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Tavros Crocker is the product of a loveless union between Jane and Jake in the Candy timeline of The Homestuck Epilogues. As his parents engaged in a three-way relationship, he thinks of Gamzee as his "uncle", with implied resentment.

As his name implies, Tavros Crocker coincidentally resembles Tavros Nitram in numerous ways, particularly his typing style and his overall personality.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The Homestuck Epilogues[edit | edit source]

Tavros is introduced sometime after Roxy and John are married, but before Harry Anderson is born. His birthdate is unknown. His primary caretaker appears to have been Jake, likely due to the extreme and boisterous nature of Jane and Gamzee. It is implied that Tavros rarely interacted with others of his age group while growing up, as Jake remarks that his interactions with Vrissy should be encouraged.

He is not mentioned to be present at Alternate Jade's funeral.

On Harry Anderson's fifth birthday party, Tavros serves as a doorman to the Crocker household. By this time, he was no longer permitted to see Vrissy based on the political situation, which he displays an impressively depressing understanding of. He regards Vrissy with aprehension as a result of their ill-mannered interactions, and this causes him to fall victim to Harry Anderson's teasings as well, although Dave is quick to defend him. His obsequious personality is further highlighted by his behavior as a servant to his guests (and, by extension, Jane), rather than having responsibilities as a host. He is surprised to be called by anyone other than Jane.

Tavros is notably "resigned" from the events occurring around him, even with John manipulating the situation to isolate them in his room together. He seems unfazed by the security system placed in his room, but it is implied he has contemplated running away, and he voices excitement at the thought of escaping with John. Still, with the inevitable confrontation by Jane and the rest, Tavros is petrified in his closet by the violence.

Ten years later, during Dave and Jade's wedding, Vrissy texts Harry Anderson and Tavros in separate chatting windows. The three are each aged around fifteen when the war begins.

According to Vrissy's accounts with Harry Anderson, Tavros had snuck her into one of Jake's poker sessions at some point. The two are also referenced to have officially been hate-dating for some time, much to Harry Anderson's displeasure, but he takes no actual action to come between Vrissy and Tavros's relationship.

When Jake runs away from Jane with him, Tavros continues to uphold his quiet, good-nature demeanor, apologizing for the smallest of things and avoiding conversation unless he heard further fallacies in what Jake said. He notably leaves when Jake and John begin drinking.

Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon[edit | edit source]

Tavros is as polite, nervous, and hesitant as ever, and is also homeschooled.

Somewhere in the space between the move to John's house and Homestuck^2, he falls into kismessitude with Vrissy, which teeters between her bossing him around and him occassionally taking brave actions to piss her off. He believes, wrongly, that his father knows nothing about them. Jake has promised to quit drinking for him. His mother, Jane, attempts to "buy his love" with expensive toys, such as a Crocker-emblazoned hovercar and a phone that tracks his location.

His relationship with his "uncle", on the other hand, is full of suppressed and confused strife, to the point of Tavros releasing a flurry of fists and pent-up anguish on Gamzee's dead body. It's implied that Vrissy knew about what he went through, knowing he'd "get a kick out of seeing" Gamzee's corpse.

He, Vrissy, and Vriska smuggle Gamzee through the school, and Tavros decides that having someone with complete outward confidence decide what to do is quite comforting, as it blots out the necessity of cognition. They are caught, they hide in a closet, Jane assumes Tavros has been kidnapped by the rebels (because he just loooooves his Gamzee), and Tavros feels close to death.

The three escape to the Egbert-Lalonde home. In the relative safety of Harry's room, Tavros cautiously observes how Vrissy has begun to crave her eponymous' attention, and manages to nudge out a confession of her admiration and jealousy from her, before it becomes apparent that the house is completely surrounded. The three kids flip out, until Vriska absconds from sheer impatience. As she tears apart the crowd, Tavros hides behind a gnome, soon wishing he'd chosen a bigger one.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Like his late namesake, Tavros is a nervous person with a low self-esteem, but unlike his eponymous origin, this is a result of his intense, strict upbringing orchestrated by Jane.

Tavros is gloomy and quite serious at a young age, having bore witness to his mother's malice as a dictator firsthand, leading him to be paranoid and staid. He is also very orderly in his life; his room is notably tidy without a toy out of place, but lacks an individual personality Candy.png. Much of his personal happiness as a child revolved around whether it would please Jane. He regards his existence as predictable, and he discards his personal thoughts in due favor of what Jane and Gamzee teach.

Tavros is quite observant (likely a byproduct of his anxiety) and is often the first to notice things others miss, but the details he notices is often undermined as being "obvious" facts. Moreover, while his meticulousness makes him compassionate, he often misses social cues and needs transparency upon approaching a conversation, which may lead to misunderstandings with more sarcastic charactersHS2.svg.

Tavros inherits most of his traits from his namesake and his father, especially his tendency to be dominated by intense personalities, such as Jane or Vrissy. However, he appears to have a deep-seated anger directed at his caretakers, turning aggressive with Gamzee's corpse despite gaining nothing but the satisfaction of beating a dead clownHS2.svg, which could ironically be caused by Gamzee's influence, as he is notably indulgent in Faygo as well.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Vriska Lalonde-Maryam [edit | edit source]

Tavros and Vrissy  are kismeses. Vrissy comforts him when he sees Gamzee's corpse. 

Harry Anderson Egbert [edit | edit source]

Tavros and Harry are friends, but they don't act like they like each other. 

Jane Crocker[edit | edit source]

Jane is Tavros's mother. 

Jake English [edit | edit source]

Jake is Tavros's father. Jake, not Jane, takes care of Tavros as a baby, and Jake seems to care about his son. Near the end of Candy, he finally gets the nerve to run away with TavrosEpilogues.svg.  

Gamzee Makara[edit | edit source]

Gamzee is like Tavros' uncle.

John Egbert [edit | edit source]

Vrissy notes that Tavros feels he needs to defend John 8ecause "you feel weird a8out him trying to kidnap you that one time."HS2.svg

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His initials are also those of Gamzee's Trollian handle, terminallyCapricious.
    • Furthermore, he types in the same shade of purple as does Gamzee.

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