Morning
  • Homestuck Vol.4 5 Songs (19%)
    1. Atomyk Ebonpyre
    2. Black
    3. Doctor
    4. Endless Climb
    5. Mutiny
  • Homestuck Vol.5 4 Songs (15%)
    1. Lotus
    2. Pumpkin Cravings
    3. Skaian Skuffle
    4. Underworld
  • Non-Volume Soundtrack 5 Songs (19%)
    1. Dirgeish
    2. Jackknife
    3. Non-Compos Mentis
    4. Penumbra Phantasm
    5. Problem Sleuth Theme

"Descend"HS Easter Eggs Edit

The version of descend released in the Homestuck Vol. 5 Album[Descend References 1] does not include the interim Squiddle interruption track, whereas the version featured in MSPA End Of Act 4 "[S] Descend" on the official site does.[Descend References 3]

Organizinghsmusic on Tumblr has said that "pressing start [during the Problem Sleuth segment of Descend] sends you to the first page of Problem Sleuth".[Descend References 4]

"Descend"HS Sources Edit

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Crystamanthequins Edit

Crystamanthequins ♫

Some trolls fuck some other trolls up. Everybody cheers. Based on the originals "Crystalanthemums" ♫ by Alexander Rosetti and "Mannequin" by Perry Sullivan

Homestuck Edit

Homestuck ♫

A sweet little keyboard-and-strings tune that acts as a sort of theme for Homestuck. • By Clark Powell


A number of remixes of previous tracks, tunes from EarthBound and altogether new songs are used in the Flash game AlterniaboundHS. Many of them can only be heard by accessing the sound test room using Ctrl-T. All tracks are by Toby "Radiation" Fox unless otherwise noted. Almost all of the tracks are featured, albeit remixed, in Homestuck Vol. 6.

Karkat's Theme Edit

Karkat's Theme ♫

A remix of Crustacean ♫, by Toby "Radiation" Fox.

Spider's Claw Edit

Spider's Claw ♫

By Toby "Radiation" Fox. Originally released as a a bonus track ♫ on the Alternia album, it was included (both the original and a remix) in AlterniaboundHS.

  • Spider's Claw
  • Vriska's Theme

MeGaLoVania Edit

MeGaLoVania ♫

A song originally from Radiation's EarthBound Halloween ROM Hack that can only be described as metal, played during the destruction of the trolls' Derse, Aradia's unexpected ascension, and Tavros' fateful battle with Vriska. A longer version of "Megalovania" included in Alterniabound, taking in motifs from Spider's Claw. Written by Toby "Radiation" Fox with sweet guitars by Joren "Tensei" de Bruin.

  • MegalovaniaHS (in the secret room)
  • MeGaLoVaniaHS.
  • A new arrangement of Megalovania was included in Toby's surprise hit 2015 indie game Undertale, and a further arrangement of that version was included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when the Undertale character Sans was added to the game as a Mii Gunner outfit.

Secret ROMEdit

A song that plays when you enter a shop in Secret of Mana. Originally appears in the sound room in Alterniabound, and is later used in Terezi: Read note. By Toby "Radiation" Fox.

Nic Cage Song Edit

Two songs by Toby "Radiation" Fox were included in AlterniaboundHS in Vriska's secret room. They were credited only as "two shitty nic cage songs". One was later released in Volume 6 as Nic Cage Song ♫, which briefly quotes the other song.

Let the Squiddles SleepEdit

Let the Squiddles Sleep ♫

Holy shit that's creepy • Created by Robert J! Lake, includes a partial remix of "Squiddles!" ♫ by Alexander Rosetti, and edited by Toby "Radiation" Fox to fit the flash.

Umbral UltimatumEdit

Umbral Ultimatum ♫

Orchestral Okami speedcore lite • Created by Toby "Radiation" Fox as a partial remix of four other songs: "Unbreakable Union" by Robert Blaker, "Courser" by Alexander Rosetti and Seth "Beatfox" Peelle, "Carefree Action" by Mark Hadley, and "Homestuck Anthem" by Clark Powell. The beginning is from the unreleased song Penumbral Phantasm. The song appears when Jade is entering the medium.

Frost Edit

Frost ♫

A wintery theme as narrated by the great prophet Charles Dutton played when Jade finally gets to the Land of Frost and Frogs. • By Jeremy "Solatrus" Iamurri

Sunslammer Edit

Sunslammer ♫

Those Uranium Imps are tricky • Created by Seth "Beatfox" Peelle. A more cheerful, poppier remix of the original song, Sunsetter ♫, by Toby "Radiation" Fox

[S] Kanaya: Return to the coreEdit

As Alterniabound's sequel, Kanaya: Return to the coreHS has many songs, though lesser than the avalanche of music from Alterniabound. Like its prequel, almost all of the songs are by Toby "Radiation" Fox, save for "Heir Conditioning".

