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Tavrisprite was Jane Crocker's sprite after being prototyped with Vriska Serket's and Tavros Nitram's corpses, by Gamzee. Their horn configuration resembles Tavros's large ones, but with Vriska's pincer and stinger tips. They also have Vision Eightfold and mascara, but the shape of their eyes are Tavros's. They wear a short-sleeved button-down shirt over a t-shirt, similar to both Vriska's and Tavros's outfits, with a new symbol on it, a mix between the Light symbol and the zodiac sign for Taurus. The rest of their body is the ghostly tail possessed by all sprites. The sprite's color and text color match John's text color, as Nannasprite's color and text matches Jane's text.



Right after being prototyped, they seem to have trouble reconciling their two drastically different personalities into a coherent new one and then selfdestruct. Tavros and Vriska's dead selves later reappear in a dream bubble and begin their quest to find the weapon that can defeat Lord English.


In the new timeline, Jane's guide was Gcatavrosprite instead. Vriska initially prototyped Jane's kernelsprite with Tavros' body, and much later ordered for Tavros to catch Gcat, merging them. This was part of Vriska's plan to neutralize God cat's influence before the final battle.

Personality and Traits[]

Tavrisprite immediately expressed their extreme psychological agony and hatred for aspects of themselves (and everything else). After finding their merged personality so completely irreconcilable, they had the fortune to mercifully "Tavrisplode!" effectively ending their short existence.

Similar to the way Jadesprite retained first guardian powers, it can be safely assumed that Tavrisprite had retained some of Tavros' and Vriska's abilities (stealing luck and unknown Breath powers, as well as their troll powers of mind control and the ability to commune with animals). Since this is a post-entry prototyping, such abilities gained were not transferred to the B2 session's underlings.

It can be surmised that Tavrisprite is a jab at the massive fandom speculation of various potential resurrections via prototypings, as well as the concept of shipping the two in general, in particular, the act of combining two names into one as something quite common to shipping couples (TAVRoS + VRISka).


  • They are the only B2 sprite in which two trolls' horn styles are combined into one (excluding Equius, who was not prototyped with another troll). This aesthetic choice was likely made because Vriska was the only troll thrown in a sprite who had asymmetrical horns.
  • Because Vriska was in her god tier outfit upon death, it is not her zodiac symbol but the aspect symbol that is represented in Tavrisprite.
  • Like Jane's ancestor sprite, one of their components lost one arm and one eye at some point.
    • Jane is a Hero of Life with a prototyped Hero of Breath, while John is a Hero of Breath with a prototyped Hero of Life.

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