Swifer and cliper

Swifer and Cliper Borden from the Snapchat Updates

Swifer Eggmop is a Jadeblood troll raised on Earth C . She first appears in the end credits sequence in the background of Rose's selfie, along with fellow jadeblood Cliper Borden (her broodmate and moirail). Swifer talks in the same shade of green as Kanaya, and seems to be a little slow on the uptake.

The Homestuck Epilogues (Dubiously Canon)Edit

Swifer is introduced to usCandy early on in Volume Candy. Swifer is Kanaya's assistant, and is attempting to give well-meaning, if overeager, assistance by cleaning the Mother Grub. According to Rose, Swifer's particular cadence, reminiscent of a "1920s newsboy archetype", is proof of the mark Jane is leaving on the culture. She is very confident with her mop, and brandishes it "with a martial flourish that absolutely recalls the fact that she is from a natural-born warrior species", according to Rose's inner monologue. Swifer seems to genuinely love her work in the brooding caverns, and upon witnessing the hatching of Vriska Maryam-Lalonde , begins to sniffle, exclaiming Golly gee oh my. This part always makes me tear up.

The next time we see SwiferCandy, things have changed. Karkat and Kanaya are working on a revolution, to help protect the ever-dwindling rights of their people. Karkat summons Swifer to his "office", a cave in the Mother Grub's tunnel system, because there is a leak directly above his desk. Swifer, who enjoys using ain't, ommitin' the g on words with an ING endin', and referring to Karkat as Commander, has great faith in Karkat. She is very sincere, but quickly perplexed when Karkat asks why the leak persists, having believed she did her job by using the leaking water to swif the bejeebus out of the floors. She also is flustered by the thought of a bucket, despite growing up in a world where buckets have yet to be used for their Alternian-made purpose.

Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon (Dubiously Canon)Edit


Swifer in Homestuck^2

Swifer appears in the patreon exclusive bonus arc "Catnapped," which takes place in the Meat Timeline. She joins Jasprosesprite^2, Jake, Jane, and Cliper as Jane is instructed by Jasprosesprite^2 in the ways of "women, wine, and song."

Apparently, before Kanaya left the planet to follow Dirk and Rose, she informed Swifer Swifer I Must Go To Space To Retrieve My Wife You May Take Over As Matriarch While I Am Away, appointing Swifer to the role of Matriarch on Earth C.


  • Swifer appears to be an ectobiological blend between Vriska Serket and Kanaya Maryam .
  • Within the Homestuck^2 Bonus Updates, Swifer's sign is shown to be Vircer, sign of the Accountable . This makes her a Prospit dreamer and a Hero of Blood.
    • The sign is different from what was shown in the Credits, where both she and Cliper have signs that fail to match any of the Jade signs from the extended zodiac website.
  • Swifer was named by Tumblr user yd12k in this post. However, this name was not canonized until release of the Homestuck Epilogues.

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