[S] Equius: Seek the highb100dEdit

Another Alterniabound successor, Equius: Seek the highb100dHS has at least the same number of songs as the previous flash, [S] Kanaya: Return to the core – or, for the sake of readability, Returniabound. Though unlike the last two flashes, only two of its songs are made by Toby "Radiation" Fox.

  • Midnight Calliope ♫: Oh my fucking god. • By Mark Hadley
  • "Miracles": Hide me. • A slower, absolutely nightmarish remix of Miracles by Toby "Radiation" Fox HoNk :o)

Trollian standoff Edit

Trollian Standoff ♫

The song used in 3x SHOWDOWN COMBO.HS By Joren "Tensei" de Bruin.

Warhammer of Zillyhoo Edit

Warhammer of Zillyhoo ♫

Listen and be awed by the chant of the Warhammer of Zillyhoo. Used in All: Behold glory of ZillyhooHS. Created and sung by Michael Guy Bowman

Black Rose/Green sun Edit

Black Rose/Green Sun ♫

The song used in Seer: descendHS. By Malcolm Brown.

At the Price of Oblivion Edit

At the Price of Oblivion ♫ was used in part in this panelHS. By Malcolm Brown. Appears to be based on Happy Cat Song! ♫ and Hardchorale ♫ from Volume 5.

Terezi's RecordsEdit

They might actually be Gamzee's, but Terezi is playing themHS.

I'm a Member of the Midnight CrewEdit

By Eddie Morton.

BL1ND JUST1C3 : 1NV3ST1G4T1ON !! Edit

BL1ND JUST1C3 : 1NV3ST1G4T1ON !! ♫

The disk is scratched! Used in Flip.HS Partially a remix of "Sburban Jungle" by Malcolm Brown and "Objection!" from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney by Masakazu Sugimori, with added effects by Toby "Radiation" Fox


Featured in The finale of Act 5HS, Cascade ♫ is a medley of four tracks: Cascade (Beta) ♫, Flare ♫, Savior of the Dreaming Dead and Black Hole/Green Sun. By Joren "Tensei" de Bruin, Clark Powell, Malcolm Brown, Toby "Radiation" Fox and Kelly Sadwin.

English Edit

English ♫

He is already here. This is the 13th track of the 2010 "The Felt" album of the Homestuck discography, It is 3:30 in total length. The track was created by Toby "Radiation" Fox.

English Notable Occurrences Edit

  • The theme of Intermission 2HS
  • Within Act 6 Act 6 Act 6 [S] CollideHS this track begins playing at 2:17 as we transition over to Derse for the Condesce fight. At 2:39, when the fight officially begins, it transitions to an electronic remix of the track and at 3:02 it fades from the mix. At 10:46 a synth cover of this track is added to the mix during the Lord English brawl in the Dream Bubbles of the Furthest Ring and ends at 11:11.

English Fun Facts Edit

  • This track plays during a Lord English fight ending at Notable Number 11:11!
  • A rendition of this track, written by Toby "Radiation" Fox, plays right before Homestuck's Undertale tribute in [S] Collide.
  • This track begins with short single note chimes, the first of which is the same note (down an octave) which some phones play for a text message notification which in turn serves to highlight the fact that Lord English is already here!

Sick BleatsEdit

Used in this animationHS. Okay, so it's just the sound of a goat bleating. By Toby "Radiation" Fox.

Infinity MechanismEdit

Infinity Mechanism ♫

Used in the end of Act 6 Intermission 1HS • By Thomas "EidolonOrpheus" Ferkol

Even in DeathEdit

Even in Death ♫

By Clark Powell. Notably, it is the leitmotif that closes the comic at the end of Act 7.


AnbroidsMspa icon

Robot rap! Used in RAP-OFF!!!!!!!!!!"HS • By Malcolm Brown.

Time on My SideEdit

Time on My Side ♫

Used in [S] Prince of Heart: Rise up.HS. Partially a remix of both Beatdown and Black, with themes of Homestuck Anthem in the background • By Joren "Tensei" de Bruin.

Weird moody horse shitEdit

Not actually a song, but the background ambiance for this flashHS. By Alexander Rosetti. Also used in thisHS sequenceHS ofHS fiveHS flashesHS.

Included as a hidden track at the end of Frogsong on the album Genesis Frog.


Rain ♫

Used in [S] ACT 6 ACT 3HS. By Clark Powell.

Ruins (With Strings)Edit

Ruins (With Strings) ♫

Used in [S] Jane: Proceed.HS By Erik "Jit" Scheele and Michael Guy Bowman.

I Don't Want to Miss a ThingEdit

I Don't Want To Miss a Thing. ♫

Used in [S] Terry: Fast forward to Liv.HS A Michael Guy Bowman cover of a song originally performed by Aerosmith for the movie Armageddon. Written by Diane Warren.

Unite SynchronizationEdit

Unite Synchronization ♫

Used in [S] Dirk: Synchronize.HS and [S] Dirk: Unite.HS By Malcolm Brown.

