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Spoonkind and forkkind are Jane Crocker's strife specibi. When Jane hits a switch on her baking tool it toggles between a stirring solution and a poking solution.

Junior Battermaster's Bowlbuster Stirring Solution 50000[]

Location Found Jane's room

It has the ability to vocalize stored recipes step by step to the user, these stored recipes reaching up to several millions. At first, Jane's appeared to have a broken component, as one of the switches did not seem to do anything. As it would turn out though, at 11:11 when the Betty Crocker business empire launched its rebranding, the switch would cause the item to change into its alternate form.

Junior Battermaster's Bowlbuster Poking Solution 50000[]

Location Found Jane's room

Once the empire launched its rebranding at 11:11, the switch on the spoon would cause it to change into a fork, and back. This switch also affects her strife-weapon and Strife Specibus, which, when the switch is flipped, will switch back and forth from a spoonkind to a forkkind.

Skaia War Fork[]

Location Found Land of Pyramids and Neon

Jane was seen with this fork after spending some time in her void session. It is a large white fork around as tall as Jane, with a miniature Skaia on the end opposite to the teeth. It somewhat resembles the King's Scepter. The fork was presumably alchemised using a large fork and something found on or representing Skaia, like a ghost image, or the Scepter itself considering it was last seen with the White Queen.

Battlespork of Zillywut[]

Spork of Zillywut.png
Cost 1 zillion zillium
Location Found Dirk's roof

The Battlespork of Zillywut is one of the seven legendary weapons of cherubim folklore, representing its namesake continent. It was apparently plucked from the revered utensil drawer of none other than the Chieftain of the Trifletoot Clan himself, polished to a gleam in his loincloth by his devoted Abecedarian Buttersquire. It is either the first of Jane's weapons that can be used with either the Spoonkind or Forkkind specibus, or the first known example of a weapon usable with a new "Sporkkind" specibus.

Red Skaia fork[]

Evil Skaia fork.png
Location Found The Veil - Frog Temple ectobiology lab?

After the Condesce took control of Jane, she is first seen wielding this fork in the A6A6I1 opening Flash.HS.svg It looks like the Junior Battermaster's Bowlbuster Poking Solution 50000 with the orb from the Skaia War Fork, and was probably alchemized from those two weapons. It was used to kill KarkatHS.svg for the first time in the alpha timeline.

After the fork falls into the lava lake on LOFAF, it is shown that the globe on the fork has direct influence on Skaia, with lava pouring downHS.svg among the clouds. From this, it might be inferred that the same is true of the kings' scepters, thus implying that the two visual transitions between the scepters and Skaia in [S] WV?: Rise upHS.svg were literal rather than artistic.

Jane also possesses one in the post-retcon timeline and fights with it in Collide.