The Speakeasy is a location in Problem Sleuth. People come here to enjoy Mobster Kingpin's bootleg hooch.

The Speakeasy features a fireplace, a pully system on the ceiling, a large bust of MK himself, and a large painting of the Weasel King. A great deal of weird puzzle shit went down here.

The Speakeasy is situated directly above the still room and the jazz room. A short staircase in the center of the Speakeasy leads to a small alcove with doors leading into each of these rooms, close enough together that an oboe or ten bassoons can be wedged between them.

Climbing down the fireplace leads to the elf room. The double doors lead to the Skull Room. The door labeled "exit" leads out into a Legitimate Establishment.

Pickle Inspector proved to be fairly useless in this room.


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