Tavros's hive
Tavros' hive in the Land of Sand and Zephyr.




Alternia (pre-entry)
Land of Sand and Zephyr (post-entry)


Tavros Nitram

Tavros has a typical grey hive with 12 paned windows. The windows appear light blue from the outside and there is a matching windmill on top of the building. He lives in the countryside relatively isolated. Aradia’s hive shares some of these traits so it may be possible that they correlate to being part of the lower classes. He has a long field of grass in front of his house, what looks like stables behind it, and then a cliff over the ocean. He has put a jousting target along the field and he uses it to practice. Part of the field and the jousting target were taken into the Medium alongside the hive. The building was later expanded by Vriska Serket to reach the Seven Gates and eventually Skaia as required by Sburb, but was ultimately destroyed alongside Tavros' whole planet during Jack Noir's rampage.



Tavros' respiteblock became messy after he lost the ability to walk. As a master of monsters that stay inside small pocket-sized balls (known as "Oogonibombs"), he doesn't worry about cleaning up. This is mostly because he doesn't actually have a way of reaching the mess from his wheelchair. He has many posters of fairies, as well as one of the fictional character, Pupa Pan, scattered around his walls, hinting at his affinity for fantasy stories and childish interests.

Tavros' recuperacoon is taller than it is wide, in a cruel twist of fate. He has a ramp to access it, but it's shown that his wheelchair easily rolls down that ramp early on when he is first met. His horns don't fit in the chamber, making it difficult for him to get a good night's rest.


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