Eternity Served ColdEdit

Eternity Served Cold ♫

Used in [S] Caliborn: EnterHS, and also briefly here.HS Malcolm Brown's dramatic remix of English, quoting elements of Sburban Countdown, Endless Climb, Black Rose/Green Sun and Penumbral Phantasm. It also contains elements of Savior of the Dreaming Dead ♫ from Homestuck Vol. 8, Doctor ♫ from Homestuck Vol. 4, Awakening ♫ from Homestuck Vol. 7, and Revelawesome ♫ from Homestuck Vol. 4.

The Collide version is listed as Eternity Served Cold (Canon Edit) ♫

This song was previously named Eternity's Shylock.

Fuchsia RulerEdit

Fuchsia Ruler ♫

Used as Meenah's theme in the first sectionHS of Openbound. It contains elements reminiscent of the chiptune break in Liquid Negrocity towards the end. A loop of the intro makes an appearance hereHS as Aranea's ringtone for a call from Meenah.

Hate YouEdit

Hate You ♫

A looping version of Hate You is used as Meenah's theme in the second sectionHS of Openbound, and 108 Stars of Density, a slowed down remix, is used in the third sectionHS.

Other tracks from OpenboundEdit

Part 1

  • Darling Dolorosa, a remix of Darling Kanaya / Virgin Orb. (Not yet released.)
  • GameGlr (with samples of GameGrl (Original 1993 Mix) and Teal Seer). (Not yet released)
  • Iron Infidel ♫ (coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A)
  • Elevatorstuck ♫ (Homestuck Volume 6)

Part 2

  • G4M38L0RG (with samples from GameBro (Original 1990 Mix), The La2t Frontier and The Blind Prophet). (Not yet released.)
  • Olive Rogue ♫ (coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A)
  • Violet Prince ♫ (coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A)
  • Purple Bard ♫ (coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A)
  • Teal Seer ♫ (coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A)
  • Crab Waltz. (Not yet released.)

Part 3

Killed by BR8K Spider!!!!!!!!Edit

Killed by BR8K Spider!!!!!!!! ♫

Used for Ministrife!!!, from the AlterniaBound album.

Horschestra STRONG VersionEdit

Horschestra ♫

Arquiusprite's themeHS.


Horsecatska (unreleased)Edit

Used for Arquiusprite and Davepetasprite^2's bro bump hugHS.

Trickster ModeEdit

Used in [S] Jane: EngageHS and fourHS otherHS FlashHS pagesHS. A remix of Showtime and Sburban Jungle, not that you can really tell because it's so hyperactively sped-up.


Not yet released. Used in [S] ACT 6 ACT 5 ACT 2HS.

Sweet Bro Theme SongEdit

This song actually has nothing to do with Homestuck. Andrew Hussie, being the bastard he is, stole it from Dave Strider's comic and credited to the artists on HIS music team. It's on the credits page and everything. • By David Ko

Dance of ThornsEdit

Used for the trailer of the Homestuck Kickstarter. By Joren "Tensei" de Bruin.

Gold PilotEdit

Gold Pilot ♫

Used in [S] Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 1HS, although it glitches out around the 1:23 mark, leaving 4 minutes worth of song unplayed, supposedly unintentionally.

Removed SongsEdit

The following songs have been removed from the comic and replaced by new ones. All Songs by Bill Bolin unless otherwise indicated.

Versions of the flash videos with their original music (excluding the second version of "[S] Dave and Rose: Shut up and Jam" with Shatterface) can be downloaded here (along with other flashes).

See alsoEdit


  • Almost none of the characters have been voiced in-comic. Notable exceptions:
    • John sings in [S] All: Behold glory of ZillyhooHS.
    • In [S] Descend, where the tracks "Squiddles Theme" and "Friendship Aneurysm" interrupt the song. The Squiddle from "Friendship Aneurysm" is named in the track itself, but this section does not play in the comic.
    • After the release of coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A, which had a number of lyrical tracks, Radiation released a few responses in regards to the voices in the music. He declared that there were no canon voices, Squiddles and Plumbthroat excluded, "But that doesn't mean you can’t enjoy some lovely vocal interpretations!!!", which is the best advice of all.
    • Lord English​ releasing the Vast Honk can be considered canon, although it's questionable whether this counts as a voice.
    • The FlashHS where Yaldabaoth appears contains a guttural growling that can be assumed to be vocal.
    • Even if not discribed as [S], a lot of the Vines in Act 6 Act 6 Act 5 have sound effects voiced by Caliborn.
  • Mark Hadley, the composer of Harlequin and Sburban Countdown previously provided official music for defunct sprite comic Kid Radd—Homestuck's multimedia predecessor. Hadley remixed two of his fan tunes (Bogey's Theme and Radd's Theme) to create the music that accompanied the comic's end sequence.
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